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  1. PX ended up responding to my message on IG... it was actually custom paint job for one of their partners. I tried RDX Blue and didn't like it as much as Smoke Yellow.
  2. Saw it on their IG story. Anybody got any info?
  3. Yes. Different number of dimples as well. I finally played a round with it and it performed well. No complaints. I didn't play two balls so can't say if it's longer or shorter on different types of shots though. I'll order couple more boxes soon.
  4. They probably made the hosel part thinner so they could have a thick enough walls. Or maybe it's reinforced with something, like steel. Who knows. It's a putter after all and doesn't see 115+ swing speed lol
  5. That has me interested. Although I have a tuned red and love it. Big fan of round grips on putters in general, so...
  6. So how does it play? My elbow still not allowing me to do full swings. I did some chipping in the back yard and notice the ball sounds clickier than other Vice balls.
  7. I wish Wilson would slow down with new balls. I really liked FG Tour. Got the new Wilson Staff, and I still like it, but I think FG Tour was slightly better? Should I stock up on them lol... Last time I snoozed on FG Tours they were replaced. I don't know about raws. Wanted to see if I can get the ball to roll back after I hit wedges and short irons into the greens but the darn ball just goes crazy with side spin and I loose them off the tee
  8. Why are you concerned with getting them consistently? From my personal experience, red and lime and out of stock for longer times (I play neon red) but white was always in stock when I looked.
  9. Anybody got a chance to play them yet? Mine arrived today. Sound test with an iron passes. Hit a few putts on a mat and it felt good as well. I guess real test will be on the course. Unfortunately I don't have any Pro balls to do direct comparison. This year I ended up buying bunch of Pro Soft because of my bum elbow and slower swing speeds.
  10. https://tourad.gd-inc.co.jp/product/tour-ad-ub/ They have profile info on here. Looks pretty good to me soft from butt through mid and stiffens up at the tip. Basically stiffer DI?
  11. These Jucie wedges have been available on rakuten for a while. I might have seen them as early as late last year but didn't really pay attention to it because they are over $500 per stick.
  12. Looks good in my opinion. I hope that it sounds good as well. My 588 Custom is great, while 588 Altitude not so much. I haven't hit any Cleveland drivers since then though.
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