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  1. James Brown offered similar advice years ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDeCvChCw64 And I listened to his advice, which is why I generally have an "oddball" club at the top of the bag that will work when the other big boys are misbehaving. Currently, my 23* hybrid is this club. The shaft shouldn't work for me, but somehow it does. I've also tinkered with grinds at the bottom end of the bag. Grinding my own 60* has so far proved to be a very interesting experiment and taught me a lot about how I use the sole. I also took James Brown's advice about
  3. Here's a bit more context, then: ap news And to quote from the article: The decision to cease publication and sales of the books was made last year after months of discussion, the company, which was founded by Seuss’ family, told AP. “Dr. Seuss Enterprises listened and took feedback from our audiences including teachers, academics and specialists in the field as part of our review process. We then worked with a panel of experts, including educators, to review our catalog of titles,” it said. The article mentions a few of the aspects that have been deemed
  4. This topic comes up every so often, and from what I have read, Coca Cola will have no effect on Chrome. IIRC, you need something like Hydrochloric acid.
  5. In my case, I don't even need to announce the latter. It's painfully obvious for all to see
  6. I hope you got his name. Sounds like one to watch for the future. What particularly impressed you about his game?
  7. Now, the hitting into bunkers rings a bell. So he was short-siding himself to get a bit of practice? It's like a tiger toying with its prey before going for the kill. You look after yourself as well
  8. Very nice. That wedge looks very tasty. Did you remove the paint from the runbird logo and "T20", or did it come like that?
  9. I remember you posting that story before (though I don't remember there being a picture with it). Great story, and just as good second time around I think when you posted it a few years ago you said that Mike Souchak was hitting everything slightly left on the front nine, and it was only later that you realised he was doing it deliberately. Amazing control.
  10. I echo the sentiment regarding the Chrome Soft. Absolutely awful. Yes, Z-Stars work pretty well. I like them for both modern and persimmon. Not tried the Pro V1 with persimmon.
  11. Crikey.... Glad to hear you're playing again after that.
  12. G&T is a hot weather drink for me. Martini might work in winter, though I haven't had a Martini for years. Or a Gimlet, but then I'd have to read The Long Goodbye again. So, win-win?
  13. I'd buy them, get fit, and buy whatever I was fitted into as well. That's the WRX way If you play standard length shafts already, then they might be worth a go. You can bend lies a couple of degrees easily, and the shop might do it for you for free if you make the purchase. The problem, as has also been pointed out, is the Modus 120 shaft. It gets a lot of love, but isn't for everyone. @TigerInTheWoods's description of players who are not suited to Modus 120 matched my experiences. You might also find the 4i a bit much. But, on the bright side, if you d
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