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  1. Thanks @Valtiel - Ill tell you one thing... im not here to just keep having fun. There is plenty of work to be done. You've lit a fire under me. I will not remain to look like a "15+ handicap." I will be back with updates next week. I've always been aware of the "flip" that occurs to correct for other mistakes... but you are right when it comes to reducing distance and consistency. In all honesty - thank you for the time you put into analyzing this, it is appreciated.
  2. Haha I think I will stick to righty for the foreseeable future
  3. This is the honesty that I was looking for @Righty to Lefty... I might just start from scratch and go lefty at this point
  4. @BraxtonFullerton - take a peek at todays work. Not sure that it LOOKS a whole lot different, but things sure felt different. Will take plenty of more practice, but i was starting to see some results... or at least I hope I was 3 Wood - 4.12.21 - Update
  5. Thanks @BraxtonFullerton! I appreciate the time you took into breaking this down. Time for me to hit the range and work on this. I will report back.. hopefully with some positive results. One note that I should have pointed out - the grip is certainly off, I agree. I was tinkering with the grip during that range session, and generally isn't as severe as shown in that video. Ill definitely keep this in mind though!
  6. Hi all - I have been struggling the past two seasons keeping my 3 wood to my natural ball flight (average height, slight fade). When it comes to my three wood, I am almost always hitting a ballooning fade - losing distance, lots of spin, and just simply unreliable. From the videos below, anything in particular stick out as recommendations? Video 1 Video 2
  7. Our trip is right around the corner! So far my father and I have two rounds booked. They are: June 27th - North Berwick (Scotland) July 6th - Dooks Golf Club (Ireland) Hopefully we will get an additional round or two in there. Thanks again to everyone who provided suggestions.
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