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  1. I just ordered gen3 irons and it took a little over three weeks from order to receive. Stock shafts (elevate tours) at custom length, Winn grips and bent 2* weak. Was told 3-4 weeks when I ordered so arrived right in that time frame. After three rounds loving the feel and playability.
  2. Thanks. I will check them out. Brand new Marshall’s just opened about 15 minutes from me
  3. Thanks for the response. I have a few pair of the shorts and love them. Haven’t bought any polos yet but will give them a try.
  4. every so often I like to wear a visor when i play, but I can’t find any that fit the way I like. Recently, received the Linksoul catalog and they had some so I was sure there are many wrxers that have these visors. Do linksoul visors sit high crown or more mid profile? I don’t like the high crown for me. also, how are their polo shirts. Fit true to size, comfortable, durable, etc. any response are greatly appreciated
  5. Brooks are comfortable and stable shoes, I have wore many pairs to play golf. Also, ASICS the upper end models that you get at running stores. comfortable and stable as well. I have wore both of these to play golf and love playing in them. I have FootJoy and Ecco golf shoe, but the running shoes don’t make my legs and feet ache when done. Only down side is, I haven’t found a pair of running shoes that will keep your dry in the morning dew.
  6. i wish you luck getting on, especially this time of year. I’ve live in LW my whole life and I’ve never been able to get on, even during the summer. Some high rollers at mountain lake that don’t like outsiders on their course.
  7. I know you said drivers, but any interest in a TM copper putter? Brand new Ardmore 3 L neck
  8. I currently have three Cameron's and have had a couple more through the years. I have purchased all used and feel like I got good value, but I probably wouldn't purchase a brand new Cameron at $400. As others have said, find a good used one and see if you like his putters. I know a lot of people don't like the insert, but I do. Feel and speed control work for me.
  9. Wish I could find this deal, love FJ shirts. Best I could find today was "clearance shirts" for $55 at GG. DSG around my area doesn't carry footjoy apparel anymore.
  10. Thank you for the recommendation I will look into that one
  11. I am a longtime reader and follower of WRX and have enjoyed reading the post and opinions of others. I don't post much or participate in many discussions, didn't feel like I could add much to the board with so many more knowledgeable posters active, but would like to start posting more and figured I would start with a question for myself. Awhile back I was fitted for Aldila NV 2KVX Orange driver shaft 65g stiff flex. My swing speed is right at 100 mph and would say I have a pretty aggressive swing with quick tempo. Achieved good carry distance (235-240 yds), dispersion and like the feel. I have figured out I like to tinker with different combos (heads and shafts) and was hoping someone could recommend a couple shafts that might match closely with Aldila profile I could play around with. Appreciate any insight or recommendations. Thanks, Scott
  12. How's the fit on shirt? True to size or cut small?
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