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  1. Prefer one in good condition with stiff shaft, thanks! Only looking for this loft.
  2. Looking to move these for a set that’s a little less game improvement / distance. Great clubs but I’m wanting to try something else. 4-A Taylormade P790 (latest version) w/Nippon Modus 120 Stiff shafts. Play off a 38” 5i. overall in great condition, some paintfill fade in the numbers but not much else to speak of. Would actually prefer to trade for a different players iron $Traded also have a Sim Max 3H with a dimana thump 100 xflex, was told it’s tipped an inch and plays over std length by 0.5”. great club as well I just prefer drivi
  3. Cleaning out the closet and know i can't hit these anymore. 2019 versions that were stripped using white vinegar (NOTE: There's still a few small areas where the black finish can be seen, this can be removed easily with another vinegar soak, i just liked the industrial look - see the line on the back of the 4i club face near the mouth of the cobra logo & 5i over the cobra logo). Not 100% sure on specs, were standard loft and lie when i bought them and they've been played 5-6 rounds since then so i'm assuming std. Come with sweet BB&F Co. ferrules. Set plays of
  4. Laser, put it in the bag! Awesome club!
  5. Titleist DCI990 4-P heads, no browning at all, great shape for their age. - $75 obo
  6. Emptying out the closet...all prices are obo and I want to move it so please send offers! 1) Tour Issue Taylormade R7 B Spec w/x flex shaft $OLD 2) Mizuno MP32 3-P heads, stripped the paint, in really good condition no browning. $OLD 3) Titleist DCI990 4-P heads, also really good for their age $65 shipped 4) Vokey 52* head $35 shipped 5) Taylormade Spider Masters Limited cover $50 shipped Odyssey White hot 2-ball...the OG with a Sergio Garcia Limited Super Stroke grip $OLD Cobra Baffler 18* old school hybrid / driving iron w/modus 125 x-flex shaft $OLD
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