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  1. Good day at the range today. Working all year on sequencing; balance, breathing and making sure it can all fit together. Basically, I've never focused so much on the driving range. I've learned more about my swing than I ever have and if I had the knowledge I do now when I was playing more competitively, I think I could've been a contender. My long game always held me back. I could play 14 holes great and fall apart for the 3 or 4 holes and that was that. Now I have built in process, a more solid pre-shot foundation and fundamentals and I can shoot in the seventies having only played twice and I don't think it was an accident. Had a typhoon roll through last night, so it was a breezy day, with clouds and brief moments of blue appearing. Had a little deer skip across the range into the forest as I was warming up... Worked on left hand only drills with short irons recently as a warm up. Not a lot. Just 10-15 balls. When I do them I have to concentrate on driving my left knee toward the ball after I complete the backswing or the ball starts left of where I want. I focus on sequence, hands starts followed by shoulders and hips finish the backswing. And then the reverse on the downswing. It helps the tempo like nothing I've ever known. Left hand drills for the win. Worked my way up from short irons to the top of the bag. I hit my 5-iron nicely. Flying it around 195-200. with roll some were a nice 210 (using toptracer and flighted balls, I figure they fly 10 percent short). So, I am feeling good. Hit a few 4-irons. They more or less mirror the 5-iron. Same flight, same distances. I think I ought to maybe think about replacing the 4 iron. What was the difference? Decide to hit one more. Maybe slow down the tempo a little on the way back. I might've been forcing it the first two. Fly it 209 and it runs to 233. One yard of draw. I remember a few times this happening on the course, hitting a 4-iron flushed 20 yards further than usual. Next one flies the same as the 5-iron, maybe a touch further. Put the 4-iron away. Hit my 4 wood first ball flies 222. 237 total. I hit it good. Between the 4 iron and the 4 wood I have a 4 hybrid (22 degree). They are 17, 22 and 24 degrees. I wonder if it's the balls at the range. They basically max out at a certain distance. I know if I hit the 4-wood nicely it'll get out there 250-265. Most important thing, playing in Japan, everything is flying straight and narrow. If you don't pick up and read Ben Hogan's book. You are doing yourself a true disservice.
  2. They were busy making clubs for everyone. Macgregor Japan, PRGR, Taylormade, Bridgestone, I suspect a lot of Daiwa, Mizuno even and I've probably missed a bunch. Titleist JP, Kyoei, who are right across the river from Miura, probably had a hand in a bunch of old JDM. It's one of those mysteries. For people reading this, there was a brand called Auldex that Miura used to make clubs under. There was a set, virtually identical to the Mac Ray Floyds, name is escaping me... Kind of like the CB-201. I slept on them... There are a few more that pop up now and then...
  3. Those are things of beauty. The best feeling and most accurate wedges, maybe just the balance, I've ever hit.
  4. The highlight of my last decade of golf is reaching a 480 par 5 with two one irons. I was playing with my father in law. So, I have that going for me.
  5. Got out for the second time this year. Despite not having my tee-game together my score was alright - 40-38-78. After the 3rd hole, it sunk in that whoever set the pins was not in a good mood. Mid round I kind of slipped into some old habits too, not driving my right knee toward the ball and coming over it pretty badly for about 3 holes, but then I righted it decently enough, I could hit some quality shots and have some nice looks at birdie. My best shot was on the hole pictured, the 17th. It's short, tight and tricky. The drive has OB left and right. The green rises more than it looks and it's a blind approach, so the same as about 80% of the holes at this course. I hit my tee ball left, it may have landed out of bounds - with a 5 iron off the tee, for safety. But, it careened back and I had about 175 or so; ball below my feet and slightly down hill. Left of the pin is jail, long is as well. It came out just perfect with a seven iron, even slightly fading. Had 12 feet and just missed it on the low side. I hit 10 greens - despite not really hitting my irons all that solid. They were all slightly thin, but nice and straight. I attribute the poorish contact to my right arm just being weak. I managed to keep most contact on the shallow side, which, if you saw me play in my youth, would seem outlandish. I used to take some pretty obscene pieces of real estate with my irons... Either way, I seem to have more consistent misses as a result of focus on pre-shot process and being able to keep everything in sequence.
  6. Had one of these when I was a teenager. Can't wait to see how punishing it is. It's the blade of medal woods, I figure.
  7. Yes. Google translate to the moon: https://www.bs-sports.co.jp/press/2001/index.html
  8. There are a few similar designs out there. Earlier Mizuno models, based on Macs. Some JP Macs which cost a fortune in the late 80s/early90s. I even found a set of JP Rams and I slept on them... They looked sweet... try to find a pic.
  9. I'm using a Royal Collection (JP Sonartec) 17 degree V7 Ti - I get it out there pretty well. Nice shaft too ATTAS g7 7x...
  10. That's the only reasonable position. I could probably use a few more dozen grips and a few dozen balls. But, I'm not to worried right now...
  11. Thank goodness I have near 50 sets of irons... I'm gonna make it.
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