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  1. Pine Dunes Vaaler Creek Both off the beaten path
  2. You caught Brack as its going through a rough period after the freeze but they have been pumping resources and funds into fixing it. It is a lot better than 1-2 months ago for sure, I was out there yesterday as well. #16 is the hole you mention with the tree. I like that stretch to finish a lot. #16 is the hole that make or break in tournaments. #17 is drivable par 4 with a couple eagles every event. #18 is just a b**** of a par 3 to end with from 175ish, since the wind swirls there. Pin front left of 18 is absolutely a bear.
  3. Silverhorn is in great shape tee through green! Brackenridge was in great shape tee to green but their greens are still recovering from their disease or whatever. Much better than last month though. Rumor on the street is the rough at MDL is US Open level tall lol
  4. I have broken Ventus Black 6X in the handle/under the grip midswing and Fuji replaced it via my club builder.
  5. Grey Rock is ok. Never really in good shape from what I know
  6. 6'4 and I play all my wedges at +1/2 and then progress to standard at 9i and so forth.
  7. Faith was her name. She only single bags for now, hence I has to get a rickshaw, but she was good!
  8. We tipped the kid the same amount as normal
  9. I played EH and Lawsonia last week and Lawsonia had the faster greens. The caddie at EH prepared us at the putting green that the new standard at EH was a little bit slower green as it is windy most times and pace of play with the packed tee sheets was becoming an issue. Of all the 11 courses I played in Wisconsin last week, EH had the slowest greens. Not "slow" but the slowest. Still faster than anything I played down in Texas.
  10. I played all 3 SV courses, Lawsonia Links, The Bull, Erin Hills and all 4 Kohler courses for my golf trip last week and every single course was in phenomenal condition. We were moved up a few tee times for Mammoth and our slated caddy was not available so I was given a rickshaw gratis and my other comrades got a high school junior caddy. She was awesome. She even came back the next day for SV and she was awesome. I traveled with a PGA who was a former caddie master at Whistling Straits and Dallas National and he had nothing but high praises for her. He said she was the best caddie
  11. I am envious! Looks awesome, a Texas gem that has eluded me thus far!
  12. I agree in that Fair Oaks is not on the same tier as previously discussed clubs but their tracks are fun and every time I have been there they have been in good shape, just busy compared to the previously mentioned courses. Another option would be to look into the new Driftwood Golf and Ranch Club. Must own property there but it will be an elite level type club. While not as secluded as it once was, it will feel secluded enough and still be 30 minutes to DT Austin, 1.25 hrs to DT San Antonio and 20-30 minutes to San Marcos. Also Salt Lick will be your neighbor. https:/
  13. Good to hear! We will keep it as our getaway round then!!
  14. Just called SV to see if I could get on the tee sheet for a month from now and they are basically solid booked on all weekends and their shoulder days (Th/Fr/Mo) and they're 100% booked solid on lodging the first week of June if anyone was looking to go then.
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