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  1. OnOff Caddy cart bag in silver with red lining in excellent condition. No stains, rips, tears, etc. Rain hood included Bag has a full tube making it simple to get clubs in or out. Three full length dividers. Opening is approximately 7” I use 13 clubs with std grips and SS pistol tour putter grip. No trouble. packaged and ready to ship $50 plus shipping and pp fees. SOLD
  2. > @sharks25 said: > If anyone is looking to sell a black one I’m looking to get one in the next couple weeks PM me when you’re looking. I have a lightly used black Trouper I’d let go for cheap.
  3. > @aiyyer said: > Have you guys tried a Jones in a soft travel bag for air travel and any issues? > I have a trip planned to Whistling Straits and would love to take the Rover. Just worried the clubs may get damaged in a soft travel bag. > Thanks Had posts removed for “commercial restrictions”. Posted on Reddit but haven’t gotten any feedback. Absolutely appreciate any thoughts, comments, etc.
  4. Olson’s work looks just as good as anything Tyson is making. Great find!
  5. > @aiyyer said: > Curious if you have taken a Jones in a travel bag on the plane? I wish they made a rain cover also after getting trapped in a rainstorm today. Good news is that the Rover help up pretty well! I’m working on a solution for the first question. https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/1765177/smaller-travel-bags#latest
  6. Round and round we go! Kinda hilarious really... Not sure why we have to get so frustrated or consumed behind the intent of his work. I certainly wasn’t the biggest fan out of the gates, but over the years everything that I’ve bought (only accessories) has been exceptional!. I can only assume his putters are even more inspiring. I’m thrilled to see his success and believe his efforts and persistence should be celebrated. Congrats Tyson -
  7. For those that are GG students, how did you get in contact to schedule an in person lesson? You can PM too, as I’d very much like to work with him. Thanks
  8. Vessel Sunday Black bag $70 plus shipping USPS priority ($10-$15 continental) Excellent condition and lightly used but I did remove the bottom divider rung and the respective nylon divider sleeve running down the bag. With 14 clubs just was too much of a hassle and created tangle. See pictures but intent was more along lines of the Stitch or Jones approach. Everything works, magnetic range pocket is awesome. Trying the push cart thing so went in another direction... I’m traveling tomorrow through end of next week. I can ship today or first thing tomorrow but otherwise would have to wait until Sep 24th.
  9. I know it’s rudimentary or childish but put your name and number on the range finder. I have tags on all my s*** (my wife rags on my all the time) but my hypothesis is that when something’s personalized or if there’s a means to return it people will. I’ve left mine at the range and had it turned in. Makes it easy for the course to contact you too instead of tempting an employee from just assuming it’s now theirs. I’d like to think it applies to clubs as well.
  10. Thanks guys - I have a few full bundle offers / serious inquiries. That said, these accounts don't have much presence / history on WRX and thus I'm cautious. I've had a lot of inquires about splitting up the GC2, FR1 software, and laptop from established accounts. I'll work through the piece meal offers should the bundle not sell. Anyone have any experience / recommended tips on selling something of this value online?
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