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  1. I’ve gamed the utility and U65 side by side for quite a long time. Both are great! 65 the feel is just great but I love the fact that the Cobra you an dial it in to where you need it. I ended up selling the Cobra and playing 3,4 U65 in my bag. Just loved the feel and I also play 565 irons so it just works for me. Cobra is just as good though imo
  2. Taylormade 16 and 17 M1 is great. The 17 is way more forgiving. M3 is no different different paint job.
  3. Nothing. They are the best imo! I have been die hard ping guy my whole life until I found these!
  4. I have 58 Es and 54 WS. I got the dynamic gold 105 gram shafts in mine. I play i95 in my irons weighted at c7
  5. Ss14 was my favourite that I’ve tried
  6. JCULL

    2017 M1 driver

    I also used to play a 909 with stock voodoo. Great driver!
  7. JCULL

    2017 M1 driver

    See I find the 16 really hard with a dull thump. The 17 is soft with a crack sound. Never thought I would but I prefer the 17.
  8. For me it was steelfibre i95 stiff. I love them can’t see myself playing anything different. Also for driver Oban purple
  9. JCULL

    2017 M1 driver

    Recently picked one of these up after playing a 2016 for quite awhile. I’ve played 10 rounds with it and it’s hard to believe how much more forgiving it is than the 2016 model. Also I thought I would hate the sound after watching some of the review videos but I actually love it. Other than driver I’m not a Taylormade guy at all. Am I drinking the koolaid or did you find the same?
  10. JCULL

    Srixon Fans

    I play 565 so I can’t help you. But just a huge srixon Fan! Perfect in every way! I will add I’m not a huge fan of the look of the new series
  11. I bag 2 a 4 and a 3 bent to 19. They are both U65 srixons. Easiest thing I’ve ever hit. Not sure why Anyone would think you need to have a super swing speed.
  12. Anything Exotic. Currently playing Tee ex10 beta 4 wood. Came from a Cobra F7. They are the easiest fairways I’ve ever hit EVER. So easy to get in the air. The Cobra F7 was great too I’d have no trouble bagging it again but it’s no ex9 or Ex10.
  13. It’s HUGE more like a fairway wood.
  14. I think you answered your own question. Asking people around here what's best for your game is like asking a group of alcoholics what's the best booze. Everyone has an opinion but that shouldn't affect yours. LMAO that’s golden thank you I’m crying laughing
  15. 58 degree ping stealth ES. It’s great!
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