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  1. Hey it’s Friday and I can’t stop spinning out. LOL.. Just kidding no things are still good. In fact I was striping my drives at the range as well as I can. playing Sunday so I will see if the move holds up. Regarding the spinning out, if you initiate that with back hip..that is death. But if you initiate from upper front leg it’s drastically different move.
  2. I was watching a video from Brady Riggs and he explained (during downswing) the left leg needs to move slightly to target, but ALSO the front leg needs to rotate as well. So the upper left leg will start rotating around -- during start of transition . I already move weight to front foot, but I never rotate the front leg. What I noticed is some MAJOR clearance of the hips, that I really could never get before. I thought I was clearing my hips before... but I now realize I wasnt clearing my hips that much. My hips are getting REALLY OPEN now. (How many de
  3. Although this diagram may look like a joke. It’s actually crammed with really good swing thoughts. Just about every tip is sound ..lol
  4. I am not sure this really helps with tempo, but its awesome for stretching, which to me is worth the cost. Regarding tempo, what I notice is that almost forces to use your arm muscles even more because of the extra weight. And this is not a feel I want.
  5. Is it possible that is not fatigue but rather you trying to squeeze out more yards from your driver. And you are trying to squeeze those extra yards by using your arms more, which means your body less. I know that I sometimes I have some great driver sessions until I try to squeeze some extra yards, then I become too handsy and it always leads to those low hooks you describe.
  6. I was watching some of his videos, and to be honest I was more impressed with how he hit his lob wedge. He is unbelievably good with that. And he seems to use it all the time.
  7. What does it take to break 70, well are you willing to make a deal with the devil?
  8. Interesting.. There really is no way to move the forearm independent of the wrists, but for some reason if I think of turning the forearms instead of the wrist, In my normal swing, I think I am rotating form the "elbow" down, instead of from the shoulder socket. But recently when focusing on the left arm mainly, I was rotating from the shoulder socket not the elbow. So maybe that's the subtle difference that I couldn't pin point until I read your message. I occasionally swipe across it with my driver (ie. not much compression) and by focusing on the "full"
  9. Yep, but there is subtle difference that maybe I am not describing as well as I can.
  10. I was getting a bit of out sync with my driver recently, and felt like I was constantly trying to save my shots. Usually my wrists start assisting to square as the downswing begins. But now I feel like I just keep the wrists in the same position (or basically keep them quiet). This forces my forearms to go into action, and rotate, but while trying to keep the wrists in the same position as the forearms rotate (this is just a feel, obviously the wrists will have to rotate if the forearms rotate). I was surprised as the shots were pretty solid. It seemed like
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1l-AIio6vDoI found this video which kind of answers when the left arm comes off the chest.. Half way in the downswing.
  12. Interesting stuff. Yep, I do feel a better connection with the body. But how soon can the left arm come off the chest?
  13. It seems if you keep you left arm close to your chest on the downswing (nearly pinning it to your chest), it will stop the right arm from straightening too early. Then once you get close to impact, the left arm can come off the chest and right arm straighten. Is this is a legit way to make right arm maintains bend into impact? This is just my own observation, so I supposed it could be flawed. It appears that Rory in this case has the left arm pinned pretty close.
  14. I didnt figure this out myself -- it came from Mike Malaska. Wow, this is the single biggest gain in swing speed I have ever made. The shoulders have to be absoluteness relaxed and loose feeling, I think this is even more important than loose wrists. I didnt realize how tight I was in the shoulders until I actually paid attention to the shoulder sockets. When I finally paid attention, I realized I was super tight in the shoulders. Now, if I just keep them relaxed ( I mean REALLY relaxed where the arms could just easily separate from the shoulders), then I get an easy extra 7mph of swing sp
  15. The lob w that I own is marked as low bounce. It seems I might benefit from high Bounce so now I have an excuse to buy a new wedge. Looking at Macdaddy 4 as a possibility.
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