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  1. Looking for this shaft in the 70TX. Taylormade tip (for SIM). Untipped preferred.
  2. What is the EI profile on this? Butt stiff or tip stiff?
  3. I am a huge Vokey fan, but my boy, the Wedge Wizard is doing his thing at Honma and he took the wedges I was fitted last year with the man himself, Bob Vokey and dare I say made them better. I don't know what custom grinds he did, but they are so freaking dirty! I have been hitting all these shots, nipperz for dayzzzzzzzz!!
  4. Thank you!! This is exactly what I need! I rarely play full shots with my lob wedge, I too get scared of 60 yards or longer with my 58º Honma WW. I played the Vokey L Grind 58-04º. I loved it. I even got a Vokey 60 and weakened it to 62º, became a specialty wedge. I am going to pick up the T-grind. Thanks for the insight!
  5. Tell me more about the T-grind?
  6. I have loved the feedback about the F1 vs. F3. I got a F1 from the contest and honestly, it doesn't fit my swing profile. That being said, I am swinging a Ventus Black 6X really well. Maybe @Fujikura Golf will help me swap out my F1 for a F3?! Please!!!
  7. Interested to see them. MG2 are great wedges, was trying them out this year and put them against my trusted Vokeys. Gained a bunch of distance, went back to the Vokeys. Love the all raw look too much!
  8. Just put the AV Raw Blue in 3 wood and 5 wood, in 75 TX and 85 TX respectively. It is so good. I was a former believer of the Tour AD DI 7X in both before and I hit the AV Raw Blue a lot better.
  9. I have been told I have a Gankas like swing. Makes sense since I have seen one of his satellite instructors in Las Vegas, Jake Gilmer. I have used the Planemate when were in the most strict lockdown and it has helped me really get the feel of laying down the shaft.
  10. On my Brad Faxon phase. A Zomo FaxDay and a Laguna 2.5.
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