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  1. I agree that the internal OB is more about speeding up play than penalising. I'll add one more: in some cases it's about safety, or keeping players from wandering into steep ravines and the like. But it's really frustrating to be "out of bounds" and yet in the boundaries of the course and completely able to play the next shot.
  2. I was going to ask you if you'd taken the soleplate off yet. I thought it was removable in order to add weight; I didn't know that there was some sort of dampening material in there. From the looks of it, it does not appear to be aftermarket
  3. Definitely a classic there! I've seen some with a ram's head just over where it says "RAM" on the sole between the two screws, and some without the ram's head. Any idea of what that difference signifies?
  4. Yep, Crimean War. Charged straight into the Russian artillery. Bloody stupid thing to do, but it did give us cardigans, which Arnold Palmer wore with such panache. Now, I wouldn't say the ANZACS at Gallipoli had a affection for futile noble death. I think they were bloody furious at being sent there.
  5. Disgusting...... .....that you didn't include more pictures. Beautiful doesn't even begin to describe those. I particularly love that muscle pad on the blades.
  6. Assuming pretty much any tournament? The four majors. Then that European Tour/Sunshine Tour tournament held right by the massive nature reserve in South Africa. Leopard Creek? With commentary by Tony Johnstone, if possible.
  7. That's pretty much my take as well. Didn't have high expectations, but ended up enjoying it more than I thought I would. Plus, it was a pretty good finish, even before the 7-way playoff.
  8. The fitter got his question order wrong. We used to get this with builders all the time whenever my Dad got someone to do some work on the house. The dumb ones would criticise the current condition and ask, "This is terrible work. Who did the previous repair?" "You did." The clever ones would always ask FIRST who did the previous repair job. Depending on our answer, their answer was either, "Thought I recognised the work. Lovely job we did there," or "Terrible work, you should have come to us first."
  9. Agree. I got to watch a fair bit of yesterday's round and today's, and it's been a good tournament to watch with some excellent shots.
  10. Amazing bunker shot from Hideki. That was clutch.
  11. Schauffele blinks on his tee shot on 18. Have to say, it's been a good tournament.
  12. I've come close to buying a centre-shafted putter before, but always backed off at the last minute because I get a right miss that creeps in with them. The bend in the shaft in this one gives me some offset, which helps with the push. On long putts (like 30ft and more), I noticed I still get a push now and again, but it's not that extreme, and as I'm only looking to get close, it's manageable. I'll just be a foot or two off-line to the right, but as long as I get the weight right, I'm still close. Putting the ball back in stance on long putts seems to help remove the push as well.
  13. With such a stable temperament, it's a wonder he didn't win more tournaments...
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