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  1. Thing I found interesting with Norman's specs was that even though he was pretty tall (6'), it looks like he's playing a 35" PW. Weiskopf, at 6'3", has his PW at 35.75" (without grip). In fact, looking at his specs, I could play Weiskopf's set readily. I like the small progression between the short irons. So, Tom, if you're reading this, feel free to post 'em to me...
  2. I think you're right. The different stamping might be explained by mine being made for the Japanese market. I've read somewhere that RAM had an issue using the Tom Watson name in Japan, but I don't know the full details.
  3. I think it's supposed to be the fake beard he wore when he dressed up as Hans the Greenkeeper recently. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JD65IK1CPc
  4. Agree with you on both points. I think the BeCu wedges spin the ball more, but I can't prove it. And I don't like the groove rule, either. It wrote off a load of great irons with the careless stroke of a pen.
  5. Is the 53* BeCu wedge like this? Lots of offset, but I really like mine. Spins the ball more than Muralitharan, and also works as a great chipper. Like Muralitharan's bowling action, I suspect the legality of the grooves on this wedge are questionable...
  6. On the theme of the number of stars on the shaft, if you've any of those R-1 shafts are 4 or 5 stars, you might find them playable. Reason I say this is that I just tried some four-star R-1 flex carbon shafts in some irons yesterday, and they were superb. I was deliberately giving them everything I could throw at them, and they did not feel whippy or soft at all. I liked them so much I bought the irons for the shafts, and plan on installing them in my Mizuno Pro Originals I posted recently in the No New Acquisitions...? thread. Hey, we've got @BIG STU here with Mac Hogans, so I've decided to go with Hon-Zunos! Or should that be Mizunmas? Normally, I like the S-2 shafts in Honma woods, and can just about manage the S-1s, whereas the R-1s are too soft, but the ones I hit yesterday in the irons were just perfect. Hopefully they'll work just as well in the Mizuno heads.
  7. Very nice. The Tour Models tend to command higher prices at auction here compared to the Classic models, but both are popular. I've both a Tour Model and Classic driver, and I hit the Classic better, but the Tour Model is better to look at. How many stars do the shafts have? If you've four or five, then you've hit the jackpot! My Tour Model has 3 stars, which isn't bad, but 4 or 5 will raise the price.
  8. I played a course recently that had several holes that caused bottlenecks, but none of them were drivable par-4s. The two worst offenders were two pretty short par 4s (the first about 340, the other about 370, but both had forced lay-ups from the tee, leaving long second shots in. The first had a stream and a ravine about 50 yards wide to clear. When we arrived on the tee, there was a group hitting up to the green from the other side of the ravine, a group waiting to hit over the ravine, a group on the tee, and the group ahead of us waiting for their turn on the tee. The problem was that the layup was so short, it left a long-ish shot (160~170 yards with a perfect lay-up), uphill, to a small green. Most players can't pull that shot off, so a bottleneck forms. We actually worked out that the ravine was about 230~240 to clear, and downhill, so we went for it and got over. On the second hole like this, you HAD to lay up. Maybe someone like Bryson or the average GolfWRXer could have cleared the water in front of the green, but it was almost all carry, so at least 350 yards. A perfect layup of about 190 yards (downhill) would leave a shot of just under 180 but uphill (elevated tee and green). Most players of course don't want to push their tee-shot all the way to the limit in case they hit too far and end up in the water, so they're laying up and leaving shots of nearly 200 yards over the water. Bottle-neck city. Weird design.
  9. I shy away from any maker that prices their product at more than I'm willing to pay. Right now, that's about every OEM! Of the Big Four (TM, Callaway, PING, Titleist, and Mizu...). FIVE! Of the Big Five (TM, Callaway, PING, Titleist, Mizuno, and Sri...). SIX! Of the Big Six (TM, Callaway, PING, Titleist, Mizuno, and Srixon), Titleist are probably the most expensive right now where I am (Japan). It's not that I don't like some of their products, it's just that I'm not prepared to pay around US$300 for a forged wedge, or US$1150 for 5 irons (6i-PW), when I could pay the same amount for some Mizunos and at least get a 5i with the set. Not that I'm overjoyed about paying US$1150 for six irons, either.
  10. The old model MP-5s that came in recently are, I think, pretty close to these Originals, but with a slightly different trail edge grind. I'll have to compare them head-to-head when I get the MP5s back from getting extended.
  11. Right now I've got MS-1, MS-7 (US model), MS-11, MS Originals (similar to MS-11s), MP-5 (old US model, not the recent ones), MS Originals (different to the previous ones mentioned; maybe same as TP Originals), Mizuno AGNC models (2 versions), MP-14, and MP-4. I've also had MP-68, 32, 37, 64, 69, and the newer Mizuno Pro 120 (Japanese MP20). Regret selling the 37s the most. But, being a 'ho, I don't just stay Mizuno. I'd say I only lean more to them
  12. Some more Mizuno irons came in. Not entirely sure what they are, but I think they are the same as the TP Originals that were popular on the European Tour in the Eighties and Nineties. I have a completely different set of Mizuno Originals (basically MS-11s with a different finish), so I'm not entirely sure what the "Original" on Mizuno Originals meant. I've also seen Mizuno wingback designs like the US market MS-7 stamped "Original", and what I am sure was a very rare TP-15 model stamped "Original" as well. Anyway, pictures:
  13. Indeed. Now, with the MS-5, the reverse muscle is probably the Japanese model. Not sure it ever got released elsewhere, but the muscle seems to change depending on the loft of the iron. I don't have a set so I can't be sure, but I think the short irons have the reverse muscle. The MS-3 might also be reverse muscle, but I don't want to buy either set to confirm. Well, I do, but one or two people in this house might have a problem with that, if you know what I mean and I think you do.... Now, those MP5s I posted are, I am pretty sure, TP5s with different stampings. And the new Originals I just took hold are, I am willing to be, from the same blank but with a different grind. The muscle pad is different, and, interestingly, I think the Originals have a little less offset. However, the MP5s are away getting extended at the moment so I don't have them to hand to compare. I am also considering what to do with the new MS Originals. Somewhat tempted to push the boat out and reshaft with carbon so I can continue playing them for years to come.
  14. So, just to be clear, I get really confused by the different Mizuno labelling in this period of their history. The Mizuno Pro Originals I just took possession of and posted first in the above post are, I think, close to the TP Originals. The last picture I posted was of a different Mizuno Pro Original I have, which is REALLY similar (identical except for finish) to the MS-11s, which I also have a set of. In other words, I've two sets stamped "Mizuno Pro Original" which are completely different irons, and the last picture was of the Originals which I think are identical to the MS-11s except for finish (satin finish on the Originals). Now that MP-9 you posted doesn't look like either of mine, which is puzzling. My newer Mizuno Originals have a nice rounded muscle, which those MP-9s don't seem to have. The MP-11s in your post are like my MS-11s and Mizuno Pro Originals that I bought earlier this year (last pic in my above post). The shaved topline appears to be the same. That said, I've seen MS Originals which look like TP-15s. Should have bought them...
  15. So after picking up those lovely old Mizuno MP5s I posted a couple of pages ago, I found these up for sale and had to go for them. I *think* they are the same as the TP Originals that were on sale in Europe and were popular on the European Tour. The shafts are short (PW just under 35") and DGR400, which is not a good fit for me, so they'll probably be getting new shafts before I play them. I also have another set of Originals, which are restamped MS-11s (Similar or identical to MS/MP-9s in the US and TP-11s in Europe), and I've seen completely different sets stamped with "Original", so it makes me wonder what the "Original" actually meant. I want to believe it was for prototypes, but might just have been a custom order thing. The MS-11 Originals I have (I played these last weekend. Very tasty irons).
  16. Those RF grinds are amazing. Even a hardcore WRXer would be hard-pressed to find fault with that topline.
  17. Lamkin Crossline standard. Tour Velvets are good value as well.
  18. They really are in great shape. The FG-17 2i has been barely used from the looks of it. I'm not sure how rare they are. I have seen single FG-J8 irons come up for sale here, but no full sets like mine. Certainly one of my most playable sets. As for cool, the pristine Muirfields (1i to SW) I have are also pretty cool, and I like those early Mizuno MP5s I posted a couple of pages ago. Then there are the Mizunos that arrived last night... But I think @Christen_The_Sloop has the really cool stuff. My biggest regret in club ho'ing is about 5 years ago passing up a set of BeCu Wilson blades (IIRC, they were stamped FG-49, but they looked like an FG-17 head). I couldn't find any reference to them online and wondered if they were some sort of fake, or fake finish. But, later I heard that they were most likely the genuine article They would have been REALLY cool to have.
  19. Apart from the FG-17 2i, I've got a 3-SW set of FG-J8s, which appear to be identical to the FG-17s; either a custom offering or re-stamped for the Japanese market. There's a label on the shaft that says "Special made for Japan" As you can see from the 9i sole, they're very pretty much identical to the FG-17s. Anyway, amazing irons, and definitely in my top 3, probably top 2. Good all the way through the set. This last one's a bit blurry, but the J8 3i is on top, and the FG-17 2i below.
  20. I've got an FG-17 2 iron as well, and it cost me more than @FirstFlight paid for his 1 iron. $3 is a steal!
  21. I haven't hit them properly yet, only into a net off a mat, but they felt great. I'm getting them extended and they are also getting new shafts (edit: new grips, not new shafts. It'd be a bit stupid to get them extended and then put new shafts in them). The offset isn't that bad--perhaps the camera exaggerates it--but there is a little. I don't mind a bit of offset. For example, the Titleist JT grinds look great, but that zero offset would not help me.
  22. Agreed. I normally find the Titleist guys' bags to be a bit vanilla, for want of a better word, but this one is quite the opposite. Also, for a guy who doesn't have the reputation of a big hitter, for the most part he's got some heavyweight shafts.
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