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  1. I have a set of Haig Crenshaw grinds. Love the classic lofts, means I can carry the 2-iron. Great clubs. Not that difficult to hit.
  2. Mike Weir - Shocking what he got out of his game. Every last drop. And he was right in Tiger's prime too. I think it can be said about the following players too, that they got far more out of their games then they ever imagined. Pavin David Toms Lee Janzen Harrington Larry Nelson - just from the stories, I've heard Azinger It's funny - I can't think of a player from this generation that is really over-achieving. The path to the tour is far more standardized - junior, college, b-tour, tour. Hard to make it to the top without being good all throug
  3. You never know until you are the one having that discussion how difficult it is to decide, quality of prosthetics taken into account. It's your leg. Imagine cutting it off, my dude. You have to feel for the guy, waking up in the morning, on your way to a comfy shoot with some future football HOFs and you come to on your way to a bloody hospital and it`s surgery time. Life comes at you fast. If the leg recovers decently enough he still has to worry about his back, I wouldn't know what to do, but I am sure he's getting the best medical advice money can buy.
  4. So you are saying, he still has a chance to obliterate Jack`s record? I`ll put a dollar on that.
  5. I have an idea. sit down. Ok. an all black shaft. call it midnight. All of the specs can be concealed under the grip. I just wish a company would listen to this bunch. I have a vision of what is desired and then a club designer shaking his head saying - "but, they won't like it. It needs to be adjustable, it needs to have offset, they need to know how it is made, (unless it is cast). It must say forged. They are not as smart as they think they are. The customer is not always right. They can bend their damned irons 3 degrees weak across the board. I will make them buy two 'driving i
  6. Clubs shouldn't come with grips. They should be applied to your specs after paying.
  7. Playing in the wind makes you adjust what you are doing and plays with your head. Being that there's such a fine line between great golf and terrible golf. I'd bet there are even smaller things that make people lose it
  8. These are them - the first time i hit them - just wow. I have the other set above too and the rare 400c, but i would rather have these. Enjoy. The mr23 us spec i have in my bag are a close second.
  9. Maruman conductors - there's an Ian Woosnam thread on here that had pics of his old sticks. All of those are nice. My biggest regret was selling a set of them.
  10. I never 'lose' my swing. It is consistently mediocre. But, I did lose it once after two rounds on the big island.
  11. 1) Titleist Yes, Yes, Yes 2) Callaway Yes, No, No 3) Taylormade Yes, Yes, No 4) Srixon/Cleveland (dunlop, Maxfli) No, Yes, yes 5) Mizuno No ,yes, no 6) Cobra Yes, no,no 7) Ping Yes, Yes, Yes Just a run of the mill, journeyman wrxer. Honorable mention to Bridgestone/ Tourstage Yes, Yes, Yes
  12. It's not really his fault his dad is rich. At least he chose something where you have to earn what you get. He could have taken a job in Media.
  13. Haven't been watching all that close. Is it similar to what Furyk used to do? I couldn't watch that, might be why I only watch with about 10% of my attention these days.
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