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  1. I think I'm starting to get golf withdrawal symptoms too with the way they jack up the greens fees around this time of year.
  2. Only thing I'm fighting now is darkness. Weather is beautiful.
  3. Drink a lot of water, wear clothes that breathe, and wear a big hat. I love playing when it's very hot out because the course is empty (bye bye canadians) and the deals are unbeatable.
  4. Better to let a professional handle it, in my opinion. Less headache, they'll get better faster, and they won't pick up and ingrain any of your bad habits. I've seen husbands and boyfriends trying to teach on the range many times, and many times it looked like neither person was having fun.
  5. Get rid of the dress code. Shouldn't need a collared shirt just to use the damn putting green.
  6. This is the best part about going to the course as a single. You meet some of the coolest, craziest people when you get grouped up with randos.
  7. Weekends are rough; always events, scrambles, tournaments, etc. If I want to play on the weekend, I try to tee off when it's still dark or at sunrise. Otherwise, I just prepare myself for the long round. Pack a lot of snacks, water, maybe hit 2 balls, and just try to enjoy the day. It's like going to a Walmart or Costco on Saturday at noon on the 1st of the month...you know it's going to be a zoo even before you get there, so no sense in getting worked up when you're actually there. Seems like the way to avoid long rounds is to tee off very early, avoid weekends, play expensive or private co
  8. I like them, although I'd probably prefer a light grey over white because it'd be easier to keep clean. I know most of the old fogies hate it, but I like what Nike and Puma are doing for golf attire, especially footwear. Not everyone wants to wear the same plain Jane all-white or all-brown spikes.
  9. ESPN has been garb for a while. It's more like a sports-themed TMZ these days. If you want actual sports analysis, you gotta use sites like fangraphs or post on message boards dedicated to the sport you like (like this place).
  10. Its a shame the NBA playoffs run into the local and sectional qualifiers for the US Open. I wonder how far he would've made it.
  11. Her English must be improving. I followed her group a few days at the PGA championship and her caddie was speaking pretty quickly in English to her the entire time and she was speaking back to him. She was so quiet that it was inaudible, so I don't know how fluent she has gotten since 2016.
  12. I didn't think the players even picked out what they wore. Doesn't their sponsor just send them stuff?
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