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  1. I love how these new materials are stronger, stiffer and more durable... yet we keep getting shafts that weigh the same
  2. Nexgen is owned by Golf Partner which is a golf chain store in japan. Is Proto Concept a different brand, or a new line?
  3. Does anyone else think that press release read like one for Fubuki V? higher launch, lower spin, impact stabilization zone?
  4. Just went to Aldila's website and found this. Don't remember seeing it on here. https://www.aldila.com/products/ascent-wood-red
  5. Shimada K's 8001 have a soft butt/stiff tip. Weighs 106g
  6. There's Tensei white AM2 iron shafts if you want carbon...
  7. Saw it on a Japanese blog and there's a press release too. Some new tech... 1K cloth and new resin. Press release is here, just copy and paste into google translate https://www.mitsubishichemicalgolf.jp/pdf/MCC_jp_1610511582.pdf
  8. I hate reading threads like that. I ordered prototype Ringo wide in GSS before and it was shipped promptly (great putter btw!) For black friday sale this year I ordered another prototype Ringo long neck which I thought it said it was in stock. After about a week after ordering I asked what the delay was and I got a quick reply that that model is on back order and should be available in 2 weeks and was given a choice of waiting or getting a different one. I told them I'll wait if it's only 2 weeks. Still haven't shipped How big of a shop is Carbon? It feels like they can make nice putters, bu
  9. They're chamber design irons.
  10. Real thing looks nothing like the render. I'm talking about quality wise. Surface finish looks like some kid in China is making fakes using casting and sand molds
  11. Is it really new though? Their drivers are always coming up in results on USGA list no matter how recent a date you enter. I think it's just a broken search.
  12. SOLD! I'm getting a set for next year... fo sho
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