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  1. I would be in total practice mode for the $$$$$$ they are now playing for......Wouldn't be floundering around on some golf forum looking for insights on the game, but I would most likely sneak a peek just to see what the esteemed and illustrious Ferguson was pontificating om.........
  2. Thinking out loud...........maybe he can tee it real low and try to skip it across, like Rahm did at the Masters.
  3. According to the formula above, Bryson said it's possible, but with the caveat, only if the moon is in full retrograde and the sun has risen in the west...
  4. If this can/could be a player in contributing to his injuries, then by not doing a tox screen, to validate a possible cause, it then may become a major focal point for litigation against the vehicle manufacture.
  5. Sorry about the caps................. No it's not click bait, cause it's not going anywhere, it just a question, that apparently some feel it's beneath them to offer nothing more than "start your engines" - must be a NASCAR fan and the every popular "Oh brother", another high quality dull barb and lets not forget the "IBTL" shout out. At least tiderider put forth the effort to attempt humor, so kudos on him. My hats off to bscinstnct for offering his opinion along with informational data to quantify his position. After all, that's what this thread was/is about.
  6. First and foremost, this is not a Tiger bash, just an observation based upon his age and surgery #5. Once the back has been compromised, it becomes a never ending battle to just stay injury and pain free. While I admire his work ethics and dedication, should he really keep rolling the dice by trying to play at a tour level status or should he finally accept the fact it's very possible the time has come to walk away while he's still able.
  7. Have to agree with that, but as I stated prior, when the OEM asks for pics, it lends itself to doubts. What really has me somewhat perplexed is why issue basically the same club, but with out the new "power slots" or whatever they call them. Both models have FLXface tech and should both be at the limits for flex and ball speed generation. So I'm guessing that it's nothing more than marketing hype.
  8. Since you want to play more competitively, the MAIN FOCUS of the game now becomes shooting your lowest score(s). You have already specified who/what will accomplish that task...................
  9. I have and your correct, but I find it a bit disconcerting when the OEM asks for pics.......
  10. Just received a reply/request from Wilson, asking for pics of the clubs so they can verify if real (older model) or fake. I find this interesting unto itself, that they need pics. This lends me to believe that there are fakes out there. Anyway, we shall see after I send them some pics. Here is one of the pics being sent and I've noticed that the wording superlight is in the position were normally it would say FLXface
  11. Back in the day one of my playing partners was into building sets and selling to friends. He ordered 12 sets of King Snake heads from a distributor in Calif and when the shipment came in, there was 12 sets of heads but 4 of the sets were actual King Cobras. When he called the distributor, the guy said that he ordered that shipment directly from the factory and had them shipped directly to the buyer. He also told him and this is in the for what it's worth category, that Cobra authorized the King Snake look a likes from their factory, to negate anyone else from making copies. After all, all the
  12. The clubs all show D300 logo. It's interesting that as you stated, the D350 iron also don't have those power slots. I've emailed Wilson and they replied that they will get back to me in 3 or 4 work days. I just find it additionally interesting or rather perplexing, that there's absolutely no information any where on these clubs. Just what does SL actually stand for and could these be in fact really the 350 with the 300 logo. Kind of makes you go hmmmm!.
  13. Appreciate the reply and your correct, they are legit Wilson irons, but there's not anything available about them.
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