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  1. According to his Wikipedia page he has dealt with a form of dyslexia since childhood as well. I wonder if computing yardages, calculating distances etc. causes some of the slow play.
  2. Would this even be a story if the caddie were white and at a course in the US? I doubt it. Would it be a story if Kuchar were a different race? I doubt it. Seems like the narrative that is driving the controversy is "rich white guy stiffs poor Latino guy" or " rich white guy fails to take opportunity to do something special to change the life of poor Latino guy". At the end of the day, both parties are adults and contracted for something. The logic behind criticizing the amount paid to the caddie would be akin to going to a car lot and berating someone who you felt got too good of a deal or didn't pay enough to allow the salesman enough of a commission.
  3. Deer antler spray; worked for Vijay, works for me..
  4. I think a lot of the responses beg a follow-up question.. If most are in agreement that club brand really doesn't affect play as long as looks / specs are fitting, how do the huge club contracts make sense? I personally know no one that goes out and buys a new TM driver because they saw DJ using it, or only plays Chrome Softs because of some Callaway staffer and many agree that club brand doesn't affect play at PGA level; so how does an OEM paying $10M or whatever to a player for a club deal make sense? I can see it make sense for Honma or PXG who are/were trying to stablish their brands, but if say Jason Day suddenly had a full bag Ping contract, would that really move the needle on their sales?
  5. Awesome headcovers from Smathers & Branson. Any idea if they will make generic ones, not just ones that are designed with golf club logos?
  6. With Rose's recent win coming a few weeks after his switch to Honma, it leads to the question how much does equipment brand matter to PGA tour pros' performance? There have been a lot of other players recently switching entire bag or portions of their bag and maintaining the same sort of finishes as well. Guys like Koepka seem to have benefited from a mixed bag approach following Nike's equipment exodus. Obviously using some set of Walmart special irons would likely affect play but among the major brands I feel like their is little difference in terms of quality and most differences are more aesthetics and buzz words like "twist face", "jail break", or "rocket ballz" etc. I find it hard to believe that if say DJ suddenly had a full Callaway bag that it would impact his scoring average in a meaningful way, what do you think?
  7. He's a pro. So is his exemption because of the goofy swing antics or his merits as a pro? Unfamiliar with him really.
  8. Is he playing as a professional or as a "celeb"?
  9. It is fine that more courses closed than opened; its a market correction. I've lived in multiple states and never thought "you know what, if only there were X more number of courses it would be better".
  10. As Mikey5e stated above, if people choose to leave the game that is great for those of us who prioritize it. People prioritize certain things and devote their time/$ to them. If someone wants to prioritize golf, I highly doubt that equipping themselves and paying greens fees will be prohibitive with all the "hot deals" tee times and websites selling quality used equipment for cheap. I do understand that having the requisite free time can be an issue, more so if you only have access public courses with long wait times. I am 29, married and have a 2 year old son but still a able to play regularly because of membership at a private club. Can easily play 9 or go to range before going to the office, play 9s in the evenings while they enjoy the pool, and get in quick weekend rounds. Cost wise it is more expensive but the access is worth it to me because I prioritize golf as hobby and allocate $ toward it. I do feel that other folks my age do not prioritize golf like I do and devote their time elsewhere, but I think its just a matter of personal preference.
  11. So I researched this and while his FEC points got him on the alternate list and ultimately in the field this week, he only gets additional starts with a win or top 10, he doesn't earn conditional status back because he is now a non-member. His FEC points will go toward making the web finals though.
  12. Barbasol being held in my old neck of the woods this year. Peterson was first alternate and got in. I’m not certain how the points work but if he gets the .6 FEC points he needs would he regain conditional status, or did that have to be accomplished in his medical starts?
  13. canonlbp430 : Which is what I said in my post, that he was considering Web finals.. Either he plays well enough in Web finals to get a PGA card or is done. Never said he was going to play Web next year.
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