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  1. Agreed about the Icons. Didn’t need any break in time either.
  2. I grabbed some tw wedges myself. Great clubs. GLWS!
  3. The dri-fit golf crewneck that Nike offers online is a great alternative.
  4. I wear a long sleeve UA Heatgear compression shirt that works well on the course. Texas heat is no joke this year
  5. Can’t believe these haven’t been jumped on yet. Great clubs. GLWS
  6. Same here. I’ve found better results trusting the putter and my eye. No doubt this product with help folks that use the line though.
  7. I played Titleist for a while. Tried the Ping Blueprints and made a switch. I never thought I would play Ping because aesthetics mean a lot to me. Blueprints are the odd one from Ping.
  8. Are they made to the same standards as off the rack? I’ve tried researching and having found much. Maybe I haven’t looked hard enough. What do you guys know?
  9. Haha. Yeah I think you will be happy with it. The wrightston is a great one as well.
  10. I have the same issues with hats and I’ve given up on Titleist. Imperial and Nike are my go to’s.
  11. I recently bought my first pair of pumas. I really like them. Very comfortable.
  12. Just can’t beat the 13 and 14 designs. Would love to see a re release.
  13. Hello all, I’m looking to play with some people that just love to play golf. I’m 31 and an 8 handicap. I recently moved to to north Houston and love to play anytime/anywhere. I’m familiar with the area and am willing to drive. Hit me up.
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