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  1. If you wanna go back a few years, Titleist T718 TMB
  2. The stock AMT in the 718 AP2 definitely seem to balloon and can lose distance in windy conditions
  3. I believe it is 30* but would have to confirm
  4. Cleaning out some putters I have hanging around, please direct any questions via PM. Prices include shipping 1) Bettinardi BB1 Copper Classic. 250 pieces of these made, this has been used a few rounds but in great shape. Comes with headcover, 35" $500. 2) Bettinardi BB56 Armageddon Putter. If you read up on this, really cool story about these putters. Used a few rounds, great shape (please note minor paint missing in the honeycomb B next to the face) Comes with headcover 34" $410 3) Toulon Garage Columbus with SuperStroke 2.0 Mid Slim Grip. In great shape, 35" $245
  5. Tickets are sold out now
  6. Yeah, I don't see anything here to even remotely justify the price tag
  7. Really wish this was available in a length other than 35"
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