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  1. I say that too whenever I hit a bad shot, but I actually love my driver
  2. Upright clubs would solve ball flight, but do nothing for how you swing (i.e. toe shots). What shafts do you have in both sets?
  3. Maybe you just got lucky? How many times did you hit old irons after that consistently? What shafts are in old clubs and what's in the new ones?
  4. TSG is a good place to buy though. His blog is how I got hooked on jdm gear.
  5. He's got to make money somehow! It's ridiculous how much he charges. When ordering through buyee or rakuten, I've never paid more than $30-35 for shipping to U.S. I bought a ZY-8 head from TSG last week and paid $57 for Japan Post. DHL Express was almost $90 I think
  6. YESSS! I gave up walking because of all that stress on my ankles, now with 20% reduction I might give it a try again.
  7. No idea. If you host it somewhere it should allow you to embed different size video?. I use flickr for example and have that option.
  8. Post a bigger video would ya? This one's too small!!
  9. FYI Rakuten is offering international shipping again. You get a Japanese address you use to have your items shipped and then it's forwarded to you, kind of like Buyee.
  10. Interesting... I've read about Nine9 on TSG when they came out and apparently they were pretty stiff for their weight? Can anyone comment on that? Anyways, I play Tour 115 and K's 8001 and they're both very good. Just need to find what fits your swing.
  11. Because they're all ballers who don't mind dropping coin on new clubs.
  12. They are saying that Ping makes the ugliest clubs in the world.
  13. That sucks BombinJim. I had to do the walk of shame down the range to retrieve it.
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