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  1. Looking for a set of P7TW 4-PW with X stiff shafts
  2. Short game is solid! Just really want to clean stuff up. Usually a tad OTT. I get my right knee moving towards the ball which in turn traps my right elbow on my side. Trying to unlock some more power and let my arms get more in front. Appreciate the compliment though!
  3. Not sure why the first video posted twice, sorry about that
  4. I know the angles are perfect for “DTL” but any swing tips or help would be awesome IMG_8956 2.MOV IMG_8950.MOV IMG_8950.MOV
  5. There is a picture in the listing, but I just sent a PM to you as well with face pictures. Thanks!
  6. I have a couple things up for sale today. I am open to trade offers, but need to be P7MB (or MC/MB Combo), TC201/MB101 Combo - Looking for 4 iron or 4/5 Iron to be the MC or TC and the rest MB in either set or a set of PXG 0311 ST. Looking for X100 / ProjectX 6.5 or something along those lines. Also Looking for a set of TW MG2 Wedges NOW FOR THE GOODS 1. TaylorMade P7TW 4-PW with ProjectX 6.5 - Been used for about a season / PW is 46 degrees / Standard Lie and length $1150OBO 2. Miura MC 501 3-PW with DG X7 - 3 iron is Black Head - IOMIC Grips, there are a couple
  7. Thats actually a Scotty Cameron X7M growing out of his left foot
  8. You're probably right. But that's okay cause you chose to come in this forum and read it. If you don't want to read about Tiger switching putters, then don't click a forum that says something about him making a putter change. Its that simple. Probably would putt pretty well with a shovel. Roy Mcavoy used one pretty well
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