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  1. 4.1. Titleist 917f2 15 A1. GD Tour AD TP 7s 43". Absolutely love everything about this club. I had same spec head with Tour AD DI 8s that was great then saw this combo and bought from Japan. Matching serial numbers etc. It sits so sweet. Just a perfect club for me.
  2. I've just pulled apart my set of MP 64 to rebuild soft stepping my $ taper at 1/2 over. My 50 is a T20 that I've pulled as well. My MP 64 P head weighs 291 grams. The T20 50 weighs 309!! No wonder it felt out of whack. I've ditched it to go back to an old Vokey for now that weighs 301 grams and is still heavy for 1/4 inch gaps in wedges and 9 iron. I'm in Australia so maybe we get Japanese heads that are heavy as they use shorter clubs? No idea but goodbye T20.... On a different note the soft stepped $ Taper do feel better as I removed tip weights to build a MOI set based on feel. They were wa
  3. Wow! I most definitely would not but now I know my hat is raised!! There is some really fascinating info on his site that translates to these discussions. I hope we see more of a standard across the industry based on this type of technical language to assist in the most important part of the equipment discussion and that is the fitting process.
  4. Apologies. I was more than a little confused by looking at the variety of onfo available. I agree. Another of the infinite mysteries of all that is golf. On the one hand the Mitsu profiles, and description, look very similar yet on the other we see a broad difference. When looking at the Ventus Blue and Hzrdus Smoke Blue, in new EI format, they both have a much more pronounced bump in the middle whereas TB is very linear. Either was it looks a great shaft! I will have to demo if I can to see how it feels against the BF I have in rotation.
  5. This is interesting. Have you taken into account that GolfShaftReviews have changed the way they present the EI curves in the past months? What we see is that the new curves are much more gentle as seen in the TB and shafts reviewed thereafter. Therefore we cannot compare the old style EI with the new if that is what you have done. Here is a direct quote from the Golf Shaft Reviews review... "The Diamana Blue defines the most popular shaft archetype, a soft mid profile. This archetype is available from virtually every driver shaft company. Many brands produce exact copies and many other produ
  6. I’m in (Australia - it’s not that far away!) and after the year I’ve had I’d be most grateful to win these beautiful clubs
  7. What's in your current bag? TITLEIST 915 D3 9.5 (D1 setting) TOUR AD DI 6x, ALDILA ROGUE 110 6s (DEPENDENT ON CONDITIONS) Your current handicap? 5 Where are you located? (City, State, Country) TWIN WATERS, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA (I live on the golf course) What driver will you be installing this in? TITLEIST 915 D3 If chosen, do you agree to participate in an ongoing Graphite Design Tour AD MJ review thread where you are required to take and post quality photos and give a review and feedback on the shaft? I'D LOVE TO! I HAVE ACCESS TO TRACKMAN, AND MY IPAD Desired weight/flex combo (see a
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