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  1. How do these fit compared to regular nike golf shoes? Do they fit wider like a basketball shoe? Just want to know for when I place an order. Thanks.
  2. Ok so maybe not looking for totally custom. Looking for something from a boutique shop vs one of the big OEM’s. Want something that’s milled from a single piece of steel.
  3. I’m looking for a blade without an insert probably looking to spend up to $400. Thanks for the options so far.
  4. I’m looking to buy a blade putter from one of the boutique putter makers. I have a Scotty NP2 (2016) that I like but looking for something without the insert. Want opinions on who you all think are some of the best custom putter makers out there?
  5. I did putt with the ZB and thought it was great just think I'm looking for a mallet right now
  6. Did the Ketsch feel softer than the Piper? The Piper felt softer to me. So which of the two did you think had better feedback and distance control? I had a vault Oslo when they were first released and it didn't have great feedback and there was no distance control with it. Overall not much feel when you struck the putt.
  7. Did the Ketsch feel softer than the Piper?
  8. How does the piper feel? I've hit all putters in the new line except ketsch and piper. The store didn't carry those two. Feel like I have better feel with putters made from stainless vs aluminum
  9. How do you like the piper? Trying to decide between the piper and the ketsch
  10. I don't have the Ketsch 2.0, but I do have a Ketsch PLD2 camo which has the same face and head weight (365) as the 2.0. I've been comparing it to a Cadence Ketsch putter that I have. They're very similar, but the PLD2 has a little better feel. By better do you mean softer? Or more responsive? I had a Vault Oslo a while back and it felt like plastic when I hit it. Obviously this putter will feel different than the Oslo as the weight is distributed differently.
  11. Anyone know how the Ketsch 2.0 feels vs the Cadence TR Ketsch? Rolled the Cadence TR Ketsch yesterday and it felt great. Wondering if the 2.0 felt just as good or if I should just buy the Cadence TR version.
  12. Well I felt the Oslo did not have much feel to it but it was made from 6061 aluminum. With the exception of the new ketsch all the new putters will be made from 303 stainless. The difference in material should change the feel.
  13. I have looked at both of these putter lines and am unsure of which to buy as both putters have benefits. Evnroll has obvious benefits but felt the putter face could be soft and the ball seemed to jump and really run past the hole where as in the past I did not get along with the ping Oslo I previously owned. I know the piper is made with different material and felt better than the Oslo but distance control with the Oslo was not good. Looking for thoughts if anyone has experience with these putters and if the vault 2.0 line has better feel than the original line. Thanks in advance.
  14. Went to the local golf shop today to try the ping line up. All the clubs were great ( i200's, G400 fairway woods, and driver) While I feel like I have the correct shafts for the irons and 3 wood dialed in, I need some opinions on where to go with the driver. Currently gaming an M1 with an aldila nv 2kxv green 65 gram shaft. I tried the G400 LST 10* with alta shaft and the tour 65. The alta was giving me good distance with a swing speed of 96-98 mph and ball speed 140 mph. Launch angle around 10.5 with spin numbers 2600-2800 rpm. Carry on average was 238-245 total distance of 255-257.
  15. They didn't use it during mine but don't think it's part of their process. Their fitting focuses on aim and get speed correct through the millions of putter combinations that can be made
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