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  1. Rich if you ever Feel like parting ways with your sterling 4 iron let me know id be interested in buying it.
  2. I've got 4&5 eq1 hybrids built to the same setup as my sterlings except I have a .335 tip shaft in the hybrids instead of the .370 iron shaft. They are the same weight though so feel pretty similar. Ive got a gc2 so I can post data later but I'm building some shelving in the garage this week so the simulator isn't setup. But I played the sterling 4-5 irons and have hit the eq1 5 iron and I will say the hybrids definitely launch higher but spin pretty similar to the iron of similar loft. I've never liked hybrids for whatever reason so they probably won't make it into the bag but for someo
  3. Truok

    Evnroll Midlock

    I lied apparently fed ex is incapable of meeting the delivery date that they themselves set so it won't be here until next week now.
  4. Truok

    Evnroll Midlock

    I ordered the er8v and it's supposed to get here tomorrow I'll post tomorrow evening my first impressions. Hoping it will finally dial my close putting in. I play off a +2 but it's purely due to ball striking. I miss close putts all the time it's almost embarrassing at this point haha.
  5. I would be interested in trying cobra one length if they released a version where all the shafts are the same and the lie angles are the same. That's the only reason I haven't tried theirs because I don't want different weight shafts and different lie angles I want them all the same. Dechambeaus are all the same lie angle so I don't get why they decided to go the route they did with the varying lies and weights with all their newer models
  6. I was able to bend the 5 iron 3 degrees. Definitely not as easy as the zx5s and zx7s but If you know what you're doing you can get 3 out of them. Unfortunately the 4 iron head I never tried adjusting because the epoxy failed so it twists a tiny bit so I'll have to contact customer service and get it fixed. Haven't even hit it yet just did a few practice swings in the air with it and noticed a little clicking sound, after examining it it was obvious the head could twist a tiny bit
  7. Just got my zx4 4&5 irons yesterday. I ordered then 3 degrees upright and 1 degree weak, srixon messaged me saying max they'll go is 2 degrees any direction. I'm sure I could squeeze another degree out of them though, I will try this week and let ya know.
  8. I play my clubs are 3 upright (66 degree lie angle) which is basically the same lie angle i played my conventional length wedges so maybe that's why I never had any issues with the wedges. I'm curious how the eq1 LW will be. I did feel like the sw and gw of the eq1s were a bit chunky but maybe I'd get used to them after playing them more.
  9. I think I fit your criteria fairly well. I swing driver between 120-125 mph typically and have played sterlings 5-lw basically since they released. I also hit the 5 iron lower than I want. I have a gc2 launch monitor so have done a bunch of testing also I'm a scratch golfer and have played in high school and college so been around the game a long time. Anyways when I compared my sterling 5 iron @ 24 degrees vs a srixon zx5 5 iron at the same loft, both clubs had basically the same peak height. So the low launch issue for me isn't exclusive to single length I also see it in conventional
  10. Pretty sure bryson plays at 6 iron length (37.5") not 7 iron length. I doubt he would lose much clubhead speed going shorter but at the same time he's a pretty tall guy and stands very upright so maybe that's what position he feels most comfortable by swinging 6 iron length. With single length I think it's way more important to fit length based off comfort at address and dynamics of the swing vs chasing minor increases in clubhead speed with length of club. For me I didn't have any difference in distance or dispersion between 37 and 36.5 lengths but I felt most comfortable at 37 so went with
  11. That's interesting you didn't like the sterling LW. It is one of my favorite clubs and also the reason I haven't switched to the eq1s yet because I'm waiting for the eq1 LW to be released. But I swing fairly upright so maybe that helps but I felt like my chipping got better because I could stand a little taller and more comfortable over the ball. I'd imagine players that like to hunch down and get real low when they chip would have an issue with a single length wedge though.
  12. I actually am in the same boat. I've played the sterlings since they released and have loved them, the biggest surprise was how much better my wedge play got with a the longer lengths. I was basically a scratch golfer before switching and now a poor round is even par. But my biggest issue was always the 5 iron. As someone with plenty of clubhead speed (120mph driver) and a reasonable attack angle with the irons (2-3 degrees down) I shouldn't have had any issue with the 5 iron but I could never hit the trajectory I wanted with it. That isn't exclusive to single length though. Even a tradition
  13. Old post I know but wanted to chime in. With a soft forged carbon steel blade you could probably bend it 10 degrees. I'd recommend getting like an old 6 iron blade off ebay for cheap. Pull the shaft, find a clevis pin or bolt or something you can put inside the hosel to reinforce it then bend away. The bolt inside the hosel will prevent the hosel from crimping or snapping. I've bent an old blade iron 8 degrees flat this way once just experimenting and it wasn't a problem. I personally don't think anyone should play more than 5 up unless they have some physical handicap or something that
  14. Truok

    Srixon ZX4's??

    Interesting. Same shaft in both models?
  15. Truok

    Srixon ZX4's??

    Can't imagine there are many people considering blending an iron set like this though outside of maybe using the 4 and 5 irons and then going zx5 the rest of the way.
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