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  1. If you look under Made in USA, 1 dot is 355 grams and 2 dots is 370 grams. That's the same exact putter I have and I love it. Good luck
  2. I bought an ER2 a few months ago, loving it so far
  3. I have a SM 4.5 14 way LS and it work fine
  4. Love em, absolute rockets. Sold my M3's for them and only cost me $200 out of pocket to get 4-AW with the shafts and grips I wanted
  5. Yeah, truth bro. I have my WITB on the site as well under Maltese Falcon
  6. I played a Spider, last iteration, putt good with it, but had paint chipping issues. I wanted to buy a Cameron, but started putting with the ER2, did some research and pulled the trigger. I wanted something that I wanted to keep for years to come. I went through 4-5 putters over the last few years, hard to have confidence when you're doing that, LOL
  7. Yeah, it's so stable, just need to get the speed down
  8. I have an ER2 that I've had for a couple of months now, played with it twice and the roll and feel is second to none
  9. I got a new Exotics EX9 3 wood for $50, rocket launcher
  10. Not to get off the subject, however I played for the first time with my ER2 last Wednesday and no other putter I've ever had feels as stable as this one. This thing is automatic from 3 feet, where as before, I struggled with confidence from that range. Although it's going to take a few rounds to get used to getting the speed right with this technology, I feel like I made the right decision on buying this putter and know it will pay dividends on the greens this year and for years to come. It was a great feeling that I felt I had a chance to make ever putt I had during the round. Evn
  11. Just played my first round with my ER2, only 1 3 putt. Inside 6 feet, this thing is point and shoot. Their will be some adjustment regarding speed due to the groove technology mostly in the middle of the putter face, but all in all, happy with the results
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