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  1. Thank you all, I'm a sweeper of the ball so less bounce may actually allow me to take a divot for once. My goal is to set my new irons to the same setting as my previous set. they where CB irons. these MB was flighting higher than I wanted and being in KS I wanted a lower trajectory. The other positive I'm taking away with is you mentioned I would be roughly playing "1/2 shorter shaft length, and more offset" which I think I'll like better. But thank you all again for your help.
  2. Hi all, I have some Rose Proto Honma irons I want to de-loft them down 4*. Is it safe ?
  3. Looking for a 2020 BB1 bettinardi putter playing at 35”
  4. Thank you Eric, will ship out to you the beginning of this week.
  5. selling my used Scotty Cameron Newport TeI3 $sold
  6. Looking for a used 7 wood with x flex shaft
  7. Looking for a used 7 wood with x flex shaft
  8. thank you for this great deal. I ordered 10 dozen at the GD for free shipping
  9. The 2015 “OnOff”CB . Very easy to hit but wanting something with ore traditional lofts so my spacing in the bag is better. Also hoping the turf interaction will allow me to take some nice beaver divots from the fairway
  10. Will do. Currently game the PX LZ 6.5 and will compare with the nippon 120x
  11. I just bought a set on the bay. Hope to get them by weeks end. I love the look of them. Going to see how they compare to my 2015 OnOff irons. I’m a sucker to a beautiful looking iron that I may or may not be able to hit. Fingers crossed
  12. I love my 2015’s is crazy how well they play. Looking to mix them with rose Porto for fun
  13. The midsize grips and 2.5* is the downside for me . DM me your lowest price shipped to Kansas
  14. Anyone have a used set of these 4-P in 6.5 that they want to sell me. DM me please
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