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  1. As said this year was unique, but I so value Pace of Play and every round is different. I often play better (if not stuck on a 5 hour round) playing elsewhere. It's just about hitting shots and knowing the yardage. Yes local knowledge helps too. I expect 2021 will be similar, and if the trend continues & courses are packed, I won't be looking to play elsewhere, unless invites.
  2. Maybe I'm a creature of habit. Dues here are not cheap and I really value pace of play and we have a good group that plays together. Friends outside of the club are not golfers for the most part, so no big deal. We play two different decks and throw in others every once in a while. With COVID-19 as said there were no invites to other clubs, courses were jammed and no charity scrambles or usual tournaments. As a 13.2 HC (actually went up this year) I'm not lighting the course on fire, and shots are always different, as are pins. Helps that the course is r
  3. Yep COVID-19 had a lot to do with it, but something I've never done. Granted since becoming a member play 80% of rounds at my course, but this year not a single round elsewhere. Courses were jammed, long rounds, higher prices, no invitations or charity tournaments, and other private clubs had restrictive guest policies 'til at least July or later. Was perfectly content and always happy to play my course (as love it and great conditions), but wondered if anyone else has ever done that?
  4. Okay I do know my swing is slow and I am a short hitter. Bought the Tour Edge Exotics EXS. SHould have bought the 10.5, but got the 9.5. Have moved the 9g weight to the front as I hit it straight and no real issues with slicing, though I hit a fade. Increased the the loft to 10.5t (N+)..... Hitting it a little better, but want to tinker more.... What settings should I try with respect to the lie? So here are the options, but no explanation as what it the best adjustment. What does U+ mean? Thanks,
  5. Okay I've read only page one, but from the OP, it is obvious he is beating himself up as a multisport athlete and thinks the game should be easy and shotting in the 70's. Too much thin king, too much practice, too many videos and instruction. Stop worrying about your scores and just play good holes. Take a mulligan and re-tee the ball. When in the bush, put it in a decent postion and see if you can get it out. Play shots from the fairway and only care about the good holes, good recoveries and who cares about the blow-up holes. Too many people (especially here) are just too engrossed in the
  6. Gone for at least one day...... Some improvement & will see what tomorrow brings. Left some shots out there and would be nice to get a break or two every once in a while......
  7. I'll probably remain a slasher. Too old to start over.... Yips on chipping is a real issue (between the ears I imagine). Yes practice, practice, practice...... What I have not done, which I often do is head out late in the day with 2-3 balls on my own.
  8. I will never be a good golfer & no not one to practice or go to the range. I like hitting the ball, playing 18 & lucky to be a member & get out quite a bit during the May-October golfing season. No I will not drive it 250+ or be a wizard with the flat stick, but started to feel pretty competent by the end of 2019, shooting low/mid 80's, making few mistakes and generally working my way around the course. This year once we started posting scores in June, my HC is going up and up and no idea what to do. I have too developed serious yips on my chipping by the green (40 yards in), ofte
  9. Geez pros do that everyday. Absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. I looked at your HC too and really talk about a non-story. I had 2-3 weeks of the yips on my chipping. hitting consistently 10-12 of 13 fairways and a short hitter so often chipping and once by the green, lucky to get it on within 20 ft..... Seen my HC go from 10.3 to 13.7. Add to that played two rounds recently & hit 1 GIR over those two rounds. And now you'll tell us the course you play has a 135 slope????
  10. Thanks, About 155 uphill and there was a little dew on them. Tells you how random the game it. I tee it up 2" left, the hole 6 inches closer or the blocks a foot forward and it probably drops.
  11. Only my two..... One is 1979 & then last year..... Today was pretty damn close (same hole).... Ran out speed & veered right.....
  12. I play very fast & thus wait on every shot. 4 hours is painfully long imo...... Wednesday I have round 1 match play (opponent playing best of his life, me seeing HC go up, so expect to lose). The Mid pm round so yes will be 4 hours and will need to keep my cool. I love golf, but give me 5 hours & I want to have played 36, not 18......
  13. I see if a pure lottery. As said though if I put in for 9:30-10:30 and only 6 requested that time (or let's say only 3) and was bumped 'til noon or later for those wanting earlier, I'd be upset. Maybe I've been very lucky.
  14. And again how did I get a 9:20 tee off time then without bumping someone out of the that tee slot when more then 6 were in that slot...... Again 15 request 8:00-9:00, 8 request 9:00-10:00. I was one of the 15, didn't get my 8:00-9:00, but 9:20..... Seems unfair. This Saturday 13 want 7:30-8:30, 11 8:30-9:30 & 6 9:30-10:30..... If I don't get 7:30-8:30, should my first opportunity be 10:30-11:30 with the next two hours booked solid??? Pretend I'm a simpleton....
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