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  1. All filled out! Looking at data for small tweaks in setup and swing will confirm improvement as opposed to relying on feel. Not yet.
  2. The CB design will help get more consistent yardages in my wedge game. The consistency in yardages. 52 degree would be SWEEEET!
  3. Filled out and ready to win! I'd use it in my garage and out on the range. Getting a better feel for launch and ball flight when making swing tweaks would help unlock extra distance and control.
  4. Golf USA (Omaha, NE) Spin reduction will help my drives immensely. Speeder NX 60 - X flex Thanks, guys!
  5. Omaha, NE 8 HC Cleveland 588 3h 20.5* Easy to make good contact in several lies/conditions (I prefer to use mine mainly as a rescue club) Cobra's always intrigued me as a company, solid older club series and solid newer club series with mixed results muddled in between, so I'd love to see (and generate) the new buzz. Of course!
  6. Omaha, NE 8 HC Titleist 910D3 9* Gimme that faster swing speed!! 10.5* Stiff for them high bombs! Heck yes I'll review it on the website. You bet I'll be in the test thread.
  7. Omaha, NE 8 HC Cleveland 588 20.5*, Tour Edge Pro 721 15* Looking for something either between hybrid and FW or a little higher lofted than FW to replace it. I agree
  8. Thanks @GolfWRX! After using it a few times, it is an absolute ROCKET MACHINE! Sound is a little odd, but results help you get over it pretty quickly!
  9. Subscribed Omaha, NE Omaha, NE Have not been fit before. All of it! Mainly driver and irons
  10. Omaha, NE 8 HC Not consistently, have tried the whip and a medicus club, but only for a bit Something to give me more consistency in any part of my swing would be great, I've noticed that I've been a little herky-jerky in my takeaway and I notice it but don't usually stop to correct it Yes, I will Yes, I agree
  11. Omaha, NE 8 HC Outdoors primarily, but hit in the garage when I get the itch in the winter Yes, Skytrack system at a golf course's indoor facility No, Android, but could pair with iPad if necessary Yes, I agree
  12. Omaha, NE 8 HC 4-PW Mizuno MP58 Righty Looking for something buttery smooth to replace the trusty 'zunos I definitely agree!
  13. Omaha, NE Austad's Golf Stores Titleist ProV1x The elite spin and distance mixed with the 2-tone color for practicing (and it's just plain shnazzy!), count me in!
  14. Omaha, NE 8 HC 4-PW Mizuno MP58 KBS Tour 110R 90G I agree to participate in the testing thread
  15. 1. 10 2. Righty 3. 52,56 Cleveland RTX 4.0, 60 Vokey 4. I've never been fit for wedges, just gone off of "conventional wisdom" and distances to fill the bag 5. Yes 6. Yes 7. Yes
  16. 1. Omaha, NE 2. Outdoors 90%, Indoors 10% 3. Yes, at indoor facilities 4. Gain a better understanding on my club-by-club analytics and stats 5. Yes, I agree
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