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  1. Thanks all! Sounds like we are going to be able to make it happen and appreciate the insights.
  2. Have a hopefully easy question for everyone...how long does it take to play the Preserve as a foursome? We have a 1:20pm tee time on Pacific on Sunday and trying to figure out if we can make the drive work to arrive early enough to play the Preserve and grab a bite to eat before heading out on Pac Dunes. Reservation center said 2.5 hrs to play the Preserve, which seems really long. Thanks!
  3. Check out Delilah Club Covers at http://www.girlygolfer.com. I ordered a mallet cover and it was built and shipped in less than a week for less than $50. Turn around time is significantly longer if you want a customer design embroidered, but I just wanted a solid color with no design and it was super quick.
  4. 30 days out. Had a member book tee times for me last year in late Feb for a late Mar trip, but ended up having to cancel for obvious reasons.
  5. I think it depends on the True. I’m a 10 in Nike and a 10 in OG Premiums, TL-01, Eco Knit, and original Knits. I ordered a 10 in both the OG Feels and Lux Knits and ended up sending them both back for a 10.5, which fit great.
  6. Got my Lux Knits on Friday of last week and while they look amazing, they are a half size small and I’ll be sending them back to get a 10.5. This was the same thing I ended up doing with the OG Feels. For reference, I have OG Premiums, TL-01s, Knits, and Eco Knits that are all size 10 and fit great. With both the OG Feels and the Lux Knits my toes were pressing against the end of the size 10, which doesn’t happen with any of my prior True’s. I’m very excited to get the right size and have a shoe like this that I can wear for those morning rounds where the grass is wet and the orig
  7. Was down there in mid-July and I’d say that the lodging was busy but the courses felt pretty empty. I played a 3:50pm round at Pacific as a single and the nearest group to me went off at 3:20 with no one on the tee sheet behind me. Another day played a morning round at Trails and both of the first two tee times of the day were singles. Caddie protocol was pretty close to normal. Caddies were carrying bags and pulling clubs. No rakes in bunkers or touching flags, but otherwise felt “normal”. Masks required inside and everyone was wearing them around the clubhouses, but they always came off on
  8. There’s aren’t any rakes in the bunkers and no touching/pulling flags, but was down there last month and my caddie carried my bag and pulled clubs for me.
  9. I have multiple pairs of knits and TL-1s that I wear to work / in an office. Have a pair of ECO Knit's on the way and fully plan on wearing them to work. I used to feel weird about it, but love the way they fit / feel and regularly have people asking me about them thinking that they are normal shoes.
  10. > @philsRHman said: > > Thanks for the response. You raised a point I haven’t wanted to ask. I feel like I would want to play the Old Course at least twice, knowing the first round will likely be an awe-induced fog. I think being a single will help a ton but will I also hamstring myself for the rest of the trip (planning purposes)? Would I have to leave too many days up in the air and pray? Or would the overnight arrivals be too disruptive to the trip? If I’ve done my homework you line up overnight and then get a tee time when they hand them out at dawn (unless I’m confusing TOC an
  11. Scotland, without a doubt. Three years ago I spent a week in Ireland with some friends and extended the trip solo in Scotland for an additional five days. Spent those five days in St. Andrews playing the Old Course (x2), New Course, and other courses within a 1 hour drive (Carnoustie, Kingsbarn, Crail, etc.). The walk from my bed and breakfast to the first tee of the Old Course at 4:15 in the morning, waiting in the queue, and the subsequent round of golf was on one of the most magical experiences I've ever had, golf related or otherwise. I'm lucky enough to live in the NW and have taken m
  12. Thank you! I don't know why, but I didn't know about PNW Golf Center. $25 for an hour of practice w/ a TrackMan sounds like exactly what I need right now!
  13. I'm out at Bear Creek and we still have a foot of snow in our back yard. My guess is the course won't be open for a couple of weeks. Spent some time this morning checking out websites for the courses in the Seattle area and it looks like Interbay is the only place open right now. Didn't check out anything north or south. I will say that I've never been happier to see weather that is 40 degrees and raining. All this snow is making it a challenge to get ready for Bandon in two weeks...
  14. Thanks for the feedback! I figure on a Saturday morning that there is no way I'm playing alone, but wanted to make sure it wasn't one of those courses where everyone else will have a caddy. Sounds like I'll be good to go picking up a yardage book. Looking forward to the experience!
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