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  1. I have the city die hard membership so I don’t really notice those things, except I did get an invite to Canyon Springs and was a little shocked to find the 12:10 tee time was $85! I remember when CS was $59. I suppose it is supply and demand with Olmos closed now and dispersing those 70k+ rounds. When quarry closes that’ll be fun lol
  2. They promise 15 data points and these are the ones shown in demo videos on their site. I asked in an email and was told more info later this winter/early spring but that the demo video was “indicative” of what to expect. Here is what is shown in the videos that I saw: Carry yards Total yards Club path Face angle Spin Spin axis Attack angle Vertical launch Club Speed Ball Speed Smash factor My pure speculation on the possible remaining 4: Azimuth Apex Spin loft Descent angle
  3. So is the TCB the same tech as the Pro just in a tighter package? Face cup in 3-7, etc.
  4. I have the King Forged Tours as a backup set and I disagree the MIM are smaller and slimmer. I just compared a PW and 5i from both sets and they are almost identical in size, any difference is minute. Both look great at address.
  5. My King Tours were a bit heavy as well and I found tip weights in all the shafts. I removed and they came back down to a D4-D5.
  6. Olmos + Quarry being closed means tee times at my beloved Brack are gonna be like gold
  7. Stevens Park, Brackenridge Park in Texas come to mind Lion's Muny has the vibe but maybe not the conditions.
  8. Olmos closing only going exacerbate the issue too. Played Quarry this week. Greens slow as s***, per the usual.
  9. I got these bad boys out again yesterday for some range & launch monitor time. I will preface by saying I did play 18 before this range time, so I was a bit tired. Overall, the first impressions remain of the irons in relation to my Apex Pro. The feel great and set up perfect, and I actually enjoy the blade length being longer, it feels like the sweet spot is more in the middle and less in the heel. On the launch monitor, the differences were minimal but here they were: 1) PW-8i the King Tour launched a little bit higher, about .4º across the bag. Distance
  10. I finally got home and got these bad boys outside! My set: 3-PW, standard length & loft, Modus130X. All irons are D4, the PW is D5 as measured by me on my own scale. Playing length came in just as Cobra's site said they would. My background: +0.7 handicap, 122 driver swing. First off is some in-home beauty and comparison to my current Apex Pro pictures: First impressions were how striking the irons are. They are really nice looking in hand and in person. The heel to toe blade is longer than my Apex Pro but it sets up
  11. Huge thank you to Cobra! I was ecstatic to be chosen! These clubs arrived last week for me but I had to be out of town so I will be touching these beauties today or tomorrow and giving my initial reactions!
  12. What color is that, almost like the old F8? F8 had a great paint scheme. Also is the blue color way a black or blue crown? It is hard for me to tell lol
  13. AGC tee boxes are the second best greens in Texas.
  14. My old diamana 2i shaft broke and my trusted club builder, who knows my game, told me to put a Ventus Blue 9X in the iron. I listened and it’s been awesome. I added spin, increased launch & carry, lands softer on greens. Doesn’t run like a scalded dog on the fairway now, but still good roll out. The big difference is control now. It’s always a tight draw and I have probably missed my target 50-60% less with the blue over my old diamana whiteboard
  15. My feel never hurt but they do fatigue, but it never prevents me from doing other tasks or going to the gym.
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