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  1. One of my theories is that the ball speed is retained well on an iron like that, where normally a slight toe strike usually drops ball speed and spin, with an iron like the taylormade you are maintaining ball speed on the slight toe strike but you're still losing spin so you get a shot that comes off the normal speed of a solid strike but with less spin so it carries a bit further and with less stopping power.
  2. Some are definitely different because the diamana is the stock graphite shaft on the uk site but the recoil 95 is the stock graphite shaft on the us site.
  3. I can confidently say this is totally a myth. Someone that's hit thousands of shots on trackman and gc quad over the years testing game Improvement irons I can tell you this just isn't really a thing. If you hit the same spot on the face the ball isn't going to come off at different speeds. What may happen is you catch one more towards the toe with a slightly closed face and you get that extra 2-3 mph of ball speed from a closed face and you drop the spin a touch because or strike and you end up hitting it a touch long but that's a swing issue not a club issue. Anytime I've seen any type of "f
  4. Yeah it was 7 clubs for $999 4-pw. Now I think it's $1299 for 8. So basically a $20 per club increase from $142 to $162 per club.
  5. You're talking less than 1 mm difference between a 4 iron and PW blade length. I don't know if it would even be noticable they probably all look the same.
  6. Yeah you may need 3 degree gap between your last zx5 and first ZX7 iron to get proper gapping. Possibly could get away with 4 degree. But 5 degree would for sure give you 18-20 yard gap I'd imagine.
  7. I haven't played either unfortunately so hoping the 95s are good. I grew up playing an old taylormade 200 series iron with a 90 gram shaft so even though I have pretty high swing speed I still play 90 gram shafts cause I'm so used to that weight. I have a pretty moderate tempo so I can get away with not having a perfectly fit shaft in my irons. I've loved graphite though because they reduce vibration a ton which is very appreciated on cold mornings we have a lot here in utah.
  8. Same. I play off a +.5 and have played game Improvement irons the last few years just because that added forgiveness seems like a no brainer. I haven't felt like I've lost anything with shot shaping ability playing the 585s the last few years and they also look really good for a more forgiving iron so I think I'll go with the zx5s. I don't care too much about feel since I play a firmer golf ball already and graphite shafts basically make any club feel soft.
  9. Looks like recoil 95s are the stock US shaft. Maybe there won't be a charge for the 110s
  10. Didn't intend to come across condescending at all. Just was saying it doesn't seem likely they'd be arriving this soon is all.
  11. Yeah most retailers don't buy from the website but the fact that they haven't even been announced on their US website leads me to believe they aren't even remotely close to having inventory for sale through US fitters. If they ordered from overseas then maybe that's the case.
  12. How did you order them? They aren't even listed on the US website yet.
  13. If you go to srixon uk website and click on one of the new club models there's a new button you can click that shows the custom catalog and what shafts and grips are upcharge or not.
  14. Interesting. What is the ZX4? Is that maybe the new blade? I've only seen info on the ZX5 and ZX7 so far.
  15. I got CBX2 wedges a few weeks ago to test. Im a good wedge player but wanted to try them anyways. I have the 56/60 and both are fantastic. Extremely forgiving through the turf and on toe strikes. I'll probably order a 48 and 52 next year to match. Very impressed with them. My 2nd shot with the 56 I holed out from 108 yards
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