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  1. Look up Wendler’s 5/3/1 and add accessory work focus on single leg, like lunges and single leg deadlifts, and core work, especially anti-rotation. There is some research out there that you shouldn’t do over speed training until reach a certain level of strength as it can lead to more injuries.
  2. Here is side view. My ball flight is typical fine, 11-13 launch angle on my flightscope. I can see the last video was low based on where it hit the net. IMG_2933.MP4
  3. Here is a driver video from today. I think I’m getting in better positions but still struggling with the EE on the backswing. Any tips for this? And anyone see anything else. I’ve got a remote lesson with Monte on Thursday so we will see how that goes. Thanks IMG_2912.MP4
  4. I’ll work on this, as another person mentioned it earlier. It’s funny because my hip turn has probably not changed in years and I didn’t know it was an issue but now as I’m really studying the golf swing more I see where I’m not getting them in the correct spot on the backswing. And hoselpalooza, that is exactly what I was working on last night. I was also working barefoot to try to just slow my entire lower body down. Seems to help some and I’m going to go to the range this afternoon to check on progress.
  5. So I tried to flare my lead heel more towards the target and my shots were left going even further left. Obviously my face was closed but I wonder why it was so much more extreme with this one small change. I’ll try to hit some on my flightscope tomorrow and get some videos to see if anything sticks out. Thanks for all the help so far. I’ve got a mid am qualifier here in a few weeks so hopefully these changes are gonna help.
  6. IMG_2696.MP4 IMG_2696.MP4 IMG_2697.MP4 Videos from today. Backswings seems to be looking a little better and I’m working hard on my right hip depth. I’ve gained about 15 yards on the driver and ~10 on my irons, which has been nice. It still seems like my hips are beating my arms to the ball and I’m having the hardest time getting these synced up. I’ll keep working on it. IMG_2697.MP4 IMG_2696.MP4 IMG_2696.MP4
  7. Ok the smart ball is on order. As for getting across the line, I feel like my club head is still pointing left of my target at the top of the swing. I’ll keep working on the right hip depth. I’ll probably get to practice in the next day or two and post another video (2 month old and 22 month old means it’s not as often as I’d like)
  8. Any other tips for not letting it get across the line? I’m trying to keep the elbow closer but continue to get long and across. In terms of ball flight my last round was very solid with a nice draw, while mostly focusing on syncing and not letting my left hand open during transition.
  9. IMG_2554.MP4 Quick video of the 6 iron. I’ve been working on getting my weight more in my right foot and syncing the body. My hips are still ahead but I do feel like I’m making more consistent contact. Played 9 today and bombed some drives but I’m leaving the face open and missed a lot of shots right. I’ve got to get on the range more and not just hit into this net. Thanks for all the tips and letting me know what everyone is seeing.
  10. Updates swing. I’m still getting a little across the line and hips ahead but it’s getting closer. Anyone see anything else that really sticks out? IMG_2462.MP4 IMG_2476.MP4 Thanks
  11. I posted a video recently and glk pointed out that I had almost the exact same issue as you. Since then I’ve been looking for drills/feels to sync up the swing. For me, the pump drill where you bring the club down to P6(club parallel to the ground) with just your arms and do not move your hips at all has been helping. Another one that helps with the feel is dropping your right foot back and making swings that way. This forces your hips to stay closed. Hopefully those help.
  12. In general lots of rotation would want maximum toe hang. If going by your misses, pulls left will need more toe hang and pushes right will need less to "fix". It seems slightly counterintuitive but what helps me is to think the putter wants to get back to where the toe hangs, thus more toe hang keeps the face open (if that makes sense).
  13. Thanks very much for the response. I am working with someone locally, but all we have really worked on was getting the backswing flatter, as I was coming over the top. This is the type of detail I really think will help me. I will look into monte and iteach, while working on keeping the right arm connected on the backswing.
  14. I’m working on hitting a draw but my miss is way right or a pull/cut that works out but isn’t what I’m looking for. Any tips on getting a little more inside or getting the face square? Thanks IMG_2229.MP4
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