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  1. I've thought about this a little more for no reason and I actually changed my mind. The XD is my favorite shaft ever. Proto close second.
  2. The XD has a significantly lower ball flight and lower spin. I don't have any numbers or anything just my own observation. I will say with the XD theres almost no way I can miss left unless it's my fault.
  3. One item today it's a big boy club. Taylormade M2 Tour 3 wood with a Diamana White D+ 80TX. Pics tell the story. Tour Velvet grip is in fine shape. Sold. No trades. PM for PP info.
  4. This was my favorite shaft ever. Unfortunately it broke and I was never able to replace it. I have a 70g in my 3 wood but couldn't find the 60 at my preferred length. I ended up with the KK XD.
  5. Few extras that didn't make the cut. NO TRADES I don't get to play enough anymore. Prices are firm. PM for Paypal info. All prices include shipping. 1. Byron Morgan 612 34". Headweight 355 g. Purchased on this site as-is, played two rounds (by me. not sure how much it was played before I received it). I've tried to highlight some spots that are on the face, I don't know what they are. They are hard to see. Top of the grip has torn. Headcover included. If it doesn't sell my heart won't be broken. Sold Project X LZ 6.0 Pulls 4-P. Lamkin UTx grips wil
  6. Just finished three months in Miami . Only played two courses due to no car... Melreese after 1 for $55: when I first got there it was in excellent shape. Course was very very tough (13 ish hc). Coming from AZ was not used to so may things like wind proper sand etc. They punched halfway through my stay and I only played a few more times. Miami springs $40: this course isn't nearly as tough or in as good of condition as Melreese but I played here more because I could get around in about 2 hours by myself. Was empty towards the beginning of my stay then filled up before
  7. I bought one very similar last week if that's what you were thinking. Shipped the same day and arrived on time. Bid with confidence .
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