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  1. True, but that was not the question.
  2. I touched on this, every so slightly, on the closed Memorial Thread, but it's been a question that needs to be asked/addressed. Since he was in contact with someone, should he have gone straight into quarantine as that seemingly was/is the protocol that was established for the general public. Opinions!........
  3. Lets see if I'm understanding all of this correctly...............Rahm knew he was in contact with someone who had/has covid on Monday before the tournament and he then proceeded to get his first vaccination shot. The tour was well aware of that fact and allowed him to play. There's a probable law suit against the tour (just my opinion) even though the tour has certain protocols established, because all of this transpired well after the fact contact was established. Rahm should have been DQ'd prior to the first round but the tour allowed him to proceed.
  4. You got the ace...........So go and get yourself a plaque noting the accomplishment and when anyone asks, it was done in a tournament and you won a new car. So now you have to go buy a new car to validate the story or you can just smile and say "oh well" at least I know I got an ace......
  5. 1. City and State? OKC, OK 2. Handicap? 7 3. What King 3D Printed model do you want to test? Agera 4. Current putter? Axis 1 Joey 5. What is the top thing you look for when buying a new putter? Weight & Balance 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  6. Impressed that Phil did not implode like usual and won the PGA. So now comes I would say the question on lots of folks minds..........will he finally get the Open? Opinions!.....
  7. I'm an avid thrift store searcher, thanks to the wife getting me started, and just about every weekend or at least every other weekend I turn up at the first tee with my group with a different set of old(er) irons. In fact it's become almost a betting pool on what I'll show next with. I play them for that weekend or two and then sell them or pass them on to younger high school guys looking for clubs. That was until 3 weeks ago after I picked up a set of Hogan Edge Forged with graphite shafts with a Hogan staff bag in great condition. Took them to the range and they felt great. Went into the club house and had a playing partner bend them 3 degrees stronger through the set. First time playing them with the group on Saturday, went birdie on one, almost an ace on number two (6 in) birdie on 3 and then got back to normal. Also played from the white men's tees as I normally play from the seniors and for some reason it just suits me better. Anyway, the point being is that these sticks play as well as anything offered today and cost a heck of a lot less. (Got the bag and clubs for $20)............
  8. Love Phil, but we all know it's shoot himself in the foot on the back nine time tomorrow. Koepka's knee(s) will act up and he'll fall back. Rickey, well it just takes one wild pull hook driver and it's all over. Young JS may start hot, but again like Rickey, the driver will be his downfall. Grace seems to be a little to erratic under pressure and tomorrow it will be even worse. So by systematic process of elimination, place your bets on Woodland.........
  9. Yeah, i agree but in my neck of the woods, that's what they use for trade in prices. One pro shop goes so far as to use that value and then only give you 80% of it on a trade in for a new set. Needless to say I don't/won't do business there. I just want to find a happy medium for a good set of irons when I want to sell.
  10. Anybody having trouble with the web site? I've tried to look up some values the past few days and nothing functions.
  11. Your more than entitled to an opinion, but apparently the USGA thought differently.
  12. Please, it states as you offered, it can't be picked out easily!!...............that's how the rule is offered. A 1 ton boulder easily falls under the not easily portion of that rule.
  13. I'm sure you understand that a boulder of that size, cannot be moved/picked out easily. Yes it was a rule(s) interpretation that was allowed, but it still did not make it right. If something is an obstruction/loose impediment and you need assistance of several people to move it, again IMNSH opinion, that rule needs to be changed or at the very least, objectively redefined.
  14. That boulder was placed there by design and allowing a moving crew to remove it was IMNSH opinion was a total disgrace. Now would that be allowed in today's game, without delving into the new and improved(?) rule book, I doubt it would be.
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