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  1. I’m a 9.5 and went in December for a fitting, expecting a more “player-ish“ iron like the Ping i210, Mizuno MP20, or even the T100/200...came out with these and it wasn't even close. These things are total point-and-shoot machines. Why make the game harder with a more demanding club, when I can do everything I would would want to with the above irons? In fact, not only can I put a little shape on these when I need to, it prevents the dreaded “over-cooked” draw/fade. With all of the different shaft offerings, these irons are a total no-brainer for anyone that 1, wants to make a hard game a litt
  2. Update: Went back to where I was fit for/bought the i210 set and laid it all out for my fitter. We essentially did the fit all over again to confirm numbers...particularly the weight and flex of the shaft. Alas, the original fitting was confirmed on the optimizer (again) and the PX LZ 6.0 came out on top (again). I swung my 7i on the monitor again and got the results I've had for the last few weeks. When I told him that they feel like telephone poles, he handed me something in the middle which turned out to be the AMT Black S300. Immediate improvement on ball striking, ball flight,
  3. Thanks for all the input. These are the first irons I've ever had fit to me, so I'm trying to figure out how much leash these should have (recognizing the weights are substantially different). Also perhaps potentially relevant: in the Bio Cells, I had midsize grips. The i210s have standard. Could this also be a reason I've gotten super "handsy" with these? My fitter said I'm right on the line between standard and midsize and like I said, I hit them really well in the fitting so we left the standard on there. Does grip size make more than just a marginal difference here?
  4. Just before Christmas I got fit into a set of i210 with the Project X stiff shafts and I’m really struggling with my ball striking with them. Fats, thins, and flipping. It’s incredibly frustrating. I had a set of Cobra Bio Cells with huge offset that my game had outgrown (so I thought) and I wanted to progress into better irons. The Bio Cells had stiff 85 gram shafts and they were not fit to me. I can’t help but think that the i210 shafts are too heavy and keep getting stuck behind me. The thing is, I hit them great on the monitor at Edwin Watts and they felt amazing. Since then, I’m
  5. I just traded my G20 in for a 2016 M2 in March. Big performance upgrade for me, but I'd bet it's almost exclusively due to the shaft being a much better fit for me.
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