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  1. Spent too much on Christmas so time to sell some stuff 1. Scotty Custom Select Newport 2 34" 15g weights- $450 2. Scotty Cameron 2020 Club Cameron Den Caddy/Cooler. New never used - $225 3. Swag Golf 2021 WWE Macho Man Blade Cover - NIB - SOLD 4. Swag Golf 2021 The World's Hottest Blade Cover - NIB $150 5. Swag Golf 2021 Harley Queen Blade Cover - New SOLD East of the Mississippi add $5 for shipping
  2. Wow great price compared to what they're selling for on ebay, surprised it's still available. Bought mine here from another WRX member a couple of weeks ago. Best investment to my golf game I've ever made. GLWS
  3. 1. First up is a 2 month old set of PXG 0311XP Gen4 5-G regular flex MMT 70 shafts with new Golf Pride Z-grip Align grips. 7 iron is 37". These are in excellent shape. Only reason why I'm selling them is I need stiff shafts so what better reason to be a golf club hoe and get a new set of irons lol. I was fitted by PXG for these irons. SOLD 2. Sugar Skull 4th of July Wood set. This includes driver, fairway and hybrid head covers. Driver cover and fairway wood was used sparingly, hybrid never used. $325 for the set. NO TRADES
  4. Brand new never used set of Red Sugar Skull Darth Vader Wood cover set - SOLD Done for now testing shafts, time to thin the herd Graphite Design Tour AD VR-5 Stiff 44.50" Titleist I also have a TM adapter. - SOLD Tensei CK Orange 60g Stiff Driver shaft Taylormade tip 44.75" - $80
  5. Damn, of course this becomes available 3 days after I paid $75 more for the same thing. How is this not sold yet? Great price, GLWS
  6. Only have a couple of weeks with the TSI3 but I love it. It kicked TM SIM2 out of the bag. For me it was a bit longer and straighter. I too had struggled w/a fade with the SIM but very rarely have I hit a fade w/the TSI3. Give it a try, I don't think you'll be disappointed.
  7. Ditto! This is my last year as a Club Cameron member. The designs for monthly release are boring and uninspiring. Swag and Sugar Skull are dope
  8. Are they available for fittings? I was just at Club Champion and they didn't have them yet
  9. I doubt anyone has gotten their hands on the new 790 yet.
  10. FedEx is by far the worst. The last 2 items I bought from PXG, shipping was a nightmare. Both times FedEx picked up from PXG and then the package sat at their Scottsdale facility for 4-5 days, until I called PXG and they got involved. Then they claimed they attempted to deliver on Sat but no one was home, which was bullxxxx bc my wife and I were home all day and no tag was left on the door. I only found this out by checking the tracking number online. When I called FedEx they admitted that no attempt was made and that the driver lied about attempting to deliver. They said the next attempt wouldn't be until Tuesday, I screamed and yelled at them and then low and behold they delivered on Sunday. My Gen 4 irons were shipped today, I'm hoping I get them by next weekend.
  11. Just when I thought the cheesy topic titles had disappeared......
  12. Lmao. Typical WRX'er that think's number of posts = golf knowledge.
  13. Paid for mine at the beginning of Jan and still haven't received yet. The only thing I've received from Scotty is excuses.
  14. Absolutely beautiful. Would you take 5 dozens AAAA golf balls and a set of TaylorMade Burner irons 3-PW but missing the 8 iron? JK. GLWS
  15. After reading the reviews and watching reviews on Youtube, I decided to pull the trigger. I'm coming from P790's, anyone out there that have come from the 790's to the 0211's?
  16. Selling my set of Fujikura graphite iron shafts that came out of my Taylormade P790's. 7 have Golf Pride grips that are less than 6 months old. The 7 shafts with grips came out of 5-AW, and are the standard Taylormade lengths. The shaft without a grip measure 33 7/8's. These were installed and pulled by Golf Galaxy. $200 New Taylormade P790 4i w/Nippon Modus NS Pro Tour120 stiff shaft. This club has never been hit SOLD
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