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  1. Ordered mine on Jan 11th and still waiting for it to ship. Hoping it gets here before my golf trip in 10 days
  2. I went to their web-site and I don't see any mention of Gen4 releases
  3. Why wait 4 months like I did when you can get one today and work on your game this winter. One sold on Ebay today for $2800, and others are listed at $3500. Contains all manuals, accessories, original box, and case SOLD shipped to lower 48 states NO TRADES
  4. Bought brand new at PGA Superstore, used for 2 rounds. Those are streaks
  5. I can include the tool. It's in the bottom of my golf bag or in the back of the car.
  6. Maybe giving up too early on this driver, I just couldn't make it work for me. Very long and hot off the face, I just need something more forgiving. Played for 2 rounds. 9* Tensei AV Series Stiff Shaft 55g $450
  7. The guy who takes his sweet a** time doing everything and holds the group up. After he shanks his ball, he'll will stand there for another 5 seconds
  8. Fugly and tacky with the flag and "USA" on the face.
  9. I've been debating this exact same thing situation. I've got a 19* hybrid that I hit ok 50% of the time. I've got a SIM 5W that I've adjusted the loft to play closer to a 4W. I can smoke that club off the fairway or the tee, so I'm leaning towards getting a 7W and selling off the hybrid. I'd rather have a nice high ball flight from a 7W than a mid-flight hybrid that rolls off the back of the green.
  10. No not all. Just came from PXG Gen3's to the 790's. And prefer the 790's. Everyone will have their own preference, you just have to go with what suits you best.
  11. Ah the mythical "flier" "hot spot" discussion, where amateur golfers have a rare moment where they swing using perfect technique, hit the sweet spot on the club face and achieve increased ball speed and ball carry's more than their normal distance.
  12. 1) Custom PXG 0211 irons. 5-PW. Professionally built by D'Lance golf w/Oban CT115 S shafts and white Golf Pride Tour Wrap grips. STD L/L/L. Custom blue paint fill. Played 5 rounds and a couple of sessions on my home practice mat. Shafts alone cost me $700. Over $1300 invested. SOLD! 2) Brand new Nippon Modus3 Tour 120 stiff shafts w/Golf Pride grips, 5-PW. Pulled from Taylormade irons. SOLD NO TRADES
  13. When I got fit for my current driver it came down to the G410 LST and the Maverick, came down to smash factor and distance. Ping was a little bit better than the Maverick in every category and with it being cheaper it was a no brainer for me
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