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  1. Look at me, look at me..... I am so good I can have 6 birdies & not break par..... Many of us go 4-5+ rounds without a single birdie...... I hate scratch golfers and these types of threads..... Makes us feel pretty sh!tty about our golf games....
  2. I can spot a 2HC'er by their swing and demeaner very quickly. A couple of bad holes (or a 9) won't have me calling you a Vanity Cap..... As said this is aimed at the 15, who easily can shoot in the 70's, but then also is putting up 95's.....
  3. Yea, yea, yea..... Always coming from scratch players...... That's fodder for another thread. You have an excuse and frankly shouldn't be playing matches or skins, where HC's are factored in as you are capable of stringing together pars & birdies. Here it is about the scorecard that doesn't seem right and my post was specific to the round where I hit a PB 10 GIR's, putted well (one three-putt), but then had very uncharacteristic Doubles & Triples on my scorecard, so a ho-hum score.
  4. Again this isn't about the 3' or the single digits hc'er... Way too many with single digits games claiming a 14 hc.... Not bad at our club, but finally had one of those rounds, which was a first for me either hitting greens or doubles/triples.....
  5. I am one of those mid-HC'ers (12-15) that is always posting scores in and around my HC. Usually something is off in the game, but usually Pars & Bogeys, a double here & there and dreaded 3 putts. Pretty boring stuff. What always makes me raise an eyebrow is the golfer posting the same scores, but they are the result of wildly fluctuating scores hole to hole. You know the golfer.... The one who looks like he should be shooting 75, but shoots 83, with 12 GIRs, but then 7's & 8's too on the scorecard and 3-putts (with misses from 3' that you gave him)..... I finally had one of those rounds. Generally I may hit 4 GIRs, an up and down here and there and errant shots too. Well the other day I hit 10 GIRs (a personal best). Interspersed was 3 triples, 3 doubles and a 3-putt. I putted well and just missed some birdies (made one) and was thrilled with the game, not the score. Interesting that my driving (short but usually very consistent) let me down (6 of 13 fairways). So share your unusual rounds.
  6. That's what always makes me raise my eyebrows, mid HC'ers and under par nines or low 70 rounds. Don't get it...... Most pars in a row (and include birdies too) would be probably 5(?)
  7. They're a bunch (word not allowed).... Ignore them or send them pints next time and end of story. If you were playing with your regulars, buy them a round next time out. Usually the club has a HIO fund or everyone pays for HIO's during the year.
  8. Anyone saying 3:30 is too fast would be asked to leave our foursome..... 3:30 & we wonder why we were so slow.....
  9. Here's Banff Springs from a trail we were walking.... And Grey Wolf in Panarama BC..... 170 Par 3 6th over the canyon...
  10. Exactly the same with me. An early riser and thus I want that first tee time and 3:00 hour round some talk on the patio/clubhouse (hopefully 2021) and then on with my day. I do play a lot (late April-October) and a 25 minute drive each way. Nice to have the day ahead of you when done. Twilight works too when nothing planned. Really the reason I joined a private club.
  11. As said this year was unique, but I so value Pace of Play and every round is different. I often play better (if not stuck on a 5 hour round) playing elsewhere. It's just about hitting shots and knowing the yardage. Yes local knowledge helps too. I expect 2021 will be similar, and if the trend continues & courses are packed, I won't be looking to play elsewhere, unless invites.
  12. Maybe I'm a creature of habit. Dues here are not cheap and I really value pace of play and we have a good group that plays together. Friends outside of the club are not golfers for the most part, so no big deal. We play two different decks and throw in others every once in a while. With COVID-19 as said there were no invites to other clubs, courses were jammed and no charity scrambles or usual tournaments. As a 13.2 HC (actually went up this year) I'm not lighting the course on fire, and shots are always different, as are pins. Helps that the course is ranked in the top 50 here in Canada. I probably say the same thing about people on the range for hours practicing..... I get easily bored by that.
  13. Yep COVID-19 had a lot to do with it, but something I've never done. Granted since becoming a member play 80% of rounds at my course, but this year not a single round elsewhere. Courses were jammed, long rounds, higher prices, no invitations or charity tournaments, and other private clubs had restrictive guest policies 'til at least July or later. Was perfectly content and always happy to play my course (as love it and great conditions), but wondered if anyone else has ever done that?
  14. Okay I do know my swing is slow and I am a short hitter. Bought the Tour Edge Exotics EXS. SHould have bought the 10.5, but got the 9.5. Have moved the 9g weight to the front as I hit it straight and no real issues with slicing, though I hit a fade. Increased the the loft to 10.5t (N+)..... Hitting it a little better, but want to tinker more.... What settings should I try with respect to the lie? So here are the options, but no explanation as what it the best adjustment. What does U+ mean? Thanks,
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