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  1. Trying to put together a Uni-Fit system.. If anyone has any of the parts at all, I'd like to purchase them. Tips, hosel parts, screws, wrenches, all of it. Shoot me a message on here or send me an email... [email protected] Like I said, I'll take about anything you have.
  2. Gentlemen, Happy Holidays and best of health. I have a few Items that I’d like to get rid of today. All Prices are “Or Best Offer” and include shipping to the Lower 48. If you are located somewhere else and are interested, shoot me a PM and I’d be glad to work something out. As always, first to PayPal gets the goods. *****MORE PICTURES IN COMMENTS!!!!****** PayPal: [email protected] I’m really looking for some cash at this point, so I really don’t want any trades, especially on the irons, but I could be convinced if you had an interesting Ping Putter to knock th
  3. Just one item for sale today, I was really excited about the combo early on in the year but once it finally got here and the courses opened, I went a different route. This combo was ordered directly from TaylorMade and neither the shaft nor the head has been hit. I think retail was around $799, but my impulsive loss is your gain. All prices include shipping within the US, but if you are outside the US and interested, shoot me a PM and I’m sure we can work something out. As much as I’d love to snag some new items, I could certainly use the cash at this point, so please, No Trades. GD Tour A
  4. Gotta Go Mike Tyson Style here no doubt... Ambitionz az a Ridah
  5. Bit of a hike for you, but if youre even on your way towards pittsburgh, check out in Hollidaysburg "Blair County Golf." About the only thing i can think of my way until Pittsburgh. Somewhere in maryland, like Baltimore, might be closer.
  6. Super interested in anyone who has trackman-ed them side by side.. bumping this one for sure. Or any handcrafted vs. watered down PX for that matter
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