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  1. People are crazy though... The new one's are around a grand here with a decent shaft...
  2. You can already get them used here in Japan. I don't think I'll be moving on from the G400 for at least another two months...
  3. Played Royal St. Georges from the tips last night on the ol' Top Tracer. 66, with a little 30 on the front nine. First hole I hit a 4iron from 218 to 3 yards (whatever that translates to). It landed perfectly, about 200, and then rolled out. Made birdie on a 500 yard par 4 (15 I think) hitting a little four-wood tight and almost holed another long iron along the way. Always been intrigued by the course since watching Norman there in 93. Hitting the driver with a little fade on ever shot now. It's going maybe 10 yards less, but in this case less, is a lot more. Short irons - missin
  4. I feel like graphite shafts are in my future... that has got to be the next evolution. So, these posts are very much appreciated.
  5. I think it would be a net positive for Dustin, just the confirmation that he actually has one.
  6. Sounds like you need to pick up another set of 4s with a reasonable steel shafts, for comparison's sake.
  7. The big question is how long can one hit bombs before the body starts breaking down. Tiger's swing took it's toll. But, from what I read it was also overtraining. DeChambeau seems to be a little more dedicated to training specific to the requirements of tournament golf. If he wins at Augusta. Look out.
  8. Did someone say Black Sabbath? There’s a song that fits this group, quite well in fact. Happened on another set of pros. Why do people put their names on their clubs? Probably saved me a few bucks.
  9. https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/t758725055 Anyone ever player Accuform irons? I remember a member at my old club when I was a junior who had a set. I was reading that Davis Love III spoke highly of them... Anyway. That's a nice set there with Apollo shafts... It's not my listing, just enabling...
  10. Nice Avatar there, by the way. I have the Prototypes. X-300 FCI... Can't bring myself to sell them.
  11. I don't know... My high school coach had eye2s with headcovers (until we removed them into a dumpster for him). He was a nice guy. Chemically dependant, yeah a little. But, relaxed as they come. All time great's is tough - too much to choose from, most I've only ever seen on ebay.
  12. My hoing ebbs and flows. It's hard to justify boxes piling up when I am relatively contented - but, sometimes it's hard to turn down the classics. The three sets I picked up this year came to less than $100. Crenshaw Hagens 2-SW with nice S400s. I've been regripping them since May. I take one or two to the range whenever I go and I think eventually they will work there way into my bag. I am shocked by how high the deuce launches. Hit it a few times at St. Andrews the other night. I already have a nice set of Founders 200 series, but I couldn't pass up anot
  13. It was one of those posts, you know? I don't want to hear that people are sticking with what they've got, because it makes me seem weak by comparison. I've been pretty good this year. I've only picked up 3 old sets to tinker with, or sell. At least, I think it's three. I've didn't pull the trigger on a couple other sets - or rather slept on them and lost them. It''s pretty easy to do because I have enough sets to last a lifetime and the one's in the bag are pretty tight - best combo of feel, looks and performance I've had since my old Titleists... TBC wife is pulling up
  14. What do you think we are going to say to this? Hold off on the Pings. Stick with the Wilsons. That's funny. You ever hear an addict tell a friend not to buy? You need to go give the Pings a swing. What are the Wilson's going to say? What did you discover? I've lost a lot of power this year. I blame my routine of cycling to work (jamming my wrist almost daily on uneven pavement), not going to the gym and drinking a lot of beer after said cycling. My swing is as good as it's been forever though and I feel like it's more consistent, and more technically sound, than it has ever been
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