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  1. I've had the 2016 M2 driver in the bag for almost 6 years now. Last May I cracked the head and replaced with M5. I hit fairways at a marginally higher percentage, but M5 was a solid 10-15 yards shorter than M2...just not the right one for me. So I bought a used M2 head and still have it. Anyone else have a 6 year old driver still in the bag? M2 is pretty optimal for me and I've not got much temptation at this point to change drivers...especially not for $550 (ridiculous). The only thing I've found that can keep up with M2 is my friend's TSi3. Distance, spin, and launch numbers were equivalent, but TSi3 had a touch more consistency. M2 still had the longest pure drives, but it also had the shortest, which was on a sh!t swing, but I put a couple less than ideal swings on TSi3 as well. Is this the biggest benefit of the newer technology? More consistency across the face? Is vanity the biggest "driver" in buying a new driver, or are there actual benefits to moving into a newer club?
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    Irons help!

    So a little background: Around this time last year I was a 14 handicap playing Cobra BioCell irons. I went to a certain retailer and "got fit" into a new set of off-the-rack T300s. My handicap is down to a 7.9 and my ball striking (and swing) have gotten much better. At this point, the biggest thing holding me back from scoring in the 70s more often is my iron play and the consistency. I've been cruising (and searching) threads here about fittings and iron reviews for quite some time now and I have a two-part question. First, I know this is subjective, but have I reached a point where a super game improvement iron like the T300s are limiting my scoring chances? Is that a thing? Certainly I'm no pro and I can put a sh!t swing on a ball from time to time, but what aggravates me are the occasional rockets that fly 15-20 yards beyond their normal yardages. I've never owned a set of forged irons and frankly, I can't remember ever hitting a set...never thought I was good enough. But would forged irons be more consistent and tighten up the distance dispersion? Any suggestions for a set to try...especially a used set, as I'm not keen on dropping $1k+ on a new set of irons a year after I just did that? Secondly, regarding the fitting. I've found that I HATE HATE HATE hitting on simulators indoors with nothing to aim at and no frame of reference around me. I like to take a divot and my swing doesn't feel like my swing on mats. Further, I'm leery of going back to a retailer that is mainly just interested in selling me clubs (conflict of interest?), rather than finding the setup that truly works best for my game. So I don't really know where to go (or how to find) and impartial club fitter that has a grass range. Suggestions?
  3. I’m a 9.5 and went in December for a fitting, expecting a more “player-ish“ iron like the Ping i210, Mizuno MP20, or even the T100/200...came out with these and it wasn't even close. These things are total point-and-shoot machines. Why make the game harder with a more demanding club, when I can do everything I would would want to with the above irons? In fact, not only can I put a little shape on these when I need to, it prevents the dreaded “over-cooked” draw/fade. With all of the different shaft offerings, these irons are a total no-brainer for anyone that 1, wants to make a hard game a little less hard and 2, isn’t concerned with the vanity of playing a player’s iron.
  4. Update: Went back to where I was fit for/bought the i210 set and laid it all out for my fitter. We essentially did the fit all over again to confirm numbers...particularly the weight and flex of the shaft. Alas, the original fitting was confirmed on the optimizer (again) and the PX LZ 6.0 came out on top (again). I swung my 7i on the monitor again and got the results I've had for the last few weeks. When I told him that they feel like telephone poles, he handed me something in the middle which turned out to be the AMT Black S300. Immediate improvement on ball striking, ball flight, distance, etc...then came the bad news: those shafts aren't available for the i210 without additional charge. They do, however, come standard on the Titleist T200. So we gave the T200 a run on the monitor and virtually all numbers were where we wanted them to be, compared to the i210. Ball speed higher, launch higher, decent angle steeper. I told him I wasn't ready to give up on the Pings yet, but the more I think about it, the more I'm really wondering if this is as much of a no-brainer as it seems? He has a set of the T200 with those shafts on the rack and I'm standard length and lie, so there would be no waiting period between sets. From what I've read, the T200 and i210 seem to occupy similar spaces in the "iron continuum," but the T200 sure seemed a lot more friendly. I'm unsure whether this is a result of the more familiar shafts, a (potentially) more forgiving head in the T200, or both. Other than the obvious loft differences, is there anything I'm not considering here?
  5. Thanks for all the input. These are the first irons I've ever had fit to me, so I'm trying to figure out how much leash these should have (recognizing the weights are substantially different). Also perhaps potentially relevant: in the Bio Cells, I had midsize grips. The i210s have standard. Could this also be a reason I've gotten super "handsy" with these? My fitter said I'm right on the line between standard and midsize and like I said, I hit them really well in the fitting so we left the standard on there. Does grip size make more than just a marginal difference here?
  6. Just before Christmas I got fit into a set of i210 with the Project X stiff shafts and I’m really struggling with my ball striking with them. Fats, thins, and flipping. It’s incredibly frustrating. I had a set of Cobra Bio Cells with huge offset that my game had outgrown (so I thought) and I wanted to progress into better irons. The Bio Cells had stiff 85 gram shafts and they were not fit to me. I can’t help but think that the i210 shafts are too heavy and keep getting stuck behind me. The thing is, I hit them great on the monitor at Edwin Watts and they felt amazing. Since then, I’m hitting lots of weak fades, where my typical ball flight has always been a draw. I’m an 11 hdcp and I really wanted something that I could dial in more precision with. I don’t expect equipment to make me better, but I certainly don’t expect it to make me worse either. Is it typical to have such an adjustment period to new irons? My excitement for these new irons has really waned and I have far less confidence in hitting a green from 150 now than I did with the Bio Cells. What gives?
  7. I just traded my G20 in for a 2016 M2 in March. Big performance upgrade for me, but I'd bet it's almost exclusively due to the shaft being a much better fit for me.
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