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  1. Got the shaft I needed, now just need the head.
  2. Let me know what you have, doesn’t have to be like new, but no uglies. might consider shafted, looking for 80-85 gram s or x
  3. What do you want in a coach? DM me if you want, I live in your area
  4. If you like the weight but need to go down slightly in flex just soft step them. I play c taper 130’s soft stepped twice for this reason. My tempo and release won’t overpower 120’s that I played for years, but I over swing lighter shafts sometimes.
  5. VA isn’t a shaft most have access or experience with. It’s not like a ventus or a tour ad or a diamana or a hzrdus that’s been a stock shaft in many offerings. Maybe a little general info as to which shaft the Nemesys may have similarities to, generally the type of golfer it tends to fit or not. Obviously someone should hit it and get fit but the previous reply was literally useless to the discussion. I for one would be curious to see what a fitter has to say. I clicked on this thread because I play the orange in my driver and 3 wood and am interested in the replies.
  6. The fitting world as I get more into it is really confusing to me. You watch places like TXG, that have pretty much anything on hand you’d want to try, coupled with a seemingly pretty in depth approach to how all factors of equipment can affect performance and you wonder how is this not the standard? How is it that 97% of the places I’ve ever been “fit” go like you describe. Poor fitting conditions, lack of options, having to ASK the “fitter” to try something else? How is this the standard? Unfortunately your experience sounds “normal” but it isn’t good
  7. TMB looked good, u500 was doable, u510 was chunky, this thing ate ALL the biscuits
  8. Adam Scott. Pure class, pure swing, seems driven still to compete but both thankful for what he has and spends a ton of time with the family.
  9. There’s the douchey answer I’m sure he was looking for
  10. He’s too busy saying congaree 5,000,000 times
  11. There is a 0% chance a fan ran up and punched, kicked, kneed or anything elsed on brooks knee. He’s being a giant lady part. Complain about your knee if you missed the cut by 8 and can’t get through anything. Don’t finish 2nd on a course like that hitting 350 yard drives and then wane on and on about your knee. Let the media make excuses for you, they were more than ready to. There’s a reason he was so well um not sure what actually happened I don’t know in his interview. Nothing happened. He was flailing around for excuses sounding like a baby. No issue with him being pissed, sore l
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