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  1. I would bet dollars to donuts that 16 is blown up when RS gets its Olmos-like renovation next year
  2. I played Stoatin Brae and Pilgrim's Run when I went to GR. PG was amazing. SB was a letdown. We also ventured to Arcadia but that is definitely not in GR. But worth it!
  3. Take a look at a ventus black. I have a ventus in my driving iron and it’s smooth buttery goodness.
  4. My local courses got rid of their annual range pass and removed it from all membership tiers. Money to be made in range balls these days I suppose
  5. Those two places can be quite a drive depending on traffic.Plan accordingly. All four courses are awesome. Canyon Springs is close to TPC and is a fantastic course to play if you want to add another course.
  6. I think all courses are spectacular but if I had to choose a ranking I would say River, Straits, Irish, MV. That being said, I think the back 9 of Meadow Valley course is the best 9 of all the courses. It's just the front 9 is not up to that "Kohler" level. But the back 9 is spectacular.
  7. I came from an F9 weight forward and am now in a RAD weight back lofted up a degree. The RAD is very low spin. I went up in loft, and pushed the weight back and still cut 400RPM on the monitors. Weight forward is another 3-400.
  8. I have not tested them with like shafts but have hit most of them and nothing spun less than RAD 9º weight forward. If you spin over 3500 with driver I would go get one of those to try.
  9. I don't have that particular bag but my 3.5 and Ogio stand bags both fit great. It would seem to me that most any stand bag should fit ok.
  10. Most LMs have a “normalization” or “range ball” selection to put out estimated numbers if using a quality ball. I would -assume- this would too.
  11. Quicksand in Woodcreek is often times in great shape for a little muni course but I would say Vaaler and Falconhead would be two great options.
  12. I got my RADSPEED 9º to replace my F9 9º. I put it on my Ventus 6X Black and could not keep it from going right using the same -1º /weight forward setting I use on my F9. So I set up on a launch monitor/simulator and hit a few dozen shots playing with settings and comparing numbers. I have settled on +1ºD weight back on the RAD. This setting has decreased spin by 425RPM on average (from 3050 to 2625), increased launch by 1.3º (from 15.1 to 16.4), and increase carry by 11 yards (from 278 to 289) over the F9. I will get it out on the c
  13. Never done it but I imagine it comes off easily as just one hit with it rips off the finish anyway.
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