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  1. Thanks for the input. I ended up joining French Creek. Amazing layout. I have to agree about Hanse designs.
  2. Thanks guys. I really appreciate the feedback. A friend said I should also consider French Creek. It is about 40 mins from West Chester but he said it is worth it. Near it is Stonewall. Any comments on either of these?
  3. I am considering joining a club within 30 mins or so of West Chester PA. My criteria are: walking allowed, good practice facilities, fun/active men's group. Would love to get feedback, positive or negative, on these as well as others not on the list: Applecross, Concord CC, Hershey's Mill, Penn Oaks, Radley Run, White Manor CC, Whitford Country Club. (Unfortunately, Penn Oaks, Radley Run, White Manor and Whitford have walking limitations on the weekends.) Thanks!
  4. [quote name='oregongolf' timestamp='1437668425' post='12006366'] Nice group of clubs to focus on. In my opinion, they're some of the best in the area (no slight to PGC or Wave, they're great too, but a different league) Have you figured out where you're going to live? That's likely going to affect your decision. When we were looking at clubs, I really wanted to join at Columbia, but the traffic from West Linn was bad on a good weekday and a nightmare if there was any accidents on I-205 or any of the connecting freeways on a bad day. I just didn't want my 15-20 mile drive to my club to be 3
  5. Hi, I am relocating from Florida to the Portland area and am looking at the following clubs: Columbia Edgewater, Riverside, Royal Oaks, or Willamette Valley. All seem to have active men's groups and allow walking (which is not the case at various clubs in Florida). Some of these clubs have a lot of members (excess of 500). I am wondering: 1. what is the average walking time for a round of golf? 2. is it difficult to get a tee time? A friend in KC joined a club with over 500 members and he had difficulty getting tee times. Also, from what I read, the spring is very wet and some courses dra
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