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  1. That's a very kind thought. Having said that, I can just imagine the look on my wife's face if a box of golf clubs from America turned up one day: "What!? So you've bought every club in Japan that now you're importing from overseas????" Ouch.
  2. Y...you picked up matching sets of Izette woods off a scrapheap for a few cents...? I'm impressed. A tiny bit envious, perhaps, but mostly just really, really impressed. So I checked, and the TP driver that was up for auction here is still up and it looks great, but it's starting at around $90US. If I needed a driver, I might have bid on it, but I think I'll pass this time.
  3. I found another curiosity on the Japanese Yahoo auction site, this one Safe for Work! Weird weighted putter I'm not sure what the extended weight on the heel side is supposed to achieve, though I'm assuming it was made to assist golfers who push their putts.
  4. I saw the pics in the other thread. A similar Toney Penna was up for auction here recently, but I didn't bid on it (I have enough drivers. Fairway woods are a different matter). Should I have got it? It might still be up for sale.
  5. I have similar rules. I'd also break them for those irons.
  6. He's got the Craft Model woods? I've never seen the fairway woods in the wild. If it's the Craft Model woods he has, he has a really nice set. I'm not sure which model my 3w is because it's been refinished at some point, and the stampings aren't visible, but it hits really well. I hit some of my best drives with a persimmon Mizuno driver when I was Junior in the late Eighties. Still have a soft spot for their woods, even though it was the TP irons that we all drooled over back then.
  7. I've played all the same and all different. Right now, I play set PW, Srixon 745 A-wedge (51*), and a Bridgestone SW/LW at 57*. The gap and the sand/lob are used for different shots, so I see no need to keep to the same brand or model.
  8. Reviving this old thread because I just saw this putter for sale on Japan's Yahoo auction site. What's amazing is the number of bids it's already got. Probably not safe for work. https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/f1022588261 It's a long shaft...36.5". I suggested to the wife that she might like to get it as a Christmas present for me. I don't think that's happening.
  9. A few years ago, I saw a set of these come up for sale in Japan. I couldn't find any info about them, and eventually someone else bought them. I posted about them here, and (if I remember correctly) one member said that they may have made for an Asian pro, or something like that. They're rare, for sure.
  10. I'm sure I will spend another year trying to replace my rather old TM R9 4w, only to end the season with it still in the bag.
  11. I got out this evening for 9 holes with a friend for what is likely to be my last round of the year. I put my Mizuno Pro MP5s (old MP5s, not the new ones) in the bag along with an MS-7 SW, Mizuno Craft driver, Mizuno 3w, and my Powerbilt 5w, which has become a firm favourite this year. I also chucked in my Ping EYE2 BeCu L-wedge and TaylorMade TPA XVIII putter. I have a funny relationship with the L wedge. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it. Today was one of the latter days. The tee game was OK. Hit a couple of good ones with the driver that felt good and solid, and got some decent distance as well. The MP5 irons were fantastic. I've had them extended, and although they came in at a D5 swing weight, they are well balanced and great to hit. The putter was the problem. 19 putts. Being an evening/night round, the greens get hard to read in the shadows, and the evening dew makes them play a lot slower. Meh. Should have taken my Bullseye today. The next picture is of the 7th from the tee. It's a short but tight par 4, 320 yards long. The arrow points to a tree on the left side of the fairway that I sort of use as an aim point. I try to stay just right of this tree. Today, I hit the Powerbilt 5w at it, and hit it on the first bounce. It bounced sideways right, and left me 105 to the pin, which was the MS-7 SW for me. Decent second, but left a tough birdie putt. Here's the SW shot.
  12. 9* persimmon driver? Now, who ordered that one?
  13. Sandy Lyle ready to sting like a bee...
  14. The only club I cut down for my bundle of joy was a putter. The one problem was the shaft needed building up with tape before it could take a grip. She putts OK with it, and she likes the grip (which she chose herself).
  15. Same here, but now many 5-woods are 18*, which is pretty much a 4w, and with adjustability, it can be cranked down even more. My 4w is an old R9 with 17* of loft that just refuses to leave the bag. If I do replace it, it will probably be with a club that says 5w on the sole but goes just as far.
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