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  1. WTB: Ping G400 5 wood. Stiff shaft or head only. Thx!
  2. WTB: Ping EI irons: Irons: 4-W or G Shaft: Stiff or X-Stiff Dot: Black or Blue Length: Standard or +1" Thanks!
  3. WTB: - Ping G25 irons - Stiff or x-stiff - Black or blue dot - Standard or +1" length Thanks!
  4. Looking for Ping CB Alta striff driver shaft. To be used in Ping G400 Max. Thanks!
  5. Looking for 4-W. Thanks.
  6. Hey All- A few items for sale. 1) Ping G400 Fairway 3W 14.5° Ping Tour 75 stiff with headcover. Lot of pictures to show condition. $SOLD shipped continental US. 2) Ping Tour Stiff 65 with Ping G400 adapter. Length 44. $75 shipped continental US. 3) Ping Alta CB 55 X-Stiff with Ping G400 adapter. Length 44.75. $65 shipped continental US. For trades, looking for Ping wedges. Advise any questions. Thx!
  7. Carpet and iron marks on ceilings. Done in multiple apartments. Repairs made. Damage deposits received in full. Don't rent to a golfer
  8. I'm a walker. I like the tempo of the game when walking, feeling the grass under my feet, and exercise. I also fall into the 40-60 year old zone which, I'm guessing, is people who can afford to get a card and don't to get exercise. To each their own. I'm cool w carts. Golfers choice. I'll even jump in / on if there's a large gap between green to tee.
  9. I really enjoyed this thread. Fun way to make the trip to AZ. I've played Black Mesa once. 5 years ago on Thanksgiving day. You're review was spot on. Great course. Agree w previous post regarding checking out Apache Stronghold once your in PHX. It's Tom Doak design.
  10. Tempo focused. Counting...123. I've also heard that saying seventeen works.....bs on seven and ds on teen. If interested, check out tour tempo. Its based on 3:1 ratio. Few years old, but good stuff.
  11. Great set of Ping G400 Irons. Picture heavy listing to show condition. Frosty faces and fresh grooves. Specs: Irons: Ping 4-W Shaft: AWT 2.0 Stiff Length: 5 Iron 39" (+1 long) Lie: 2 Up Grips: New Lamkin Crosslines standard 2 wraps logo down Asking: $425 shipping in US PM with any questions.
  12. Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. I try to wear trail shoes whenever possible. If it's reasonable dry. Will also wear running shoes. With trail and running shoes, you need to watch the rise from toe box to heel. I prefer lower or flatter shoes. Will wear golf shoes when required. Wet conditions or fancy clubs. I believe golf shoes lag trail or running shoes in fit options... Neutral, stability, etc. Maybe it just harder to find the right fit in golf shoes. Good fitting shoes can help issues like plantar fasciitis. Also pushing a cart
  13. Daniel Berger plays TMAG MCs from 2011. He referenced buying more sets on ebay. A couple articles written on it. Probably more pros. He's only one I can remember. Hope this helps.
  14. Congrats on the move! I moved from MSP to Missoula. Montana is incredible. Course selection will depend on where you end up living, $ and type of golf. I've been a member at Canyon River last few years and really like it. New super did an incredible job on the course and greens this year. If you live in Lolo, you'd need to drive through Missoula to go to Canyon River. Not huge distance, but could add time. I'd consider joining the Missoula Country Club. Its on that side of town. Another option is Ranch Club. Its by the airport.
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