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  1. The biggest difference is about $600.
  2. +1 and don't carry a 3 wood .. Callaway Rogue 4 wood
  3. Well they got here early! Hit the range wbiththem and then played 18 .. nice sticks but not for me.. on BST now.
  4. I will be hitting these .. have a set due here Tuesday. Plus 1 handicap. played Apex Pro 19 last year, Mizuno MP 32s this year . Was fit for a set of Apex Pro 21 and sent them back.. I didn't get along with them at all. I've been wanting to try a real GI iron for a long time now and figured what the heck. If I don't like them you'll see them on the BST end of next week.
  5. PRICE DROP.. ON ALL 1. Titleist 712u 4 iron. Club has a KBS tour stiff shaft in it. Grip needs replacing. Used but not abused, face is in good shape. Was told it is bent 1 flat from Titleist standard. $80 OBO shipped. 2. Footjoy Fury size 10.5 medium. Brand new never taken out of the box. I just opened box to take the picture. Got as a gift last year and never used them. $90 OBO shipped. 3. Ping G425 Irons 5-U wedge. Standard L,L,L.. Project x LZ 5.5 shafts. Arccos grips. I played them 18 holes and hit range balls. Mint shape (looks like a scratc
  6. tets

    Mizuno tzoid Pro

    Thanks... I think they are ok. Just checking as I think I’m gonna put them in play.
  7. Are Mizuno tzoid Pro groves legal for tournament play? Can’t seem to find on USGA site.
  8. cavity back shovels are not accurate
  9. I have mixed feelings on fittings. I got fit this year by a major OEM, outside with trackman with pro v 1s. I got the clubs and have never hit irons worse, ever! I have already sent them back. I played about 8 times with them thinking it will get better, it didn't ( I am plus handicap). I ordered a different head, different shaft and different lie angle. I will bet every penny I have that I will hit them way better.
  10. What model is the Stuart cart? does it come with battery?
  11. I'm a plus player and I like to change things up alot.... if it works. Just got a new driver this week.. went from the Epic Flash to the Epic Max.. got fit by a Callaway rep, outside, with Trackman and Prov1s.. Distance was almost identical, but flight was higher with the max and dispersion was much better! That is using the same shaft in both on identical settings.. In reality I probably would shoot the same scores with any of the irons or driver I use but it's fun to change.
  12. I got fit by a Callaway Rep at my club (trackman, many different shafts, heads etc) .. went home and went to Callaway.com and ordered the set myself, putting in the specs I was fit for. He told sometimes even the grip can delay an order. When I ordered mine it showed 3 weeks, got them if 5 days not counting the day I was fit and placed the order.
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