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  1. jmagri78

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    The irons yes, but the bags stayed the same price
  2. jmagri78

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Heads up, stand and cart bag as well as 639CB satin irons are back in stock at Sub70's website
  3. I'm in Michigan, so didn't get it on the course yet, but got quite a some swings on the simulator. I would say it's just as good as anything out there and with the trade ins I had, just paid $92 for it , so well worth the money
  4. Just ordered some 286 wedges in 54 and 58. I hit them last weekend while at the facility getting fitted for my 849 D driver, which is awesome BTW!!! I'm coming from Vokey SM7's, which are awesome, but prefer the soft feel of forged wedges. For $109 a piece, kind of hard to beat.
  5. Will be putting the 939X in the bag as soon as they release in LH. My buddy has one and said it's just as good as any other hybrid he has hit. You may be able to get one on their demo program to try, so you can put head to head with others
  6. 1 dot is a 355G head and 2 dots is a 370G head
  7. I can't answer that, but they have a chat function on their website if you want to ask them
  8. Info is right on their website, see below
  9. jmagri78

    Sub 70 Clubs

    I'm heading to Sycamore tomorrow morning for a fitting. Bought the 699 irons this past spring and 849D driver in November, so going to make the 5 hour track from Detroit over there, so they can fit me properly for both products. Not looking forward to the drive, but excited to check out the facility and get my equipment dialed in and who knows, may end up buying a 54 and 58 in the 286 wedges while I'm there.
  10. I played the Taylormade M3 before that. I would say they're similar to the King Tec irons based on what the owner of the company told me to demo as a comparison before I decided to buy the 699's. Keep in mind they have a 60 day money back guarantee, so if you don't like them, just send them back and you'll get a refund. Good luck
  11. No problem. BTW, they're fantastic, you won't be disappointed
  12. I play them, let me know what irons you want pics of and I will upload them for you
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