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  1. Just removed 1 inch from the shaft. That part of the shaft was carbon so very very little weight would have been lost. The original counterweight plug was replaced under the new grip. It feels great in use, same balance as my Stroke Lab 10 S. I just preferred the feel of the non-counterbalanced Scotty. More pics will be added to the post above shortly.
  2. Sorry. I think $250 is the lowest I'm willing to go. It is like new, so I'd rather keep in the garage on the off chance it might get some play. Thanks for your interest though.
  3. Just the Toulon putter left. Open to reasonable offers.
  4. No, but be aware I need to sell them as a pair. I can sell the heads individually but at the same price as the entire club, i.e. $150 shipped per head.
  5. Thanks for the interest but I'm afraid wedges have sold.
  6. SOLD Finally there is my Odyssey Stroke Lab Black Ten S. 33" and in great condition. See pic for specs from Callaway. Asking $200 shipped (48 states).
  7. SOLD Also available is an Odyssey Toulon Design San Diego putter. This was originally purchased in "Like New" condition from the Callaway pre-owned store. It truly is like new and never even made it to the course. I picked up a Scotty at the same time as this one and the Scotty won out for me. It was originally 34" with a Pistol grip but I had it shortened to 33" with a new Toulon Oversize grip. Come with headcover, all in excellent condition. Asking $250 shipped (48 states)
  8. Working on it - give me a few more mins
  9. SOLD Putters still available. See below. Next up is a set of 4 Ping Glide 3.0 wedges. SS 50/12 SS 54/12 SS 60/10 WS 60/14 There are two 60* wedges as I would switch them out based on course conditions. The 14 degree bounce was a life saver for soft turf. Stock length, shafts and grips. Asking $275 shipped (48 states) for all four. Will not seperate.
  10. All items now sold. Thanks guys! Lots of gear to move on, so here goes. First up is a pair of Ping G410 Hybrids. SOLD 19* and 22* Stock Project X Even FLow Black 6.0S 85G-HY shafts in standard lengths, with Golf Pride Also available: Custom Tensei CK Pro Orange shafts with Golf Pride MCC Align grips (standard), built by Fairway Jockey with ping adapters, ready to play. Lengths: 19* Plays at 40" (1/4" shorter than stock Ping setup) 22* Plays at 39.25" (1/2" shorter than stock Ping setup)
  11. Not trying to stir the pot or anything - just curious why you think a laser will become useless? I can't see GPS getting any more accurate than it is now. Skygolf tried offering clubs the option to upload pin positions each day as far as I know, but I have never once come across a course that takes part.
  12. Definitely both. A laser can't reliably tell me how far it is to reach that fairway bunker, nor can it tell me how much to carry the bunker hidden around the dogleg, or how far to the end of the fairway around the corner. Similarly no GPS I have ever owned is accurate enough to tell me there is 7 yards between the face of the trap and the pin, and yes the carry over the trap is EXACTLY 102, not +/-5 of that. Those things can make a real difference, particularly if you like to play aggressively from time to time. Without the most accurate numbers you can get your hands on, you're leaving perfor
  13. I used to have the XE and to be honest I never fully trusted the yardages when adjusted according to temp etc. They didn't seem to match up with expectations or my own real world results. At the time I wondered if it could really be all that reliable since it spent most of its time sitting in a cozy little plush pocket in my bag. The temp sensor likely would not have matched the outside temp very accurately. In any case I have since come to believe that even standard slope calculations are not terribly reliable either. They can be useful if used with some caution but should not be completel
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