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  1. Need a set of Gi irons 4-G stiff $200 budget
  2. Looking for GI set so more along jpx line 4-G stiff $200 max
  3. Don’t see a lot of these in this condition 34” in excellent condition no dings or nicks just minor finish wear which is associated with putter this age comes with matching cover Velcro will hold but loose. shipped trades consider mallet putters
  4. Looking for a diamana white 70 x5ct stiff shaft prefer tm adaptor but not deal breaker
  5. Something mid bounce and cheap refuse to give $$$ to the bay
  6. Tour issue versa jailbird 33” with the covenant pro insert. Putter is overall nice condition couple finish wear spots , face and top line clean. Tour crimp, id band and versa grip probably want replace but still useable. Will include generic headover for protection. As far as trades mainly looking for gi iron set stiff 4-G or other high end putters. Price sold shipped
  7. Looking for smart sole Gap wedge
  8. First is an excellent set of speedblades 4-G stock regular flex shafts. Face and grooves in excellent condition headcovers always used and cleaned after each round. (The Sw and Lw) not included. $sold plus shipping Trade interest: other iron sets in stiff flex Nice set of g10’s 3-W purple dot awt regular flex shafts and nice ping grips in overall nice condition grips are still nice and tacky these sat in extra bag. $150 plus shipping
  9. Looking for maybe 50-54 set up or either 52-56 or 52-58 nothing low bounce nothing new cheaper better experimenting different wedge set up
  10. I filed claim online they still have you take pics of shaft/whole club and it ask what shaft is in it. Also says send whole club back so when mine came in they sent just the head not entire club so the cracked head all they got back. I filed mine online week before Christmas and showed up last Tuesday
  11. That’s where I’m at sick and tired of everyone blaming covid on everything. I shipped out 2 items today fedex, cost me $20 more total then normal then if I was using usps on same items typical items and box dimensions. At this point it’s worth it and plus you get $100 Insurance free as opposed to just the $50 you get with priority
  12. If the seller has been pro-active in your case staying in contact with you and has taking steps with the post office (assuming it was shipped usps) I would hold off till after the new year. It is not uncommon at all now for post office to take 3-4 weeks sometimes more which is still in my book inexcusable as fedex and ups has not had a problem. Would hope at least if you demanded refund then it shows up to have arrangements to pay the seller back for the item. I’ve got 2 out and 1 on the way that’s at the 4 week mark this week. I’ve opened a case management as recommended on here with usps and
  13. Nice condition m1 9.5 degree with stiff fujikura shaft. There are some faint marks around the hossel area and right above the face these can’t be seen at address have to look close but wanted to be transparent. Will include like new matching headover as I used a different one. Sold shipped add $5 west of Mississippi and will only be using fedex or ups Trade interests putters
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