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  1. Hi WRXers, I’m looking at getting some Ping G425 mid irons to match my Ping G25 set. Which stock shaft do you think will be most like the CFS regular steel shaft in the G25s? Stock shaft specs here: https://ping.com/en-us/clubs/irons/g425 The only thing I can find out about the CFS regular shaft is that it’s 98g (apparently). Many thanks
  2. Thanks everyone for sharing all your stories and thoughts on this. Nice to know I'm not alone! But also sad to know that some idiots actually do this on purpose. Also thanks to @antip for quoting rule 1.2a, which includes "distracting the play of another player". Next time this happens I'll politely remind of the conduct expected of all players and quote the rule. Thanks all!
  3. Ever experienced this? You’re in a close match and suddenly your opponent can’t get close enough… to you. Crowding you at the tee, standing very close/square on for approach shots, standing behind you when chipping… I can’t find anything in the rules to prevent this, other than ‘spirit of the game’, which wouldn’t resonate with these types and doesn’t seem to have a penalty. Is it just a case of asking them to move over and over again? A related question is how to deal with ‘bag bangers’ and ‘pocket jigglers’ who purposefully make noise in your b
  4. Lovely! Thanks for everyone’s help on this. Makes perfect sense to me now. I now know that if someone asks me to move the ball in a stroke play event to try and cause a distraction, I can actually play mine first and ask them to move theirs! If I I’m asked excessively maybe I’ll mark my ball with another ball... doesn’t seem to be against the rules (I actually wouldn’t do that but it might be tempting )
  5. Thanks for all the great info and discussion everyone - that's really helpful! I feel much more confident in knowing what to do now if called upon Like most rules of golf, it seems to be common sense explained in 100 words Just one more related question if you'll permit me... My course has currently has a couple of fairways in bad condition with very little grass in certain areas. There is a local rule allowing 'pick and place', up to six inches behind the ball. On a couple of occasions, I've placed the ball on the lit
  6. I’ve read the rules on this one but still need a little help if you please! I understand that playing partners can ask me to move my ball at any time if it’s interfering with their play - even if only ‘mentally’! Sure, no problem I say, I will mark it. I also know not to clean it. But the rules for me are a little vague on how to ‘replace’ it properly. Do I place it carefully on the exact spot by my marker? If I’m placing it, do I have to keep the ball in its exact orientation i.e. no rotation, otherwise I could be accused of ‘cleaning’ the ball?
  7. Thanks @PhlashPhace - shaft successfully identified! That's very useful info and I don't think it make sense for me to replicate that shaft in the 56°. So I've decided to put in new shafts in the 56° and 60° that match the rest of my Ping 4 Iron to gap wedge set. Thanks everyone for all the tips. Got there in the end!
  8. Thanks for all the tips... I finally cracked and cut off the grip and the tape, which revealed a number: 400 39 00 No idea what it means though Does anyone know?
  9. Thanks for the tips. Still need some help figuring out the specific shaft and it's flex! I measured from the edge of the ferrule (see photo) and recorded steps at: 20.5cm / 8.1" 29.5cm / 11.6" 34cm / 13.4" 38.5cm / 15.2" 43cm / 16.9" 47.5cm / 18.7" 52cm / 20.5" Using Nessism's link, I can't figure out which shaft that corresponds to: https://www.truetemper.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/shaft-drawing-dynamic-gold.pdf I also feel no closer to finding the type of sha
  10. Dear WRXers, I picked up a Ping Glide 2.0 60° ES off eBay that I really like. I want to buy a matching 56° SS, but I can't tell what shaft is in the 60°! I can see a very faded True Temper marking (see attached picture). I looked at Ping's website: https://ping.com/en-us/clubs/wedges/glide-2-0 I thought maybe it's one of these: R300: 121g, Low mid launch S300: 124g, Low mid launch X100: 124g, Low launch But the faded shaft label doesn't seem to match any of the shaft labels shown... How can
  11. Perfect, thanks Colin! Will my opponent do this for me in my knockout matches though
  12. I’ve not been able to find a definitive answer on this one. I guess like most places, here in the UK we’re currently being told not to touch the flag sticks as part of making golf Covid-friendly. This means everyone is putting with the flag in. Sometimes the flag can be pointing right at the person putting, making the putt almost impossible. This seems to be happening more often now conditions are playing softer and the hole is being moved around in the ground by wind and foot traffic. I’ve seen people hold the flag stick back with their
  13. The rules are clear about getting relief when embedded in your own pitch mark, even in the rough. But what if you’re embedded in someone else’s pitch mark? Yesterday I hit a 200 yard par 3 green, landed pin high, but just rolled half a yard into the first cut of light rough, 10ft behind the flag. I rolled into a perfect golf ball sized hole in the ground from someone else’s tee shot that missed the green (conditions are currently soft here in the UK). Preferred lies were in play, but I couldn’t take relief as the ball was not on a closely mown ar
  14. I'm currently playing an Odyssey Stroke Lab Seven Putter, which I really like. It suits my eye and I love the shaft and insert. It has a loft of 3°. I'd like to adjust that to 5°, is that possible without upsetting the balance of the putter? (lie angle, face angle etc). Just to explain, I love #7 style putters, but my stroke relies on quite a severe forward press. My dynamic loft at impact is too low and the ball can 'dig in' and jump off line occasionally. There doesn't seem to be a way of ordering a custom loft via Odyssey, even their Toulon Garage options only goes up to 4°. How was Phil Mi
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