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  1. Just curious, did you get a chance to hit drives... were you able to resolve your issue.
  2. I might consider teeing it just slightly lower than you are doing now, but don't over do it and make it too low. And see if the contact on the face is better, more centered.
  3. Quick solution - tee it lower... It would be incredibly hard to pop up a drive with a low tee. How high are you currently teeing it? Is the entire ball above the top of the clubhead?
  4. You can see from the Avatar that Monte has turned EVIL.. pure EVIL. He may be hatching a plan to fire a giant "LASER" pointed at your favorite country club.
  5. So do you mean you are leaving your arms behind, or what does more patient mean.
  6. Hi. Acutally I am doing much better now. I was feeling kind of stiff and sore , but finally today the soreness and pain has nearly disappeared. I think the REST itself and not swinging a club for almost a week was the key. I was feeling a sharp pain that did kind of start around my butt cheek and worked up to my lower back, all on the left side. I dont feel any snapping. That sounds like it might be serious. I would definately have that checked out, especially if it is persisting.
  7. Ok, but what if you are getting the same results on driving range?
  8. Start watching this at 7:30, and this guy talks about how he gets his backswing going.
  9. Berkshire also has this rocking motion at the start of his swing he looks very dynamic. I cant find a quote, but I remember him saying something to the effect that he is really trying hard to get moving as fast as he can to start the swing. As for transition, yes, I am trying to basically keep the sequencing of my original swing , but everything is just sped up somewhat. Not really trying to reinvent anything, literally just swing faster from the beginning of the swing.
  10. I did actually try this today at the range with my swing radar. And there was a definitely an increase in speed. Like I said previously, I usually average about 96/97. I was actually seeing speeds between 99 and 107 on the radar. As I was setting up for my 1st shot, I sort of anchored my feet into the ground in anticipation of faster backswing. And also to avoid any sway. I think this anchoring was big key. Faster backswing, faster downswing... MORE SPEED... who would have ever guessed this, DUH :)
  11. Dechambeau has a really fast backswing with his driver since is he is trying to generate a lot of clubhead speed. Anybody build this into their own swing My backswing tends to be on the slower side and trying to save up speed for later. I've tried a lot of things with my driver to pick up speed.. EXCEPT for a fast backswing. I have a swing speed that averages 96/97 and hitting my driver around 240/250 with normal conditions. I am GREEDILY looking for more speed So who has tried increase the speed by increase their backswing s
  12. I can do the stretch in photo as shown fairly well , but when I do the opposite side it becomes a struggle. Wow, the I am so much weaker on opposite side.
  13. This is on the outside of hip and slightly feeling it in the lower back as well.
  14. Hey guys, I have soreness/pain in the left hip . I have also been hitting a lot of balls lately and this has exacerbated it. It's not any pain I can't play thru, but its kind of annoying. I am a right hand golfer. What's the best stretch//exercise before I play to reduce chance of it happening.
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