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  1. Looking for 54 like the black finish model but open
  2. 4-G stiff stock specs $200 budget
  3. Open to blade or mallet 33-35” $100 max
  4. Haven’t seen one like this tour issue Jailbird versa Head all black not stock black/white with the covenant pro insert. Tour crimp and custom neck built for specific pro pic and measures 32” with nice super stroke grip. Putter is overall nice shape couple small finish spots here and there looks good clean at address clean face and will come with non odyssey headover for protection. trade interest would be Gi irons and other putters
  5. 56 degree wedge versatile grind mid/high bounce
  6. 4-G stiff stock/standard specs $200 budget
  7. Had this in backup bag in excellent condition $65 shipped add $5 west of Mississippi
  8. Stiff stock/standard specs 4-Gap
  9. Had Anthony Kim’s (AK) personal Scotty Cameron vertical gss circle t
  10. Looking for some super game improvement irons stiff flex 4-G standard specs
  11. 33-33” doesn’t matter color but has to me slant neck model
  12. 1/4 long standard loft 1 degree upright kbs 105 tour stiff shafts $750 shipped
  13. Idk it’s set up exactly how it was from the old forum and since this new roll out they show up everywhere
  14. I use smart phone took day or 2 to start getting only thing still is they show up in different places in my email maybe just some more bugs need worked out but if check all sections I’m your email spam/junk etc there showing up everywhere
  15. Stiff 4-G standard L/L/L Under $200
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