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  1. dpark

    Multiple Bags

    I've got 8 full sets of clubs 3 modern, 4 classic and 1 hickory Only 1 of the modern sets is my gamer, the other two are at my brother's house and my cousin's house out of state. Both of those sets used to be my gamer sets back in the day. They are pretty worn out irons and wedges, but still plenty playable. Before I sent them off, I put fresh grips on everything. They see 3-5 rounds a year and are great because I am familiar with every club in the bag and my swing hasn't change much in 20 years. For my classics, I have a gamer set (in sig below) but I have
  2. dpark

    Pro v1 392

    Tour Accuracy DD was a GREAT ball back in the day!
  3. True Temper bought Royal Precision sometime in the early/mid 2000s. So the fact that "True Temper" made the Apex shaft for the Apex Pro and "Royal Precision" made the Apex shaft for the Apex Plus is largely immaterial. It was the same company. This is probably akin to the belief that the Project X with the matte finish was different than the Project X with the shiny finish that came out after TT bought RP. Maybe there was a difference, I played both and couldn't tell. I don't think TT intentionally changed the flight/feel of the original RP shafts, but maybe due to manufacturing d
  4. I am 56 and still carry and have no problems carrying 36 or even 45 holes (when I am at Bandon Dunes). I have been fortunate to not have had serious injuries growing up playing sports. I was an avid skier, basketball player, baseball player and golfer growing up. Just got lucky that I never blew out a knee or something. What I believe has helped more than anything was taking up yoga in 2000. I was starting to have a lot of back problems and was taking advil for every round. Yoga made me realize that my core strength was not very good. It really made a huge difference for me. A sid
  5. Cobra ZL 9.5*/10.5* driver with a Matrix HD-6 S-flex shaft. This is a setup from 2009 that I just can't replace. I have hit all the modern drivers and fancy new shafts. This combo just works for me. Trackman numbers confirm that nothing is longer AND straighter. Some newer combos are a bit longer but also with a wider dispersion. The ZL is a fairway finder for me. I have the head in 9.5 and 10.5. I use the 9.5 in the summer when the ground is firm and I get lots of roll. I switch to the 10.5 head in the winter when the ground gets soft and drives are all carry and no roll.
  6. Hi WRXers, Here are some more shafts that are available for the cost of shipping. Please send me your zip code when replying to this so I can calculate shipping to you. Only shipping with USPS Priority. FYI, when I did this last time one of the buyers got a broken shaft courtesy of USPS. Even though I insured for the free $50 with USPS, they only refunded the shipping cost, because there was zero value associated with the shaft (it was free). But the buyer did get the shipping cost refunded. Just letting you know in case the monkey handlers screw up again. 1
  7. Excited to see the site back up. I was actually going to post photos of my rounds at the Sheep Ranch this past weekend (even with the old site) and was surprised to read that the site was going back to the old software (albeit a newer revision). Will see how it goes to post a bunch of photos from the mobile app since all the photos are on my phone.
  8. Geez, I thought I was going to get off the first page on this thread before finally seeing some real classic forged irons. Redlines are the bomb, but so are just about all the irons from Hogan in the 70s and 80s. ('73 Apex, Cameos, PCs, Redlines and of course the Personals). I play the Redlines, 73 Apexes and PCs and love them. IMHO the thing that really makes older forged irons playable vs "difficult to play" is the leading edge. For example, the leading edge of the 73 Apexes is very sharp, and any descending blow will result in beaverpelt-size divots, and if you are even a little bit fat, y
  9. I got a personal call from BD this morning telling me of the closure. That was nice. Also got the email. Due to the ambiguity in the Governor's order, it seems possible that driving to Bandon to participate in outside activity was not a direct violation of her orders. Well, we won't have a chance to test that theory now. All we have to look forward to is the 2021 trip. Sigh...
  10. Have heard nothing. But did get a (form) email from the GM about all the things they are doing for safety. Didn't get any indication that they may close the resort. I hope not. I look forward to our annual trip, would hate to miss it and especially because we are probably going to get rogered on the Masters this year too (after finally winning their ticket lottery)
  11. I am a big Pelz fan for the short game. 50 yards shot as described by the OP is just a 9 o'clock backswing 56* SW. Nothing special. Wouldn't even think more than 2 seconds about it. But bring up wind, false front, water behind the green or other kinds of trouble, then there are at least 3 other shots I could hit with a 48* PW, 52* GW or 60* LW
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