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  1. Arcadia South is my sneaky favorite, way better than Bluffs imo. Played it from the tips and got absolutely ejected by the course all day, but it was such an awesome design and challenge. I am glad Eagle Eye made your list, super underrated.
  2. I mean that is just not true. They have a 2 year release schedule for Woods for one reason, to make money. They know nothing really changed between 410 and 425, not anymore than would change if they released an update to i210.
  3. Thought stock was 10g?
  4. Did anyone order from Discount Dan's? I haven't received anything yet
  5. Barely used this thing, decided I need a longer putter. 35" Toulon San Diego Stroke Lab, upgraded Golf Pride Tour SNSR grip. Headcover included! $220 shipped CONUS.
  6. Call Scotty or Carl's?
  7. Is there anyway to order a Scotty longer? My Special Select NP2 I ordered at 36" through Carl's, I don't see that option on the 5.5.
  8. You might be onto something here. Looked back at some video before this issue and I had the same trail leg straightening I do now, but with more hip turn to match up. I must just be lifting and sliding going back right now and faking the turn. I will try to add some hip turn and report back.
  9. Anyone have any drills or tips for loading into the trail heel? Right now at the top I am a little on my toes in the trail foot, which I think is what’s causing me to be steep. Not sure where this came from, kind of lost as it’s a new issue for me.
  10. My guess would be mental. I am guessing you are pretty confident with 6i and can put close to full effort into it while still being confident on direction. With driver you may have some limitations due to the natural increased in severity of misses, making you hold back from your true speed potential. Just a guess.
  11. Not a member but I have played. Imo it is a little gimmicky with the "18" hole layout, and the driving range is basically non existent (140 yards). However, it is well conditioned and easy, and for the deal they have going it is probably the ideal "quick round after work" course. I would not be able to make that the exclusive place I play though.
  12. Buddies and I are looking to do 36 at SV May 15th~ish. Two questions: 1. How is weather/conditions in Mid-May? 2. Is 36 doable walking there?
  13. I don't think we need intro to physics definitions to know what he means. I personally have found I swing faster on an inside path but as others have said is probably a result of improved mechanics, either way I guess they're kind of tied together.
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