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  1. Yea I agree it's tough to tell. I felt like those side pockets would only hold ~6 balls but who knows how big they are.
  2. Where will you be putting balls or gloves? I don't really see a useable pocket for those.
  3. I’m still considering this. From what I’ve read the only knock on the original is the straps, if you cart a lot should be a non issue. I’ve seen it in person and the pockets on the original are some of the best I’ve seen imo in terms of function and quantity.
  4. I canceled my trouper 2.0 order. The massive cooler pocket combined with eliminating the pocket above that spot makes the pockets on this bag pretty limiting.
  5. According to the site they did upgrade the straps. Snagged a 2.0 mid town grey and a weekender duffle.
  6. If this thing is included in their black Friday deal I will immediately buy.
  7. Right. To not even offer a standard Newport or Newport 2 style to lefties is bananas to me. I love the QB6 shape and this new finish, but the SS line is basically useless to lefties with that ridiculous option.
  8. Only one SS and one Queen B in lefty? That's worse than scotty.
  9. Check out the Wittek Quattro. I have one and seems to be the best blend of everything.
  10. Anyone working with an indoor mat and net set up? I am continuing my lessons with my coach into the winter, and don't see any other way to make progress without these. That being said, I won't be able to see the ball flight and have heard nightmare stories about mats so I am undecided as of now.
  11. Bump. Thinking of getting one soon, would love to wait for some new options.
  12. I saw it 20 mins after it was posted and they were sold out, gotta be super quick.
  13. Taylormade and Cobra both did this summer.
  14. Target all In Motion. Had a friend ask how I was liking my lulu lemon pants on the course today (they were the All in motion).
  15. I don’t know if it’s specifically causing me issues, I haven’t ever not had it. I feel like my ball striking and low point control could be better, may be related to that.
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