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  1. I updated the price on Dynalites, turns out shipping 10 shafts is priiiiceeeey. If you inquired about these privately before this post I'll honor original $65 asking price.
  2. I got few steel shafts to sell, I have no use for them but I don't want to toss them in the trash neither. All prices include shipping. Thanks for looking! Set of KBS Tour wedge shafts and Fourteen grips. Pulled from new clubs, never played. 33.5" and 33.25" lengths. Asking $50. Set of three DG black onyx shafts, S400 flex, and golf pride tour velvet grips. Shafts have few small paint chips from normal use. 33 1/8", 33 1/4", and 33 3/8" lengths. Asking $55. SOLD Set of ten (3-P, G, S) Dynalite Gold with sensicore inserts, 0.370 tip, S300 flex, and MacGregor tour velvet wrap grips. Decent condition given how old the clubs were (MacGregor Tourney PCB). 3 iron is 38.75" long and S wedge is 35". Asking $80.
  3. To be honest, it could be bad adapter too. If a kid in china drilled it at the wrong angle or something... My last batch of Tour Edge adapters I bought from ebay had one like that. Haven't used it yet but I plan on it. It should be ok.
  4. LOL... why?! I don't follow her, but what do her parents know about golf
  5. Just because it's the most, doesn't mean that there isn't more room for improvement.
  6. I posted everything I found so far.
  7. Not to mention all the added yards to your distance!
  8. With ten days left in the year, perhaps you need to order some JDM drivers to try too? lol
  9. Yea you don't pay import duty on heads. It only applies to complete clubs. I just spent twenty minutes googling it, but can't find the link I've read before that outlined what's taxed or not when it comes to golf equipment. I think they send that to you if you have pay. I paid like $80-90 for 5-W + 2 wedges. It's a non-issue in my opinion. If you can afford to buy from TSG you can afford import duty LOL
  10. I don't know what other finish they offered. When I bought these they were just plain raw I think. I had them refinished in soft black and I had to send these to Japan.
  11. $700 per head? WTF no thanks lol Beautiful clubs though (and super rare these days). I'd just hang it on the wall as art.
  12. Depends what you order. Buying single clubs you don't have to pay anything. Buying a set you will. I just don't know if that applies to new clubs only or used as well. I remember paying import taxes when I ordered new PRGR irons set two years ago. I don't remember paying anything for a set of S-Yards that were new but sold as used.
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