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  1. That's pretty reasonable. Or, not very WRX. Not sure. My father in law used a XXIO for years. hit that thing straight as can be. Moved on to a Glorie from TM. I've had a few in 25 odd years of golf. Used my dad's wood wood until I got a Titleist PT 10.5 with the steel shaft. Broke that one on the 18th at Chilliwack Golf and Country Club in the Provincial High School Qualifier. Next up was a Golf Craft Persimmon. A Callaway Bobby Jones Deep Face 9.5 Not quite sure where I got that one. Hit some of the longest drives of m
  2. I watched the whole thing... Don't ask me what channel... Not the regular one... The whole TV system over here is unintelligible. Anyway, I got the right channel. They have never showed the LPGA, but they did this week. They didn't show the memorial when I woke up today, so that was really nice.. Have to think Lexi was between clubs on 17 and I thought the approach on 18 was horrendous. I told my wife on 17 that she always chokes, and sure enough. I watched Yuka Saso play a few national tournaments over here in Japan. Don't think she ever won anything, but she was alway
  3. They are really really nice to look at... I might put these up in the classics forum to see if anyone has come across them. As I said, they've been around a long time. These are the earlier of the DG-273 models.The later one's don't say designed by David Graham because he said daiwa stopped paying him... Anyway, the 6-iron has a little nick on the underside of the hosel and it looks like they even have copper under the chrome. It's funny. I know I have to get it down to 10 now... I was trying to do a mental inventory: Right now it's
  4. Another new (old) set of sticks arrived. It's always a kick to see the condition they come in after buying on line. The shop put them at B-. I look at the faces and there is hardly a mark. They look like they've never been taken out on the course and for a club that Tiger Woods played in his teens. The finish is similar to the Miz Super 11, Dunlop DP 601, Bridgestone Proisme and a few other really high end clubs from the early-mid 90's. I've never seen any like that with the Advisors. They come with some sort of gold-hued proprietary steel shaft too. Woods said he liked
  5. Not exactly a blade. The shape looks remarkably similar to the MR23 CB that I regularly play. Would love to see looking down. Probably hit really nice.
  6. I have a few sets of old Yamahas including the sx-25 Sutton Grind. These look nothing like them. The Sx-25 were made by the fellow who started Fourteen Golf... If I am not mistaken the soles do look similar though...
  7. I switched the setting on my g400. I thought I was changing from the small dash to neutral, but it turns out is the big dash. Don't even really know what the loft for that is. But, the grip is sideways and I hit it good, so I am not changing it. Hit is the best I've ever hit it. Just a regular Golf Pride MCC. I am usually a stickler with grips. The irons I am doing right now I had reshafted and I let the shop put the grips on and they set up slightly closed. I'm used to doing my own clubs and the one's that I do feel much more comfy. Yeah, we are... Play what works.
  8. First game since I broke my arm in December. 38-42-80. Drove the ball great. Lost a few yards with the driver, but I gained a ton of confidence with it. Hit it on 3 holes I usually play a lot more conservatively. Just couldn't capitalize. Only one birdie. Wedges were also good. I hit them a lot left handed the last 6 months. Forced me to improve my technique. Usually this is my Achilles, but I hit some great pitches, recoveries and got it up and down from 130 and in a few times, so that's nice. The Vokey SM7 60-04 is a beauty on the hard fairways... Hit the irons not so
  9. Baldo's, huh? They make some really nice looking stuff. I'm especially interested in their wedges. The new stuff is not cheap. As for the Modus3. I know what you mean. I have them in my TN87. They feel very smooth, but they don't feel right. The weighting or something is weird. That, and the butt is really thin. I have something like 6 wraps under a tour velvet grip and it still feels skinny. I prefer the 105X I have, but they are weird because they are an inch or so over-length from what I'm used to. The TT x100 I have in my MR23 are the nicest I've felt - thought, I worried for a
  10. I was just looking at some today in a Golf 5 in Kyoto... Thought they were kind of upright. Not a lot of offset. Not too big... Callaway is really putting out nice stuff. And their new FW - The Epic Speed with bonded hosels might get a test drive. Could use a 15 turned down to... f*** that's right.. they are bonded.
  11. No idea, but love me some maxflis. Try the classics forum.
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