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  1. Absurd at $250 a club I still have to pay $27 more per club for C-Tapers. 2k for a set of irons? These would have been an auto order for me to replace my iBlades but man that too much to stomach. T100 it is.
  2. Yea sounds like Florida is our consensus best bet. Anyone have any Florida trip suggestions, under say 1200 per guy for lodging and golf (5 days)? Maybe Orlando course suggestions? We did Mission Inn, ChampionsGate CC, OCN both, Bella Collina, and Southern Dunes. Would prob do Bella again, maybe OCN. Thanks again everyone for the help, already feeling better about our options.
  3. Cool, conditions and course quality are big for us, good to hear they are nice in Nov. Any particular spot on the RTJ Trail?
  4. Thanks, I should have mentioned we are looking for CONUS. Also probably avoiding Florida because we did Orlando last year and want to mix it up. Could do Jupiter/Tampa/Jax though I guess.
  5. Looking for suggestions on a November golf trip (mid-November). Not really sure what areas in the U.S. are in good condition at that time besides Arizona. We have heard mixed reviews on Myrtle at that time as well. Thanks in advance for the suggestions!
  6. What Socks does everyone wear with the premieres? The standard FJ ones are way too high up, the ankle is super low cut on the shoe.
  7. Go see anyone at the Jason Guss golf academy, elite instruction going on there and they are actually well priced (100-200) for being top in the state.
  8. I have them in a zipper world woods bag clipped on where range finder cases go. Works kind of well, idk where else you can get a bag like that besides world woods haha. I like the crown royal/valuables pouch idea though, it is basically what I am doing. Tees don't need their own pocket.
  9. You don't have to, it works as a stand alone recording device fine. To "mirror" the video feed and get live feedback you do need two devices, not sure if they both have to be apple. How it works: Set up your phone in a normal recording position using the app, then open the app on your iPad (for example) and pair the two. The ipad will then show a live feed of the iPhone recording right in front of you. You can also control the iPhone using the iPad, making recording much easier.
  10. Yea I tried on Tour X too and damn did those lock me in. Love the packard style but idk if I can pass on the tour X performance. would love to hear from more people on the packard fit compared to Tour X and traditions.
  11. Mirror Vision is awesome if you have an IPad or something to duplicate the view. Used that all winter on the mat to work on the swing
  12. I have size 12 traditions that fit awesome but had heel slip in the size 12 packards in the store. Clerk said that it will go away as they break in because they’re so stiff, but that’s an expensive experiment if they don’t. Anyone have experience with this?
  13. I don't really like a lot of Gankas stuff but I do like the "feel" of having armpits over knees over balls of feet, my setup looks nothing like what his guys do but it gets me in a good spot feeling that. YMMV
  14. Brand new. Still has wrapper. Headcover included. $265 shipped CONUS. Save on taxes and shipping. Tensei Raw Blue 80x
  15. After 42 putts at Sand Valley I am switching to claw from cross handed due to this thread. One day of grinding at the practice facility and it feels game changing to be honest. Not sure if anyone else has the same feeling, but it is almost like I cannot power the stroke without using my shoulders/lats. This has greatly improved my strike and pace control. Hoping with more work it becomes ingrained, at least worth the experiment I think.
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