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  1. Just played my first round with the new TP5x. Seems like a big improvement over last year for my game. Great distance and finally enough short game spin for the firm greens at my home club. Feel is much softer, and I had no issues with durability. Only used one ball over the entire 18, which is a rarity for me. Looks like this will be my 2021 ball.
  2. As someone who has a morton's neuroma as well, I'd be careful with a lot of the Ecco shoes. Ecco shoes are great in terms of width of the toe box and quality, but don't have a ton of padding (at least the ones I have used), which can cause the neuroma to flare up. I'm trying the new FJ Stratos this year. Similar to my Ecco Biom Hybrid 3 (wide toe box), but seems to have quite a bit more cushioning.
  3. See if you can locate some of the discontinued Nike Roshe G Tours. I have a pair that are my primary winter shoe, and work great. Really easy to keep clean with the synthetic leather. Plus, every time I turn on a PGA tour event, I see at least 3-4 guys still wearing them!
  4. I'm not buying any of that stuff till it comes with a free bowl of soup ...
  5. Heck, the TSi2 only come in three lofts (18, 21, and 24)! At least it makes my choices for testing 21-22 degree hybrids a bit simpler this year. I am intrigued by the extra adjustability of the of the TSi3. Clocked flat and cranked up to 22 with the CG adjusted to the toe might be just what I'm looking for. Just hoping it's not too unforgiving ...
  6. I have a neuroma that seems to only be triggered by walking in spiked golf shoes, so I'm constantly on the lookout for a good spikeless golf shoe. It also needs to be full leather, since I like being a dewsweeper in the spring and summer. I just picked up a pair of the Stratos with the last of my shop credit, and they seem to have significantly more cushion than my Ecco Biom 3 Hybrids with a similar drop. Unfortunately, I won't get to play in them for a bit due to the weather.
  7. Never trust a fitting tool that asks for 7 iron distance. What if the degree of loft on my 7 iron is 26 degrees instead of 34?
  8. It's also really weird still seeing so many pros on TV wearing a discontinued shoe ...
  9. I've been noticing something similar with my 58 ES 3.0. My 58 ES 2.0 seems to dig a lot less in the current wet, off-season conditions. I'm planning on putting my 2.0 back in the bag for the rest of the winter. I'll revisit the 3.0 once we have dry and firm conditions again. FWIW, I've always struggled to find a high lofted wedge that works year round.
  10. Isn't the major benefit of these shafts (particularly the velocore versions) the enhanced stability? I thought it was a great feeling and performing shaft, but I didn't see any particular benefit from the velocore version. I was able to get pretty similar performance from shafts at substantially lower price points. However, I didn't bother to hit the non-velocore version. FYI, my swing speed is only in the 100-103 mph range.
  11. Linksoul rain paints have both a drawstring and belt loops. Relatively slim fit for rain pants. I often wear them with thermal leggings as my goto winter paint.
  12. Looks like an awesome deal, but someone at Pinehurst or Titleist clearly hates me. The dates of these packages coincide EXACTLY with the only times of the year that I can't be away from work. Boo!
  13. Looks like i'll eek a bit more life out of my i20's then. The i59 sounds like my dream iron. Actually glad to have a reason to wait. Lots of great irons our right now, but can't deal with a six week wait when I finally decide to switch.
  14. Sounds like a former member at my club. His official handicap would always be in the +2 to +4 range. His posted rounds were never above par. Every year in the club championship he would show up and shoot in the 90's, with the exception of the year he threw up a zip code while playing with a couple of legit scratches. He left the club shortly therafter ...
  15. Require more forced carries for the shots hit off-line. Rough is not as big of deal when you can run the ball up to the green, especially when you can do it with a short iron. That said, I'm of the opinion that there isn't much you can do to combat a bomber with a hot putter. I only see distance as a problem when the longer guys start winning with crappy short-game play.
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