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  1. Just noticed that on my driver shaft there’s a score running maybe about 2 inches. Thankfully it’s on the side so I don’t see it at address. Is this looking like something that will cause damage to the actual shaft or is it just cosmetic? You can feel it with your nail slightly.
  2. Thanks! At least I know if the driver caves it’s still under warranty too.
  3. What’s worrying me is that I’ve got the driver in the same spec. I can’t see any damage to it but now worried that there’s damage caused hitting rage balls in this weather that I can’t see.
  4. Had my new cobra sz 3 wood at the range and the face has started to crack after literally 10 balls max. Anyone else had this?
  5. Has anyone noticed with clubs with power holes in the soles that they get cut up easily? I’ve got the Wilson staff d7 forged irons and after 2 rounds, the power hole black areas are cut up with one having a small hole in the corner. I’m not sure if this will cause damage to the club or if it’s expected they’ll get cut up with being in the sole and is classed as normal wear and tear.
  6. Recently changed clubs and I know they’re tools and will pick up dings, first one is the worst etc but has anyone noticed that stainless steel shafts pick up scratches really easily? Played the first round with them yesterday and there’s some light scratching to the bottom of the shaft just up from the club head on a couple of them. Could even have been in the factory like that and I’ve just noticed them as I’m overly ocd with my clubs.
  7. To be honest I’ve hit the d7 recently and liked the look as much as the v6. Actually felt a bit easier to hit but don’t want to go back the way.
  8. Toying with changing my irons and replacing my battered Wilson Staff v6 set which I’ve loved. Looking at the d7 forged set but does anyone know if this would be a step back in quality of iron?
  9. Got all the sand out now but I've noticed a few scratches on some of the iron shafts. Guess that's just wear and tear now.
  10. Due to a moment of sheer stupidity, my trolley rolled into a bunker and tipped the bag over in it. Pulled it out and wiped the sand off that I could see but there's some in the bag I can't get out as I can't get my hand or hoover through the club dividers. Will this scratch the club shafts if it's stuck up the insides of the bag?
  11. > @jvincent said: > Is that a tungsten sole weight? If so, no rust issues. > > Even it it were steel the rust would get rubbed off every time it goes through the dirt. Yeah it's tungsten thats in it.
  12. I wasn't sure if it would change the lie angle etc?
  13. I was playing on Sunday and a high pitched sound when I hit out of the semi rough. Didn't see any damage to the face but noticed this on the sole so there's obviously been a rock of some sorts that I've hit into. It feels a bit rough but has smoothed out slightly after hitting more balls with it. There's also a couple of small gouges. Will this affect play anyway or is it purely cosmetic? I don't want to do anything to it which could cause rust etc and I could do the same thing on the next round. It's my Wilson staff V6 7 iron and the dings are right along the tungsten weight.
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