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  1. Looking for a set of graphite irons regular flex for the old man
  2. I’d reach out to seller right away , take several pics for evidence. Believe if it was purchased thru ebay at least before hand you had to go thru eBay , that might have changed , go ahead and file with eBay, if you and seller can’t come to a resolution eBay will have you covered. Least that’s how it was when I had similar situation on there with a seller
  3. old man wanting to try a betti open to any looking for gamer $100-125 budget
  4. Excellent set Callaway mavriks 5-G with catalyst 75 6.0 shafts stock Callaway grips. These were my old man’s just little to stiff for him need gone open to offers $500 obo shipped
  5. Has anyone else had issues with there notifications all sudden showing up in different parts of there email? I’ve been getting them in other, important, etc they have always been showing in primary
  6. Ok thanks so it’s not loose or anything like that. Don’t think it’s worth the trouble of pulling and reshafting for a small plastic ring especially if it didn’t even serve a purpose
  7. Curious do ferrels serve the same purpose on putter as irons? Just happened to look down never paid attention or noticed but the ferrel at some point has fallen off
  8. I do know there is a individual that was member on here since has been banned I believe but somehow has access to every single tour insert that odyssey has and will take stock putters and replace the stock insert with a tour insert and has sold and sells them repeatedly on the bay. They are legit tour inserts but not built on the tour van which he claims and most have stock serial #’s on the putter
  9. Excellent condition tour Proto exotics originally 35” professionally cut to 34” when installed super stroke grip will come with non matching cover for protection. Sold Ping G Pw black dot regular flex excellent condition $45 obo shipped Need gone if price is off pm with offers worst I can do is way politely say no
  10. Looking for black one believe 2021 model
  11. Looking for stiff shafts 4-pw sub $200 budget standard specs
  12. Excellent set of cf 19’s 4-Pw kbs c-taper 110 shafts. Pics speak for themselves faces are very clean some normal light wear and bag chatter on the soles. Was told they were standard specs but never had verified. Pga value guide has these at $504 credit and $438 cash trade in value.
  13. Cheaper 5 wood stiff shaft round $50 budget
  14. Looking for a decent 3 wood stiff shaft around $50 budget
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