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  1. I can compare these anecdotally as I just went through the process. Been an AP2 guy for years, went for a fitting when the T series came out(interested in the new S), ended up getting fit into ZX7. Didn’t buy them because I didn’t believe it. It was just a better easier to hit club all around that produced a more consistent launch and spin. Good on good they were both great, ZX7 was discernibly better ball speed retention on thin ish shots. The sole on the srixons has been so good in the turf,(I’m in Texas also) I tend to hit the T100s a groove or 2 higher on the face . -look at address: T100 wins not real close -turf interaction: ZX7 wins not close -well struck shots: even, ZX7 spun ~250 rpm less though -thin strikes: ZX7 wins not close -feel: T100 feels like MB, ZX7 feels like AP2. T100 probably wins but close -on course: ZX7 wins by a bunch. The spin control and consistency are impressive. T100: 2.5(looks and feel) ZX7: 3.5 (performance and forgiveness) I just kind of did this offhand but that’s exactly how I would describe it. I wish I had those satin T100s in the bag, but ZX7 was just a better club. Edit to include: I didn’t buy the ZX7 initially but after test after test I finally did (obviously) kept getting the same result
  2. Why do you want to know? are you trying to get a hookup? need to know who’s good? trying to avoid somebody? need to book a fitting? had a fitting and don’t remember who? You asked a vague, and pointless question. If you want names of people at least specify why. OR ~call the store~. Theres a reason no one else has bothered to reply. Happy golfing.
  3. I had 718 AP2’s since they came out. The difference in feel is noticeable. Performance was better in the T200, until I bent my AP2’s 2 degrees strong and performance was identical. Off center guys were no better with T200. Ended up with some new PXG’s. Great feel with good forgiveness on low groove strikes.
  4. Bought new iron heads off bst while I’m stuck at home with the rona for the next 10 days
  5. Hit it in a fitting a couple of weeks ago. Hard no. Feels awful, is not forgiving and middled shots at best came up with the low end of t100 and zx7
  6. For me, oversimplification is confidence. You can’t hit it into trouble that you don’t club to. If hole 1 that’s 300 to the bunker, never ever hit a club that can go 300. The holes only 430.. 250 leaves 180. Hole 2 is 412? Trouble at 245 with the bunkers? Dont ever hit it that far. 230 leaves 180 again. Familiar, same shot ish on both holes for an approach. Said differently, pulling driver to avoid the 180 approach means the hole is won or lost on the tee ball. Hit it OB? Bogey, on the flip side, not many bogies from 140 or shorter. Hit it short of the bunkers, take the long “ob” out of the equation and just find the fairway. From there there are 3 opportunities to make par, hit a good approach, hit a good short game shot, or make a putt. 3 swings to make par, vs. 1 that can almost assure bogey.
  7. The Konica Minolta bizhub swing vision camera
  8. See but that’s the thing, the loft gap is irrelevant, only how consistently you can produce a number with an acceptable trajectory. I used to play almost the same setup as you, 46, 50, 54 and 60. The 60 was a low bounce option for around the green, but useless on approach shots 25-75 yds. Had trouble hitting 54 short enough so that made anything under 80 yds really dicey. Then I had 3 wedges essentially that I could hit 100-125, overkill. Replacing the low bounce 60 with an S grind 58 did 2 things. 1, because it doesn’t dig like crazy can now use just the 58 all the way out to 100 and 2, I don’t try stupid flop shots around the green just because I had a 4 bounce 60. PW comfortable down to 120 so now there’s only a gap from 100-120, and I sure don’t need 2 wedges for that. Toyed with adding an m grind 62, but then I’d just try stupid shots again.
  9. PW is full 135 down to flighted 120 52 is full 120 down to flighted 100 58 is full 100 on down. Only shots I don’t love are about 110 downwind, I don’t hit 52 hard enough to stop it and that’s a big 58. I’m a feel player as far up the bag as I can get though. If I have a full 8 distance I’m hitting flighted 7 every chance I get. Comfortable just kind of punching shots in there, so few wedges have worked for me
  10. Recently went 44, 52, 58. Love it
  11. Love it in all my other woods, like counterbalance too much in driver. Perfect shape, grip has 25 swings on it, untipped and measures 44.5 grip to adapter, plays 45” in G425. If you want a different adapter let me know and I can get it installed before shipping. USPS priority to CONUS, any questions let me know. I communicate, act, and ship quickly. $215 shipped obo
  12. I can offer insight to soft stepping C taper 130’s. What difference do you want to know about? Launch, spin, feel, distance, swing weight?
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