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  1. Looking for 54/58 black. New or mint. Pm if you can make it happen.
  2. 1. Tensei AV Blue SFW 55 regular flex fairway shaft with Titleist fairway adapter. 2. Ventus Blue 8S VeloCore. 3. Oban CT-100 stiff flex steel shafts SST pured 4-PW. 4. - 6. Titleist Vokey SM8 wedgeworks raw 50 F grind, 54 D grind, 58 M grind. All shafted with tour issue s400 shafts. $SOLD.
  3. Head only or shafted and must be new or mint condition. PM if you can make it happen.
  4. Price includes shipping. No trades. 1. Scotty Cameron 2021 Putting Cup. $SOLD. 2. Scotty Cameron 2021 Marie Gras Headcover. $SOLD. 3. Scotty Cameron 2021 Cash Bag. $SOLD. 4. Piedmont Leather elephant leather yardage book. $SOLD.
  5. Head only or Shafted. PM if you can make it happen.
  6. Looking for both. PM if you can make it happen for either. Thanks
  7. New or mint. PM if you can make it happen. Thanks
  8. 1. Nike Origin B1-01 Rare no sight line. This is a blank head that never had the sightline cut - I was told it was a blank from the Nike Oven when they went out of business overnight but can't confirm. The sight dot on the topline is a sharpie dot that can be cleaned off with acetone. Head weight 345g - 350g and currently shafted with LA Golf TPZ 135 graphite shaft setup to play at 34.5". The original steel shaft with super stroke grip will be included as well. 2. National Custom Works Golf 48 degree wedge head only in raw finish. 3. Titleist T100s black GW 48 degree wi
  9. New or used. Open to lofts/ grinds but must be SM8. PM if you can make it happen.
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