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  1. No but the putter is the most important club to have face angle correct at impact. I think it was a BGT study that showed their putter shaft was 1/2 degree lower deflection then steel shafts and at 10 feet could be the difference of making or missing. Lot of other factors that go into putting of course but when you play for as much money as these guys do every little bit counts.
  2. Pretty sure the LA Golf TPZ putter shafts are lower torque, stiffer and heavier then steel.
  3. LOL! I can never keep track of the oban shaft flex across the 115/125 models and could always use backups!
  4. PM if you can make it happen.
  5. 34.5” per mitchell club ruler. E7 swing weight per golf mechanix sw scale. 493g total weight per golf mechanix sw scale. 350g head weight per online swing weight calculator (backed into with the other known variables). *Edit I have super stroke counter core weights 25g, 50g, and 75g that I can include with the putter as the grip has the counter core weight port.
  6. Price includes shipping. No trades. 1. Project X HZRDUS Smoke Blue PVD USA graphic limited edition 6.0 flex 70g with PXG adapter. 2. Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green PVD Hulk 6.0 flex 70g with PXG adapter. 3. TPT Golf Red Range 17 Lo SST Pured shaft at 1.5 degree lower setting in pxg adapter. Built for a longer driver with 46.5" playing length. 4. Artisan Golf 0519 putter. No face milling. KBS single bend putter shaft no label. Two headcovers included. $SOLD. 5. PXG One and Done putter. Shaft has a few paint chips on it. $SOLD. 6. Scotty Cameron putting path. $
  7. Selling extra wedge shafts. I broke them out in two groups but open to offers if you want a different grouping. 1-4. Project X Black wedge shafts. The four 6.0 flex are sold the 6.5 flex is packaged with the remaining shafts. 5-10. Project X LZ 6.0, Tour Issue s400, Modus 120 Stiff, MMT 105 wedge, project x black 6.5 and steelfiber i95 x flex. See photos for length. Selling these 6 as a lot.
  8. Custom build Titleist Concept CNCPT CP-01 4-GW. 8 clubs stock specs. Shafted with project x LZ blackout steel shafts 6.0 stiff flex and custom carbon fiber ferrules.
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