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  1. What head/loft do you have and what setting is it at? Thanks
  2. I have the Maltby FDI 19° 2. Carry averages around 220 off a tee. Depending on the course and wind, I alternate between this and my 5 wood. Gapping: 4H carry is 205 Driving iron/5W 220 / 215 3W carry is 230-235
  3. Still rocking the Cobra F7 @14.5 degrees. It's long and forgiving. Great off the tee and the deck and out of the rough. For 2020 it looks like the Mavrik and Sim are the ones to beat.
  4. I have the FTB with Modus3 105. I have no problem with launch and spin. Find your ideal shaft and these clubs will flat out perform for you.
  5. I got the Forged Tec Blacks two years ago. They were as long as the 790's for less money with the Arccos system. Not only were they on par for distance, they were more forgiving on off centre hits. Can't tell you how many greens I've hit that didn't deserve to be hit with the poor swing I made. By all accounts, the new line is an improvement on the FTB in terms of ball speed. The FTB feel incredibly soft on pure shots with the DBM face. I'd imagine the new line feels even softer since it doesn't have the harder DBM finish.
  6. As a mid handicapper (mid-high...trending the wrong way), I can't find any fault with the Maltby KE4 Tour FDI. For $75 USD with a Tensei Blue shaft and Lamkin Grip, this thing has it all. It's great on not so perfect strikes. Very forgiving indeed. Off the tee I carry it around 220. Off the deck about 205. My driver SS is averages around 103MPH. My buddy, 9Hcp has the Srixon U85 and liked it (got rid of the Ping) but didn't love it until he put in a Graphite Design shaft. Now he won't shut up about it.
  7. Bag 1: Cobra Forged Tec Black Modus³ 105S 4-Pw Bag 2: Maltby TS-1 Pxi 5.5 6-Pw
  8. Bag 1: Callaway MD3 50° 54° Bag 2: Maltby M-Series+ 50° 56°
  9. Nothing beats the CBX on pure distance. I just picked one up with the Hzrdus yellow @ 14.5° Driver swing speed around 100-105. On the Trackman, I got one out 239/258 carry/total. My Cobra F7 14.5° usually averages 242 per Arcoss.
  10. Got the answer on another forum. Soft handle - Stiff middle - Soft tip.
  11. Hi, Does anyone know the characteristics of the Paderson Kinetixx VMT Amorphous 870? How is the weight distributed? Handle-middle-tip? For example, my Evenflow Black has more weight towards the handle, my Diamana Kai'Li has it more in the middle and tip. Thanks, Brandon
  12. Cleveland CG Black were phenomenal and I regret selling them every time someone asks about Hybrids
  13. Tour Edge Exotics CBX 15° fairway with Hzrdus Yellow for $99 on clearance.
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