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  1. [quote name='pmcuk' timestamp='1312813417' post='3461829'] At the British open she had what looked like an Odyssey Black #9 putter. Anyone confirm what putter she's using right now (2011)? [/quote] I actually asked the same thing a couple of weeks ago. It looked like a taylor made but I'm not 100% sure.
  2. Any one knows?Does anyone know the putter used by Na Yeon Choi in the Women's British Open? Cheers
  3. [quote name='Min' timestamp='1307469755' post='3290265'] Photos are up! [quote][color=#1C2837][size=2]Don't see a price anywhere. [/size][/color][/quote] Sorry Didn't realise I have to quote a price. PM me if your interested, but I have uploaded a price now. Hoping to get between £280-300. Min [/quote] Matey Your initial post shows 250 quid delivered. FYI.
  4. Golfsmith Europe sells Macgregor tour bags but in green/white/black. If you know someone who has a GS account, they could get it for you. GL
  5. GS Europe has a 2 week special offer on some BB and SS series. Should be a good time to get my SS6.
  6. Thanks for the warning, I hope you get your putter back.
  7. I'd choose the Micro-Lite 2.0 Stand Bag. It's only 3.69 lbs and has full length dividers. This would also be ideal to bring on holidays.
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