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  1. I have a couple things up for sale tonight!! 1. PXG GEN 3 0311T/P Combo Set. 4-PW with X100s, Midsize Golf Pride Grips! 4 Iron is GEN 2 XF Xtreme Darkness. PW-8 Iron is GEN 3 0311T / 7 Iron - 5 Iron is GEN 3 0311P. SOLD 2. Taylormade P730 4-PW with X100s. $650 OBO 3. Kingston KP2 GSS Tri-Sole Putter. Looks Just like Tigers Scotty, without spending a fortune. No Face Milling, Red Cherry Dot on Front and in the Cavity. Red Site Dot Lamkin Deep Etched Cord Grip. SOLD pin 8/31
  2. I have 2 sets of irons and a GAPR LO 2 iron - 1. Srixon ZX7 4-PW with DG 120 X100s (4 iron shaft is snapped in half, but have the head). Have Golf Pride New Decade Align Grips - $850 2. Taylormade P730 4-PW with X100s Golf Pride Grips (4 iron has a KBS $-taper 130X) - $800 3. GAPR LO 2 iron with KBS Prototype 95x Shaft - Lamkin Grip - $150 Trade Interest: P7TW 4-PW Xstiff Shafts 5 Wood Xstiff Shaft
  3. So think more back to the target longer? I know I try and generate all my power by with my shoulders which is obviously incorrect
  4. Miss is a push right. I know im a little OTT and I "Spin out".
  5. Any tips or drills or advice would be greatly appreciated! Both videos are a little off in terms of "DTL" but here is an iron and driver swing! THANKS! IMG_9359.mov IMG_9458.mov
  6. Short game is solid! Just really want to clean stuff up. Usually a tad OTT. I get my right knee moving towards the ball which in turn traps my right elbow on my side. Trying to unlock some more power and let my arms get more in front. Appreciate the compliment though!
  7. Not sure why the first video posted twice, sorry about that
  8. I know the angles are perfect for “DTL” but any swing tips or help would be awesome IMG_8956 2.MOV IMG_8950.MOV IMG_8950.MOV
  9. There is a picture in the listing, but I just sent a PM to you as well with face pictures. Thanks!
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