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  1. Looks like i'll eek a bit more life out of my i20's then. The i59 sounds like my dream iron. Actually glad to have a reason to wait. Lots of great irons our right now, but can't deal with a six week wait when I finally decide to switch.
  2. Sounds like a former member at my club. His official handicap would always be in the +2 to +4 range. His posted rounds were never above par. Every year in the club championship he would show up and shoot in the 90's, with the exception of the year he threw up a zip code while playing with a couple of legit scratches. He left the club shortly therafter ...
  3. Require more forced carries for the shots hit off-line. Rough is not as big of deal when you can run the ball up to the green, especially when you can do it with a short iron. That said, I'm of the opinion that there isn't much you can do to combat a bomber with a hot putter. I only see distance as a problem when the longer guys start winning with crappy short-game play.
  4. How do the distances compare between the i20 and the i210, especially in the long irons? I'm still love (and play) my i20s. My only real gripe is that I would like to get a bit more distance.
  5. I changed my set-up this year and dropped my 50 and 54 degree wedges for a single 52 (so my current wedge set-up is now 46-52-58). Biggest benefit is that it simplifies my decision-making.
  6. I've found lots of balls that seem to perform better than the ProV1x when I do my initial testing. However, I keep coming back because for whatever reason, I just score better when I play the ProV1x. I'm sure it's mental, but the ball just seems to behave more consistently for me than anything else.
  7. Don't knock that kind of set-up for even a moderate swing speed player that generates too much spin, either. I'm only about 100 mph with the driver, but my pro fit me into a SIM Max with a 70 g Rogue Silver. Best I've driven the ball in ages. Handicap Index is now down a full 3 strokes (7 to a 4)...
  8. I've yet to see a PCC adjustment in the wild. Given that some people seem to be seeing quite a lot, it makes me wonder if there are different regional implementations of this process.
  9. I always keep an old pair of golf shoes for lawn work, especially mowing. Good grip, comfortable, and waterproof is a perfect combination for working in the yard.
  10. My only issue with Jack's statement is that he seems to think guys can just coast along and keep their cards. Outside of the very top guys, I just don't think that is the case. It's a very fine line between making a great living and getting delegated back to the Korn Ferry tour.
  11. All but one of the par 5s at my course are reachable on two. The fourth and longest has a small and really heavily sloped green that makes par a decent score no matter what. I try to avoid having an expectation about the actual score since I feel that makes for bad mental decisions when you get out of position (and had led to a lot of blowups for me in the past). My goal right now is simply to try and make sure I have some sort of putt for a birdie on all 4, and let the results take care of themselves. That strategy seems to be improving my par 5 scoring so far ...
  12. Really pulling for Finau today after some of the comments in this thread.
  13. Don't overtrain when trying ingrain something new unless you have another set of eyes present to catch you when you fall into old patterns. Short focused practice sessions are best. I'm going through this myself. My pro recently fixed my swing, but my old habits tend to show up when I start getting tired. I'm finding I really need to watch myself late in the round, especially now that it's getting hot.
  14. Depends on how much green I have to work with and where I need the ball to end up. If I have to fly it all the way to the hole I prefer a full shot over an awkward yardage. Also, I find a full shot easier to stop quick. If I can run the ball up to the hole, I want to get as close to the green as possible.
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