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  1. Some update from Jordan: https://golf.com/news/jordan-spieth-swing-work-difficult-process/
  2. Wow, almost two years now since this post..... Slump is still there. Wonder if the visit to the swing coach helps? Someone told me stick to what you learned as a kid.
  3. Watch the AMG guys. They do some great content on hitting +ve AOA on driver.
  4. Why would you be lower than -2 to -3? I used to play steeper but at some point it affects your ballstriking and consistency. Ball further back, hands forward at setup and covering the ball more through impact will do the trick. Watch Alex Noren, his got a steep AOA. Make sure you play a soft course as you are going to create some huge divots....
  5. Rasser75


    I’m living in another part of the world now. Being in NZ, Skysport here also have the featured group which I enjoyed at Golf.tv. So no point here to have a subscription.
  6. Rasser75


    AppleTV app is up and running. Are people still having their monthly subscription?
  7. Hi, whats your practise plan/strategy? How do you work on getting this piece incoorporated into your swing?
  8. Pleased to read that a +2hcp are fighting same battles. Swing changes is a pain. So whats your practise strategy? Just beating balls or playing games? In my experience, its very important to transition your new piece onto the course where the actual game takes place. Once you are able to strike it solid, you need at plan for taking it to the course.
  9. Have people stopped using impact tape? I used to apply that when I first worked on my ball striking 10 years ago. Only worked in dry conditions as wet range balls would mess up the tape.
  10. It drives me insane... its so hard and frustrating to change your swing. ? and there is no guarentee that you will play better.
  11. Keep follow your dreams.. So how much are you currently practice/playing?
  12. Cool! How often do you have to spray. Once per 2-3 swings?
  13. Hi, Is this one of these spray from Scholl that you guys use when working on you strike? Dont know the difference.
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