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  1. He is there are several kids and parents that can't stand this guy. He has been a lousy basketball coach for about 20 years. He can't help the kids at all. He shoots mid 80s to low 90s. It's sad that some kids would like to play, but won't because of him.
  2. I have the most control with my 5 wood . Hit 5 wood about 225, and after it rolls out play what's left.
  3. I'm looking and I haven't found 1 left handed Tour M5. That really sux. I'll look for some other left handed drivers for you. You might end up having to use a mini-driver.
  4. Not new ,but Taylormade had an M5 pro that was 440cc.
  5. Yes, we had a new golf coach that was going to show some of the players how to swing. My Son has played in AJGA and JRPGA events. He proceeded to 'help' my Son without my knowledge. My Son went from scratch golf, to bogey golf in around 2 weeks. Our PGA swing coach was able to undo this damage in about 5 or 6 lessons. The coach still thinks he knows more that everyone. He said things like "grip pressure doesn't matter". "Once you get to $25 a dozen all golf balls are the same. It's an ego thing" "A launch monitor is just a video game and doesn't help anyone". They couldn't figure out why the team went from 14 players to 3. Two boys and one girl. He started leaving my Son alone. Just coach what you can, and teach rules & etiquette. Every season we have to show kids how to fix ball marks on the green, and some don't know to hollar "fore" when the ball is going toward someone. I've seen several people hit in the last 2 years, and carts damaged. You can tell the ones that really want to play. Make sure all of them enjoy it.
  6. I'm getting ready to install my Hzrdus Smoke Black shaft in my Callaway driver. A guy asked me if I was going to install it 'logo down '. He said that seems to be the most popular way. It never occurred to me. Usually, I am careful with grip alignment, but the shaft just turns out wherever. Do y'all think about this? With some of the adapters, a change can move the location of the logo.
  7. I recently went from GI irons to a mixed set. Last couple of times playing, dropped 2 strokes on 9 holes . The shorter irons find the green easier. I still hit bad shots, but my luck has improved.
  8. I had about 10-12 shafts laying around to try, and borrowed 4 or 5 more when I finally settled on the Tensei white. Another shaft that worked wonders for me was a Fujikura Fuel that came out of a Cobra Amp Cell driver. Like an idiot, I tipped the Fuel to try in a 3 wood, and now it can't be used with my driver.. It's amazing how 2 people can get different results from the same thing.
  9. I'm guessing the torque, kick point, and how the weight is distributed might make it feel different?
  10. I saw someone else using the WD and tried it. The smell is better than some of the other solvents, and it gives you a little longer grip adjustment ( if you use enough). WD is a strange water displacement solvent. You can use it when working/ grinding aluminum. Then if you need to TIG weld over it, you don't have to clean it 100% off of the metal. All of my WD installed grips have to be cut off when they are replaced.
  11. This is what is happening to me. It's aggravating until you find out about the heavier shafts.
  12. I use wd40. It's great for aluminum in my machine shop, and can be bought by the gallons. It's dry and ready to use in a few hours.
  13. Hitting driver is a different game with both my Son and I. I can't wait until my heavier shaft gets here. It's pretty much point and shoot. No having to see ( and hope) where it goes.
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