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  1. It does not perform. One of the reason I suspected something was off at the range.
  2. The "geoacoustic" sticker sits further away and isn't as flush. The paint above the sticker is different
  3. Just noticed the little "speed pocket" or whatever the channel is that sites inside the face is also different
  4. I believe the one on the right is the fake. I'm not an expert but the head weight wrench size is different. The àrea where the paint meets the ferrule is crooked . Some paint inconsistencies on the bottom. And the one that I believe is fake sits way wide open compared to the one one I've been playing.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I'm almost positive I purchased a fake. It sits wayyy different at address as well.
  6. Does the standard wrench tool fit into the screw on the bottom of head? The reason I ask is I purchased a backup on eBay and there are some inconsistincies between the one I own and the one I purchased. The most glaring one is the screw size on the bottom is way smaller on the one I purchased on eBay. Thanks in advance.
  7. Has anyone had the finish removed to make them raw? Is that even possible?
  8. Selling some things that didn't make the cut. All prices include shipping. Please PM for PP information. NO trades. Peter Millar Jacket NWT. Breaks my heart this doesn't fit. Please be advised this is an XL that fits like an L. If you are a true XL, it will be too small. Olde Farm logo sold Peter Millar Jacket NWT. Same fit as above. Will fit like a true L. Full disclosure this jacket has a small hole in the shoulder. Hopefully reflected in the price. Sold Peter Millar Skull shorts size 38. Bought on BST in excellent condition. I never wore them as they are a bit short for my long legs. Sold Gankas Box. Bought on BST used a few times. $75 Driver shafts that didn't make the cut. Sticking with the KK XD. Lengths as shown in the pics. Fujikura Atmos Tour Spec Black 6X. TM adapter. Untipped afaik. The adapter was torched by the previous owner. Doesn't affect play. $100 Oban Kiyoshi Black 05. Cobra adapter. Untipped afaik. $140 Diamana DF 60 TX. TM adapter. Untipped afaik. $180 Thanks for looking and PM any questions.
  9. Got mine. One new in plastic one new out of plastic. Awesome deal.
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