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  1. Thanks so much. I have a chance to buy a GBB flash 3 wood. The shaft is too stiff for me. I have several with the Callaway regular adapters. Thanks again for the info.
  2. In the past, I found out that Callaway Epic Flash fairway woods used a special 'stubby' adapter. Does the earlier Great Big Bertha Epic ( sub zero) fairway woods use a special\odd adapter, or does a regular Callaway optifit work on these? Thanks, Jack
  3. I've seen a few like that. I usually say " No offense, but it's an off day. Things will be better if you don't say anything, or it will mess me up permanently" Usually they get the idea ( even the thick headed ones)
  4. I only get 15 yards difference in carry. Somtimes my 5 wood is the same as my 3 wood, but with no rollout.
  5. I usually hit my driver 11-13 times on my home course. The last course we played it was 8-9 times a round.
  6. That happens to me. I have been Playing since 1994. Sometimes I think that I must look like I just started today. The next time usually, you'll play a record round!
  7. E12 is a great ball. I like it & Cally Superhot. The Cally is $27 for 15 balls.
  8. You might want to read this thread. Several comparisons of the feel of these.
  9. Wilson Duo or Elite 50. These are great for a cheap ball. I bought some Maxfli Softfli for $7 a dozen at Rock Bottom. These are great in 45° and below weather.
  10. I have been chosen to test these from another place. I would compare these to a Titleist Velocity as far as feel and performance.
  11. We have been playing in weather from 38° to 65°. It's too wet and muddy to risk losing a good ball. Last summer it seems I found 75+ Supersoft Callaway balls in excellent shape. I tried a few the other day, and these are perfect for cold weather.
  12. I can't play a Pro V1. It spins so muchmy offline shots really curve, and I lose distance. After finding a couple of excellent condition BX & BXS, they play fantastic. My shots are better, and more confidence is improved. A friend gave me a dozen E12 Bridgestone balls. These are really good for that price range.
  13. They are a little expensive for my everyday ball. To me, it is a direct replacement for an NXT ball, but with Pro V1 performance around the green. Some people hate the NXT. It just happened to fit me well. If I was sponsored and received free golf balls, Tour soft, or Chrome Soft would be my choice.
  14. I find some of those old top flite amd MacGregor balls from time to time. They have a 1970 look to them. I save them, but never look those up to see any info. My guess is: someone bought an old golf bag and clubs for $20 at a yard sale. Or, a kid found his deceased grandpa's clubs from years ago, and decided to try golf.
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