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  1. Looking to sell this lightly used F9 - asking $215 shipped SOLD 10.5* White/Black Head Project X Even Flow White T-1100 65g 6.5 Lightly used Golf Pride MCC+4 Midsize Grip Ordered 1" short direct from Cobra, so plays at 44.25" (stock without connect grip = 45.25") Headcover included - I will include the wrench as well if I can find it.
  2. For sale are a pair of new, unused, in-box, size 10 magnolia roshes.. Yes, all I did was look at them. Because they are fun to look at. Somehow never got around to actually using them and now its moving time and some people seem to think its unnecessary to have more than 10 pairs of golf shoes, can you believe that?! Anyway - these are for sale ONLY. Not interested in any trades of any sorts unless its a trade for money. SOLD
  3. Asking SOLD! - NO TRADES. Will ship via USPS priority. PM me with offers or questions. Thanks for looking! Toulon Columbus - barely used, gamed for maybe 2 or 3 rounds but just doesn't fit my eye. 33.5" Superstroke Pistol GT 1.0 Counter Core (basically new) Comes w/ Headcover
  4. One last shot to pass these on to their next home.. No trades please, PM me ca$h offers! Asking $200 shipped obo Set: 3-PW Shafts: KBS C-taper 130x Grips: midsize NDMC, tad bit of life left with the exception of the PW grip (red one) that needs replacing Length: + 1/2" Loft/Lie: Standard
  5. Tried to PM but I think your inbox might be full. Interested in x100s if their still available.
  6. Have a 3-PW set of 2014 TP mbs that I am looking to unload. Definitely used, definitely can still be used. Great set of clubs but I have too many! Asking $200 shipped Set: 3-PW Shafts: KBS C-taper 130x Grips: midsize NDMC, tad bit of life left with the exception of the PW grip (red one) that needs replacing Loft/Lie: was told standard
  7. Not much more to say.. Selling 7 Golf Pride New Decade Multi Compound grips for SOLD 6 are new, 1 is a slightly used pull white/black color standard size
  8. One thing up for sale today, no trades. Shipping via usps priority. Please PM me with any questions/offers. Toulon Columbus - Rolled on the practice green and maybe 2 rounds. Plays at 33.25" with a superstroke pistol GT 1.0, counterweight included. Comes with a stock headcover. Pics will tell the rest. Looking for $250 shipped OBO
  9. Hoping for a quick sale today, NO TRADES. Have a 3-PW set of 2014 TP mbs that I am looking to get $225 shipped for. Set: 3-PW Shafts: KBS C-taper 130x Grips: midsize NDMC (bit of life left with the exception of the PW grip which is the red one) Length: + 1/2" Loft/Lie: was told standard but I have no way to verify
  10. Had the unfortunate experience of a car break-in recently and this bag was one of the victims.. It was my favorite backpack to date and I am hoping to replace with the same exact model (2013 I believe), but I can't seem to find anywhere. Any one have any ideas of where I could find one?? Thanks in advance!
  11. This x100 !! Switched from Vapor Speed to King LTD with the aame shaft More forgiveness and probably 15 yrds longer Ditto. Went from a vapor fly pro to the LTD and picked up a noticeable gain. Have since moved to the f8+, but I wouldn't hesitate to go back to the LTD..
  12. Titleist Aussie hats are my go to when it comes to sun protection.. nice wide brim
  13. Looking to move some things that see no use around here.. Please contact me via PM !!!! 1. Puma Rain Popover - Size MEDIUM - wore it once on the range in a light drizzle.. good news is its waterproof, bad news is it doesn't fit me. Further specs can be found here: https://www.cobragol...lf-popover-ss17 $OLD 2-5. Hats Hats Hats Hats - "one size fits most", take the taylormade snapback for$OLD 6. Chrome Elements 8f5t w/ TSPX # - measures 41 3/8", I think it was at 42" in my 3 wood but don't quote me on that. Standard tipping for 3 wood. $OLD 7. X100 AMT Wedge Shafts - set of 3, measure 3
  14. Alright folks, I'm looking to move a lightly used f8+ driver. It has been gamed but is still in pretty darn good shape - with ONE exception. My alignment stick marked up the crown of this club. It is a minor mark/scratch a little over 2" in length. If you are staring at the driver you will notice it. If you are playing, it is really only visible if the sun hits it right. I have done my best to represent it in the pictures. Regardless, it's there - and so I am looking to move this club for $260 shipped OBO Color: Nardo Shaft: Project X Evenflow Blue 65g 6.5 Grip: Black/White Standard NDMC, +2
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