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  1. I agree with the re-bar comment. Also, knowing where the clubhead is during the swing. But, for me a slight kick during impact. Not a "crack the whip" feel, but a little punch. So far, the only shafts that do this for me is the Red Tie, and a few Diamana ones.
  2. I'm thinking about installing the shaft dampening inserts when I change grips. My left elbow has started hurting since July. One of those small padded bands for tennis elbow has helped.
  3. A lot of the local players have them. Get the correct shaft. His is a Chaos Long Drive shaft ( super stiff) by Robbie Newton in Fayetteville Ar. The shaft is way too stiff for me, but I can still hit it about 235-240, thanks to the 410 forgiving head.
  4. Fuji Fuel in driver, Red Tie in 3 wood, Graffaloy Prolaunch Red 5 wood. They may be older shafts, but they still work good for me.
  5. My Son caved in the face on an M5, and the crown separated. TM replaced it. The 2nd one, he flattened the face and it was dead. TM didn't seem to want to deal with it, but the guys at Golf USA, warranted it, and took the replacement on trade for a Ping G410. No problems at all with the 410. He has also caved the face in on 2 Titleist hybrids, and they warrantied those.
  6. I've had some rounds that were par, birdie, bogey, and playing good. Then, have a nasty 8 right in the middle. Usually, there is a bad hole for every 9 holes played for me. It's still fun, and better than being somewhere else.
  7. Ok, thanks. Most of the videos I've seen are how-to, or promoting sales of it. I would like to hear some stories of 6 months later, or 1 year later. I'll look into that video you mentioned.
  8. I saw a high school girl at a golf tournament. Her Mom was talking about Gravity Golf. After looking it up, the posts from WRX were from around 2010-2011. Anyone have long term experience with it? I figured it was like Moe Norman, or Stack & Tilt. There's not much info. A local parent told us after 1 lesson, he's hitting it farther with no effort. Let me know your experiences. Good or bad.
  9. I recently bought a Epic Flash Sub Zero driver. It's a great driver, but a lower ball flight would be nice. What happens if I put a heavier weight in the front behind the face? Will this lower launch & spin, while giving a more penetrating flight? Also, can someone tell me the stock front and rear ( sliding) weight? Thanks. Below is a pic of my driver.
  10. Move the ball back an inch or so. Make sure to contact ball first. Take one more club, and don't muscle the shot. Always use a less than full power swing. Sometimes it's a 7 iron, 5 wood, or a wedge if within 100 of the green. I never plan to score with it, just get the ball in a good area.
  11. Still showing a little bit of head movement. 1st pic at address. 2nd pic during backswing, head dips down a little. 3rd pic, you get your head back close to original position. Looks like great improvement. Monty and many others can give you better instructions. With the head movement, you might have someone stand across from you at address. Have them hold a pool noodle( 5 or 6 foot long) on top of your head. Then, when you swing you can tell that you are bobbing, and coming back up.
  12. 1st pic, red line shows downswing plane close to original plane. 2nd pic red line shows club coming under backswing plane inside ( what you want for a draw).
  13. Looks better to me. Pink line is address 1st pic. 2nd pic green circle show that grip and club head are centered with target line thru feet. 3rd pic shows plane( pink line) isn't far from address plane.
  14. My pics are out of order. Sorry if it's confusing. The order they are listed is 4,1, 3, 2.
  15. Pink is plane at address. Blue is plane at impact ( and it's going left of target). Red lines show head position at address, and thru the swing. A little head movement seems ok, but this is quite a bit. I'm guilty of these same swing faults.
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