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  1. Its been quite some time since I've sold here so lets see if I remember how to do this. I didn't do much research on pricing so if you feel like my prices are off, offer what you think is fair. You won't hurt my feelings and I can always say no. I'm also not opposed to any offers above asking price if you feel so compelled. All prices are OBO, shipping included. If you would like more pictures, don't hesitate to ask. Admittedly, some of these pics aren't the greatest. My golf season is winding down so I don't have any trade interests. The driver heads and shafts are used. Finally, I'm working midnights this week so I'm unlikely to respond to messages between 1-8 PM EST. That's roughly when I sleep. Messages sent during those times will be responded to in the order I get them. ~~1. 2017 Taylormade M1 440. 9.5* No headcover. No tool. Has a tiny nick in the paint on the crown out near the toe. I haven't had this on a shaft in play for quite some time but I don't remember ever noticing it from address. Also has what I think is a paint blemish on the toe. It looks like it came from the factory that way. I've tried buffing it out with numerous compounds and nothing has worked. Definitely not noticeable from address. Asking price is $115.~~ **SOLD** ~~2. Callaway GBB Epic Subzero. 10.5* Headcover and tool included. Head is in good shape. Does have minor surface scratches and markings typical from use. Asking $115~~ **SOLD** 3. Project X Evenflow blue w/Taylormade tip. Its a left handed tip which means the adjustments will be opposite for righties. 6.5 X flex. 65g. 44.5 inches. Golfpride MCC +4 standard size grip with lots of life left. Asking $125 ~~4. Oban Kiyoshi purple with Callaway tip. I think its and after market tip and not OEM. 05 flex (x). 65g. 44 inches. Golfpride tour velvet +4 standard size grip. Grip is essentially brand new. Maybe 20 swings with it. Was air installed on 2 layers of scotch blue painters tape. Asking $125~~ **SOLD** 5. Aldila NV w/Callaway tip. Also think its after market. 85g. R flex. Just a touch under 45 inches. Golfpride tour velvet +4 standard grip. Also essentially brand new. Maybe 10 swings with it. Also air installed of 2 layers of painters tape. Asking $25. ~~6. Oakley Flak Draft. Each pair comes with extra nose pieces, hard case, cloth cover. I've had these for awhile. Aside from trying them on and wearing them around the house for 15 to 20 minutes, they have never been worn. The black frame has the prizm lens in them. I'm fairly confident they are just the daily use lens and not golf specific lens. The silver and blue frame have the black iridium lens. I'd be willing to put which ever lens you want in either frame. Asking $50 a piece. **BLACK FRAME WITH PRIZM SOLD** Gray/silver and blue with black iridium lens all that remain.~~ **BOTH ARE SOLD** If you've made it this far, thank you. Any questions, feel free to ask. PM is far and away the most efficient. Historically, I've been terrible at responding to questions in the thread.
  2. Thank you. I greatly appreciate the input.
  3. Helping a friend out. Real or fake?
  4. No trades. Wife has been on a hellacious spending spree for the past month. Just trying to make up some of it with things I don't use. All prices are negotiable. A PM is far and away the best way to get in contact with me. I'm lousy at following my ads after posting them. If you need more info or pics do not hesitate to ask. 1. 2017 Taylormade M1 440 9.5* head only. No head cover. No tool. Very small nick in the crown out towards the toe. Captured in the photos. If need be, I can weigh it for you when I get home from work. Asking $175 If asking price is met, I'll include this Sunfish headcover. Its not in perfect condition. Has a few nicks in the leather. Still does its job. 2. Project X Evenflow blue. 65 g. 6.5x flex. 44 1/4". Was told it is tipped 1/2" when I bought it. I can neither confirm nor deny the accuracy of the tipping. Blue golf pride MCC +4 standard size. Has a left handed TM adapter which means adjustments will be opposite if you put it in a RH head. Shaft is in good shape with very minor bag chatter. Asking $150 3/4. Brand new Oakley Flak Draft. One pair is silver and blue. The other is black. One set of lens is their prizm polarized. The other is their black iridium lens. I'm willing to put whichever lens with whichever frame you want. Both are brand new. Some of the pictures look like the lens is scratched. Absolutely not the case. Each pair will come with the pictured hard case, nose pieces and that cloth bag thing. Paid over $200 for each. Asking $180 for each. 5. Oakley Holbrook metal. Black. Not completely sure of the lens. I think its their black iridium. Bought these when I found myself in AZ with no sunglasses. Don't like them enough to keep them. They do have some small scratches on the right lens. I personally do not notice them while wearing but your results may vary. There is a pic of the lens with scratches. Come with hard case and that cloth bag. Asking $50. SOLD 6. Footjoy DNA Helix. Size 12. This is my second pair and I want to love these shoes but they just don't work for me. I don't know exactly how many times I've worn these but with out a doubt its a single digit number. Likely closer to 1 than 10. These will ship in a FJ box but it won't be the box for these specific shoes. Asking $50 SOLD Thanks for taking a look. Again, no trades. I'll ignore trade offers.
  5. I can't speak to the technology advances, but I have a Taylormade RBZ 5 wood that isn't leaving my bag until it breaks. Your results may vary but its without doubt my most reliable club. Someone can correct me but I think that line is about 7 years old.
  6. Wow, that's shocking. I sent a pair of DNA Helix in at the end of last year with no proof of purchase. They sent me a brand new pair. Sorry to hear they didn't take care of you. They are usually pretty good.
  7. That's what I was told but I have no way of being certain so I'm not going to claim it.
  8. I'm sorry for sideways pics. Again, F you photobucket. PM me and we can trade email addresses for more/better pics.
  9. Haven't sold in a while so I'm having some withdraw symptoms. A little bit of everything for you. All prices are negotiable and include shipping. Shipping to CONUS only. I did my best to keep my feet out of the pictures. If they make an appearance I am truly sorry. If you need more info or pics of a particular item please PM me. I'm not that great at keeping up with comments in the thread. PM is the best. First to paypal gets the item. No holds. I'm pretty reasonable and I'll give you appropriate time to pay but if you take to long I'll move onto the next buyer. Buy this stuff quick. I have a bunch more to sell but I'm quitting this ad early. Taking forever. I'm probably doing it wrong but I have hated posting ads since photobucket decided to get stupid. Trade interests include Scotty Cameron mid-round (Futura x7) putter headcovers. US dollars. Possibly, but not likely, a laser rangefinder. 1. 2016 TM M2 10.5* driver. Matrix Ozik HD6 stiff flex. 44.5" Golf pride tour velvet grip, standard size, seems to be in decent shape. Stock headcover and tool included. Asking $old 2. 2016 TM M2 3HL. Matrix Ozik Code 8 stiff flex. 42 inches. GP new decade MCC. No headcover. Its not pictured but I do have the plug for the hotmelt port. Asking $old 3. Cobra King F7 3-4 Hybrid. 100% stock specs. Fujikura pro 75h stiff flex. Lamkin REL standard size grip. Asking $old 4. Matrix black tie 7m3 x-flex driver shaft. TM tip. 44 1/4". Golf pride new decade MCC grip. Grip is essentially brand new. I might have put 5 swings on it. Asking Traded. I have 2 brand new GP New decade MCC grips for the M2s if interested. One is standard size, one midsize. If asking price is met, I will include the grip of your choice.
  10. At 5 she is a little young to travel very far. As she gets older Ferris State does some really cool overnight camps with on campus housing. I'll keep that in mind and agree about too young to travel that far. I found First Tee in Lansing and flint but even that seems too far. And alec, go Irish!
  11. I was wondering if any of you fine fellas know of any junior golf camps or clinics. My 5 year old has said she wants to take golf lessons. My main goal is something fun that would make her want to come back. We're not talking about a child prodigy here. I'm in the mid michigan/Saginaw area. Money isn't an issue but I'm not looking to spend more than a couple hundred, if that. If all else fails, I'll take her to the range and go over some basics with her myself. I'd just rather have someone who has a clue teach her, especially if golf sticks with her.
  12. DNA helix? I have the same issue with mine. Contacted FJ. They told me to send them in and they would check them out. Which reminds me, I need to send them in.
  13. I found the same thing. Absolutely loved the look of the putter and wanted one badly. Then I rolled some puts with it and absolutely hated how it set up.
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